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Looking for inspiration? Try our free oracle card reading and receive advice for your love, career, financial or other questions!

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Oracle readings are lighthearted but ridiculously accurate readings that can help you see what you need in your life (or what you need to change) to make your life more exciting, happier, comforting (insert your chosen outcome here).  All you need to do is decide what it is that you need to know, grab your laptop and book an oracle reading online for a little bit more inspiration in your life.

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What is an Oracle Reading?

In some cases, an oracle card reading can seem to be similar to a tarot card reading, and in some small but profound ways, they are similar. They use cards and divination combined to find a message for you.  But that is where the similarity stops.

Tarot cards invoke meaning from a variety of mystical properties, including astrology, numerology, planets, archetypes, the kabbalah, symbolism and so the list goes on.  Tarot cards are deep!

Oracle cards usually relate to one thing that has meaning, and anything that has a vibrational frequency holds a metaphysical meaning that we can relate to for example;

Flowers – The vibrational energy of a flower and it’s corresponding meaning differs depending on the flower.  If you used flower oracle cards, you’d pull a card that expresses the flower that harnesses the energy you need or are in excess of, which you can determine from the flower on the card you picked.

Additional types of oracle cards can be;

  • Colours
  • Angels
  • Crystals
  • Animals
  • Chakras
  • Astrological
  • Numerological
  • Archetypes
  • Symbolism
  • Nature
  • Psychotherapy

Oracle cards are lighter than a tarot card and will bring your focus around to the dominant energy or issue surrounding your life, or any questions you ask during your reading and usually provides advice as to how to embrace or harness the energy around you.  

In essence, an oracle card reading is a way to understand the coded messages of the universe but in a simple way.  

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