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What's in your stars in 2019?
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Your stars in a cosmic nutshell…

Like a baby bird being pushed out of the nest when it’s old enough to fend for itself, get ready to be pushed way out of your comfort zone this year.  Before you start to freak out at this information however, take time to think about 2018 and the feelings of dissatisfaction and confusion that reverberated through your life.  You don’t want to spend the majority of 2019 trying to fix whatever you feel is broken or needs work on from years past Cancers. It’s time for you to get clarity and be focused about who is in charge of your life.  

2016 was much more intense than 2019 is going to be.  The challenge that lies ahead of you is the measure of your abilities.  This begins with brushing aside any thoughts, beliefs or ideas that leave you struggling to feel that your life is about you and not about caring for others and their wants and needs.  2019 is a year for you to take time out for what makes you happy. Make it a habit every day to be grateful for something. A smile from a stranger on the street. A pat on the back from your boss.  A coworker bringing you a cup of coffee. Be grateful for such small gifts and start to treat yourself as well from time to time. Go with what feels right and feeds your soul this year. Being able to say “no” and meaning it is the first step in this process.


Single: 2019 is set to be a rather complicated love year for you.  Following in from last year when the same saga was a pattern, the presence of determination Saturn and Pluto the planet of rebirth in your marriage and relationship zone makes it difficult for you to meet someone who not only lives up to your expectations but can handle your expectations as well.

Marriage is not advisable this year nor is it in your horoscope.  Sure you will go on dates and have flings but they won’t seem very romantic or long-term.  You will be attracted to older, more settled partners and people who can provide security to you - who may be feeling insecure about ever meeting someone so settling for the first person who shows any real interest in you.  Huge mistake singles! Try to connect with someone on a love/romantic vibe versus a convenience vibe.

Attached: Your sign isn’t a fan of divorce or break ups.  Keeping the family or partnership in tact means more to you than most other signs. 2019 is definitely a year that will test your willingness to stay in a relationship that has run its course however.  Your partnership with your other half will be ‘stress tested’ more than once during the year. If the relationship is rock solid, it will survive these seismic tests. If however there is an undercurrent of mistrust or instability within the relationship, it really is doomed and you must move on.  There are 3 eclipses this year that are sure to shake the relationship tree and make you wonder if you are with someone for the right reasons (such as financial security or company). Venus the lover in your sign July 4 - 29 is the best time to try to work things out and see if the love and desire are still there for you and your other half.


With Uranus the planet of ups and downs moving out of your 10th house of career March 7, your job is going to be a lot less busy and much more stable and predictable. Some of you may read this as being bored and unfortunately that is something that is to be expected in 2019.  Unless you willing to go out on a limb and try something completely different or make a lateral move within the company that tests your abilities. Stability and knowing where and when your next paycheck is coming is something that is of enormous importance to you Cancers. You wouldn’t want to be without that paycheck for too long.  Sometimes it really is a case of ‘better the devil you know’.


Cancers are one of the wealthiest signs in the zodiac.  John D. Rockefeller the first billionaire comes to mind as a Cancer with deep pockets but there are others.  This is because the Sun, your financial planet you have a natural affinity for real estate, hotels, restaurants and running the family business.  You are also good at making money on the side. Maybe via EBay or renting a room or a home on Airbnb. In general your strongest financial stints this year will be March 20 - April 19, july 23 - August 22 and December 22 - December 31.  If you thinking of investing in gold and silver or taking a punt on new upstart companies, try to do so during these time frames.


Neptune, the planet of spirituality and meditation, dreams and sleep has been in your 9th house of spirituality for many years now and continues to transit Pisces for many more to come.  It’s a part of life - everyone’s life - that problems arise and are beyond stressful to deal with. Health, financial, love and family problems affect your sign more than most. It’s how you handle all of your issues and problems that will prove to you and everyone else that you are a rock solid individual who can weather any and all storms.  Course correcting yourself and your issues is not easy but it is vital in 2019.

The other important lesson to learn this year is learning how to deal with social instability.  Uranus the planet of the upheaval and extreme behaviour and happenings in will be in your 11th house for many years to come.  Your 11th house is where your friendships, hopes and wishes are housed. While some of you will seize upon an opportunity to go into business with a friend, others will be tested by their friendships and perhaps lose some vital links along the way.  Just keep in mind that when their is loss there is also a huge opportunity to find new friends, hopes and dreams to share.

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