Spiritual Housekeeping – Keeping You And Your Environment Spiritually Clean

What Is Spiritual Housekeeping?

This is really just a term I coined one day to explain to clients about the importance of setting up a certain energy in your home, and also to keep your aura uncluttered and free of negative energy and thoughts that you may have attracted, or that have become magnetized to your auric field. Your aura comprises of electro-magnetic energy, and so has the quality of transmitting an electrical field and also magnetizing other energy fields to it.


Our houses are obviously the environments most of us spend most of our time in, when not working. It is possible to set up the energy of our homes in such a way that it provides a sanctuary for us and our family, a place where we feel at peace and nurtured when we are away from the outside world. Eastern beliefs have long held understandings on the importance of such things, and it has manifested as Feng Shui and similiar philosophies.

It is very simple to create a system which becomes habit, and eventually just second nature in which we can keep our auras and homes relatively clean energetically, and avoid attracting unwanted energy or thoughts.

Homes have a ‘residue’ of energy in them, which is the result of the thoughts, feelings and energy of the people that have lived there. This is not ‘haunting’ of a house. That phenomena will be discussed shortly. This is to do with living people. So if people have been unhappy in a residence, or have had bad fortune or lots of arguments, the residue of that energy which held an emotional charge will remain in the house. Certain materials in a house have a greater capacity to hold energy as well. For instance, most homes are made primarily of wood and/or stone. Both of these elements can hold a degree of energy. In the case of wood, because it was once a living tree, and still holds the echo of the energy of the tree it came from. Stone because it is a mineral, and contains crystaline structures, and crystal has a natural ability to store energy.

But it is also possible that strong, highly charged energy will cling to anything in the house – including fabrics and synthetic substances. It also clings to people’s clothing. This is because people constantly wearing things close to their skin will charge that thing with their personal energy.

Apart from the energy side of it, we also have to contend with chemical residues, gases and so forth that are emitted from certain synthetics in the house, such as carpets, drapes and insulation material.

In that instance, plants can definitely help. Having certain plants who’s qualities are renowned for neutralizing toxins and replacing polluted air with clear, such as Peace Lillies and Chrysanthemums, are a perfect choice to have around the home.

There is a great deal of radiation which is emitted and collects over time in the home from devices such as computers, televisions, DVD players, microwaves and cell phones. If a house is close to a power pylon, this is highly undesireable, due to the dangerous amounts of radioactive energy that is emitted from the structure.

The best way to neutralize radioactive energy in the home is with the use of crystals which have been programmed for the purpose of absorbing and neutralizing harmful energy. The best type of crystal for this purpose is Clear Quartz. Crystals can be placed at strategic points in the home where energy ‘comes in’ – such as entrances and major living areas, as well as ‘energy portals’.

What are Energy Portals?

Energy Portals are openings in the energy field of the spirit realm. These are like gateways that exist in the dimension of spirit, directly around this dimension. Sometimes these gateways are opened deliberately (often if there are healers, clairvoyants or other practitioners living in the house) or involuntarily – they are opened by powerful spirits or by someone who is sensitive in the house who attracts spirits to them, but is unaware (hence it is common to have phenomenon such as Poltergeist in the house).

Portals can be opened or closed, but I’d not suggest someone unpracticed attempts it. Placing visualized ‘seals’ of white or violet light over known portals will definitely help to keep out unwanted forces or neutralize negative energy. You can also place a crystal near the portal which is programmed to do just that.

Portals for some reason often seem to occur in doorways, wardrobes and windows. It is as though the physical portals are somehow replicated in spirit.

Hauntings and Poltergeist

Energy Portals can be anywhere in or around the house. They could also be connected to the land where the house has been located. If there are mischevious or malicious spirits in a house, they will have required some kind of gateway or something which has attracted, or magnetized them to the house or person.

If it is a person who is attracting such things, it will be because that person has latent psychic power which is just emerging or developing. This often happens at the onset of puberty, which increased hormones secret chemicals which stimulate previously dormant areas of the brain related to psychic activity. That person will often be unaware of their gift, and perhaps afraid of what is happening, thereby making it worse. If you know of anyone like this, or have this happening to you, you should immediate seek the assistance of a reputable clairvoyant / spiritual practitioner who is familiar with helping you develop and control your gifts, and can send unwanted spirits on to where they should be.

The same is true of hauntings. There is no excuse for people in spirit or spirits of any kind to be harrassing, threatening, or otherwise bothering the living inhabitants of a house or buidling. It is not quaint, cute, or an attraction for tourists, and should not be tolerated. Just as you would want living people to respect you and your space, so should this also apply to those who have passed over. Again, an experienced practitioner should be sought to send such spirits on and neutralize any harm they have caused.

Communicaton With Spirits

Be aware that spirits can see and hear us, but ordinarily we cannot see or hear them (unless we have the gift for doing so). In many ways this gives them both an advantage (if they have dubious intentions) or disadvantage (if they desire to contact loved ones). It takes a great deal of energy for them to communicate with the living or to manifest themselves. Those whom are unscrupulous (or just unaware) will ‘borrow’ life force energy from the living people in the house, or even from electrical appliances to make themselves manifest or heard. This is when ‘cold spots’ are experienced and when people get ‘goose bumps’ and unexplained coldness. It is because the spirit or spirits have absorbed some of that person’s life force in order to use that energy for their own devices. They should not be doing this.

On the more positive side, sometimes loved ones or spirit guides manage to communicate with the living too, but they will never use another person’s energy to do this. They will use their own, or the cosmic energy that is all around. Also, there is generally a feeling of warmth when these kind of communications happen, rather than the opposite.

You should always be alert to presences felt, using your ‘gut’ or intuitive feelings to sense their intention, and not be afraid to directly question them if necessary.

Communicating with negatively-oriented spirits, or demonic forces will give you exactly what you deserve. They will use and abuse you, and you will not be able to control their actions in any way. This is not something that should ever be attempted, not even on a dare.

If you want to talk to loved ones or your spirit guides, the best way to do that is to learn to clear you mind and focus your energy and thoughts more through meditation. It is during the quiet and the stillness that we are more receptive to such communications. During any attempt at communication or channeling, the individual should ALWAYS protect themselves by first surrounding their aura with white or violet energy (imagining it like a bubble of light) and place it fully around, including over the head and beneath the feet. White has a purifying effect, and Violet deflects negative energy. It is also helpful to invoke God’s name and that of powerful angels or enlightened beings to be with you during that time. You need to be very specific about who and what you wish to communicate with.

Under no circumstances should any person or group attempt to use such devices as Ouja Boards or similar ‘games’ to communicate with the spirit realms. When one or more people gather together and concentrate on opening a portal to the spirit realms, this is exactly what happens. You will open a portal and attract to you whomever happens to be in the vicinity. If you are not specific about who or what you want to attract, there are entities out there whom are very negative indeed, and would take full advantage of such a connection – possibly with tragic results. It is extremely dangerous, and should not be toyed with.

Aura Cleansing

This is something that also needs to be addressed regularly. When you have had a bad or busy day, which has been charged with emotion, or have been around people who are such, or have just been in very crowded places – you will have picked up energy that will be clinging to your aura.

In the extreme, this energy if left unchecked can eventually manifest in your body as an imbalance which can become an illness or bodily affliction. At the very least, you will take on some of the emotions you have been subjected to or surrounded by, even though they are not your own. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others and thus become like psychic sponges, soaking up everything around them.

There are some simple exercises for aura cleansing. One is THE BRUSH DOWN This is exactly as the name suggests. When you get home, stay outside your door for a moment and simply run your hands vigorously over your aura in a ‘brushing’ motion. As though you are brushing off the dust that has accumulated (you can physically brush your body, it won’t matter). Imagine as you do so that you are brushing away negative energy and thoughts, which will have a greyish or brownish colouration. After you have done this, shake yourself slightly to rid yourself of any residues.

For more heavy-duty cleansing use VISUALISATION IN CONJUNCTION WITH A CLEANSING CRYSTAL (for instance, if you’ve started feeling sick, tired, headachey or irritable – that is a sure sign you need to cleanse)
You will need to have a special crystal you have programmed for this purpose. It can be Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst. Rose Quartz will work on an emotional level, and Amethyst will work on a spiritual level. Clear Quartz will simply neutralize energy. (the full properties of crystals will be discussed on another page of this site)

You need to enter a meditative state, relaxing and breathing deeply and evenly. Visualize the aura of light that is around you, and when you are ready, with your crystal in hand, gently run it through and around your aura, visualizing it absorbing and neutralizing any negativity that is clinging to your energy field. Do this for as long as you feel the need. Once you’ve finished, do a check by running your hands around your aura and try to sense whether there are any areas that feel cold or just not pleasant. If you detect them, go back with your crystal and work on removing the negative energy. This may also be things that you have created with your thoughts at some point, which are reflected in your energy field, but are causing an imbalance. In this way you can heal yourself before it has even become physically manifest.


The larger the crystals, the more energy they will absorb and neutralize. However, placing small ones next to appliances will work well, as long as you clean them regularly. You will also need to use smaller ones for aura cleansing, healing and dream crystals (we’ll talk more about those on another page of this site which I will dedicate to crystal technology)
Black Obsidian is a good one for absorbing very dark negative energy.

Programming a crystal is simple. You need to simply close you eyes, holding the crystal up to your sixth chakra (middle of the forehead) if small, and if large, just place your hand upon it. In your mind, imagine the being that lives within the crystal as a glowing light. Speak to that being in your mind, addressing it with respect and love, and ask it to perform the task you require. Thank it for its service.

A crystal requires cleansing if it becomes discoloured (greyish or dark). If the crystal is used for heavy-duty cleansing of negative energy, then it will need to be regularly cleaned at least once per month. Cleansing by immersing in purified water with a little sea salt is best. The crystals in the sea salt neutralize negative energy. This is why many people find the ocean cleansing and peaceful. You can also take them to the ocean and hold them in the waves for a bit, or to a clear stream. If you do this, be careful! they have a habit of jumping out of your hands and going off to play in the water, never to be seen again.

Crystals also need to be charged upon occasion, which is done by leaving them in full sunlight for a day, and one night under a full moon. This will be discussed in greater depth on the page dedicated to crystals.


This is also a factor that is useful with cleansing homes and auras, and setting up energy in a particular way. Incense (sticks and cones) are great for this, as well as burning certain aromatic oils. The best herbs for cleansing and neutralizing negative energy are Sage and Lavender. Lavender will also relax and calm you., as will Orange oil. Rosemary is invigorating and energizing. Burning sage is excellent for cleansing the aura, and can also be used for positive communication with the realms of spirit.


Color, like light and scent, has a vibration. It is energy vibrating at a frequency which translates to the physical eyes and brain as colour. It can also be used as a very important tool for changing moods and uplifting energy. In clothing, it can affect the moods of the wearer, and in the furnishings and ornamentation in a house, it creates a certain energy. Neutral colours create a neutral energy that will not influence much either way.
White will absorb a lot of energy, whereas violet or purple hues will deflect it. Reds , yellows and oranges will energize, blues and greens will heal and cool, browns and earth tones will help to earth those whom often find it difficult to concentrate on every day life and focus on the here and now. Black also has a neutral effect, but has a dimished capacity to deflect energy, having more of a tendency to absorb it.