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Sometimes Family Relationships are not easy! If we’re lucky, we are born into a family that makes us feel secure, loved, cherished and safe in the world. However, most of us have a deep wound around at least one family member, if not more. It can be our immediate family, or even our ancestors, whose DNA we carry in our Genes. It could be these people who we may have unknowingly inherited gifts or challenges from.

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for helping us to move past these inherited patterns because becoming conscious of them is the key to learning how to overcome them. We all need some form of healing to happen between us and our family. The truth is, however, that we often have no idea what action to take. So, this is why a tarot reading like this can be both validating as well as helpful in terms of being action-orientated.

We can also check in with ourselves and ask ourselves a few questions to begin the exploration as to how to heal our family dynamic and create better relationships. Forgiveness forms a huge part of the healing, as we realise that our parents did the very best that they knew how at the time. At least most of them did. If they didn’t, perhaps they were simply unaware of the need to or unwilling to face their own shadows.

The best part is that once we start healing ourselves, we can show others how to, as well, and if our family members begin to heal themselves too, then many of our challenges and issues can be resolved.

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