Daily Cancer Horoscope
MAY 26, 2019:

There is nothing like feeling as if you have had a good day is there Cancers?  Like knowing that you tried your very best to get things sorted and find your happy place.  All too often we focus on the things that didn't go well versus the things that are going according to plan and just the way we want them to go.

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Cosmic tidbit…

Your solar 8th house of joint resources and intimacy will play host to fiery passionate Mars for no less than 5 months this year and since he’s beyond assertive and aggressive, you should expect to be quite active regarding this area of your life. What does intimacy really mean you ask? PDA? Kissing, hand holding or simply declaring your love for your other half in public and einf very affectionate. All of this and more Cancers. It also means that you are willing to turn off all your electronic gadgets and have heart to heart talks with someone with absolutely no interruptions.

Love life:
Relationship matters are emphasized with Jupiter spending most of the year in sexy Scorpio, your relationship and romance zone. You’ll be in the mood to fall in love – or become infatuated at the very least. The thing is Jupiter doesn’t tend to bring out the most realistic, practical side of human nature so you’ll need to pay careful attention to our feelings. If you’re falling too fast and too hard, apply the breaks. Venus in your sign May 20 – June 14 are prime times to meet someone worth meeting and again in September when Venus is in Scorpio along with Jupiter.

If you and your other half have been together for some time, the idea of ‘spicing things up’ could appeal very much and with Mars in your intimate zone for much of the year, that’s exactly what could happen. As long as you’re both cool with it, go for it! Jupiter in your romance zone for most of the year provides a very pleasant backdrop for those of you in love and this is going to be one of the best years so far for single and attached Cancers to really explore what they’re looking for and who they want riding shotgun beside them.

As home oriented as you are, your ideal job situation will always be working from home and many of you do. But if that’s not possible, you’ll need to find a work environment that feels like home in 2017. Maybe one where you can bring your dog to work or have a garden you can plant or lots of family photos surrounding you? Work that involves children is especially dear to your heart as well as jobs that deal with real estate, the food service industry and home decorating.

Being a teacher is also something that appeals to you and whether or not you are ready to make a sweeping change your career in 2018, know that you’ve excellent planetary alignments to do so.

Money is not as important to you as it is to other signs – you are not obsessed with it and as long as you have enough of it to go around, you’re usually satisfied. Security however is extremely important to you and that’s where money does come in – and in August, Mercury retrograde in Leo retrogrades in your 2nd house of money and self–worth which could cause some of you to worry more about more than usual. Remember it’s only a temporary glitch!

Jupiter in your romance and fun zone for most of the year suggests that taking a holiday will be something you and your partner will want to take this year. Maybe more than one. If you’re single it will be fun to head somewhere tropical with your bff or bff’s and enjoy time off and being free of the hustle and flow you’re used to. Exotic locales call to you in 2018.

Best Month of 2018: May
Worst Month of 2018: March

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