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The planets will be constantly whittling away at you this year, forcing you to break out of your shell you have been in for many Moons and finally embracing the future.  Far too many of you have been stuck in the past for far too long. The future beckons and as scary as it may look, you have no other option but to leap into it. The cold, hard reality of 2020 is that your comfort zones are no longer going to be so comfortable.  Many of you are homebodies but changes in that area of your life could see you not feeling as settled as before.  

While some of you will try to pretend that everything is warm and fuzzy and just the way you like it, in the deepest recesses of your body, mind and soul you know that something is off.  Way off.  

2020 begins with an overwhelming sense that you are not secure anywhere.  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all crowded into your one on one relationship zone for the first 4 months of the year.  The message of this threesome is that old patterns and approaches to life are no longer working for you. This is a complex situation because in order to truly grow, you need to free yourself from any and all self-imposed restrictions you have put on yourself.  

Luckily for you Moon ruled Cancers, the cosmic tools you need to break free of your old habits and life and push forward are there.  The Moon’s very nature after all is to be fluid and to go with the flow. Seamlessly moving from sign to sign every few days and taking on different personas as she goes.  This year offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to break free from anything and anyone that has been holding you back. To reclaim your essential essence and blossom into someone who is anchored from within by simply accepting that life is uncertain and you need to roll with the punches.  Each and every day.


Your relationships play a huge part in your life this year Cancers.  You will learn a lot about yourself through your friendships with other people.  Many of your long standing relationships need to be let go of this year. Or at least you need to lessen your grip on them and be open to meeting new people and making new connections.  Family ties and connections could be the most difficult part of this year. Pluto and Saturn spend time in retrograde mode throughout the year, targeting your one on one relationship zone.  Saturn is out of phase July 3 - September 29 in Capricorn, whilst Pluto is retrograding April 25 - October in the same part of your chart. The most important retrograde for you in 2020 is Mercury, who is out of phase in your sign June 18 - July 12.  Past relationships are sure to become much more ‘in your face’ during this time. However, it will be one of the most cleansing times of the year for you. You can expect these times to bring with them the greatest hurdles but also the best time for you to see clearly what you are getting and not getting from these friendships and what you can do to turn things around.  Or let go of them entirely. Which is not easy for you to do at all. You do tend to be a clinger! You prefer putting up with drama and tension with people you’ve had in your life forever versus being open to new people and new social situations. However new and improved relationships will basically be forced on you in 2020. Your life is about to get a lot more interesting!

Love in 2020:


The best part of being single in 2020 is the fact that as you can and will be forced to in many ways to reinvent yourself and break free of the past.  You will also up the ante when it comes to the mate you are looking for. If you’ve always dated the same sort of person, expect that to change this year.  You will be attracted to people from all walks of life and for those of you who have never dated online or gone to speed dating functions, this could be the year you finally check it out. 

Venus the Goddess who brings love your way is in your sign August 8-September 7.  A really good month for you to meet someone worth meeting. And the perfect matches for you this year are Capricorns and Scorpios.  Capricorns in particular as they are earth signs. Dependable, focused and secure in themselves which is exactly what you want and need.  Venus spends time in Scorpio, your 5th house of romance and fun November 22 - December 16, another good time to be out and about and asking everyone you know if they have someone in mind for you? Putting it out into the Universe that you want to make changes and become the best you possible in order to attract the best possible partner is the way to go about being part of a couple this year if that’s what you desire.


Maybe you’re too settled Cancers?  Perhaps you need to liven things up abit?  Put some passion and fun back into what in reality has turned out to be a rather lacklustre relationship?  Mars the planet of passion and energy in your relationship zone along with lucky Jupiter (which hangs out all year as does Pluto) makes Valentine’s day a very special one for you. At least it should do.  Plan something for the day. Not just the boring card and flower routine or dinner at a cheesy overpriced restaurant. Something outside your usual ‘go to’. Your New Moon/Solar Eclipse June 20 will be a huge wake up call mid-year.  It’s almost like a door opening and a bright light shining on you in many ways. Asking you to be 100% honest about how things are really progressing and if you are truly happy and fulfilled or if there are things that need working on.  Venus the Goddess of love and money in your sig August 8 - September 7 stirs the pot and if there are financial issues between you and your other half, this is when they will come up and need to be hashed out. The most romantic time for you as a couple is during Venus’s visit to your romance zone November 22 - December 16.  With your Full Moon blossoming December 29, you will be sure about not only the status of your partnership but how you feel about moving on with it into 2021. By then, you should have made all of the necessary changes and opened yourself up to all the future possibilities that being in love bring with them.


What a career year for you Cancers!  The first half will be exciting, full of possibilities and a chance for you to change course completely or make some big moves that could see some of you moving overseas for a new position or getting an unexpected promotion.  

It’s all about your relationships this year with Jupiter, the planet of good luck and opportunity traveling through your one on one relationship zone the entire year.  ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’ this year. You also have the energy and drive that’s needed to really push you out of your career rut and into something new and fun with Mars the motivator in your career zone from June 29 - early 2021.  An epic journey of 7 months which is unprecedented for Mars.  

However when Mars goes out of phase in your career zone September 9 - November 14, things could take a nosedive.  A sharp one. 2020 might be a controversial year for you professionally. The second half of the year you could feel under a lot of pressure.  If you work in sales or in the financial sector, you could feel as if you are going to be fired every day. It will be that intense at times. If you’re in a joint business venture, misunderstandings and arguments over joint assets - especially in mid-September could bust your working partnership wide open.  It is during this time that you will have to face up to a reality that has been a long time coming Cancers. Now that its finally here, you have to be prepared to give up everything and walk away. No looking back and no regrets. Move on. It may take some time to find something else or reinvent yourself professionally, but it is doable and you can do it.


Like everything else this year, your money situation is in a state of flux, revolution and change.  You might have been squirreling away money for that proverbial day. And guess what? In 2020 it’s pouring!  Particularly for those of you who are determined to make any and all necessary upgrades to their lives. If you do lose your job or quit due to either boredom or the realization that you are barking up the wrong career tree completely, you may need to use your savings to get by until you find something that gets your brain and blood flowing again.  Spending money on group and one on one therapy sessions and even taking stand up comedy classes and public speaking classes to bring out your personality and overcome shyness will be money well spent.


Like every single person and every single sign on the planet, stress is the number one factor in being healthy or unhealthy.  In 2020, the amount of ups and downs and pressure to conform along with the sirens inside you that are telling you to step outside your comfort zone and become the person you were always meant to be could amount to you getting ill and rundown.  You might even feel exhausted at some points of the year for no particular reason. This is your body's way of forcing you to slow down and reconsider just where you aren’t content and happy. This is what’s making you feel sick. It’s more a depression than an illness.  Only you can jumpstart your life this year Cancers.  

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