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Relationships – all of them – come under the cosmic microscope this month with Mars the planet of motivation and aggression spending 5 full months in unpredictable Aquarius this year – a very rare occurrence indeed. You’re going to be forced to take a long hard look at how you treat the people in your life this year with the first Lunar Eclipse of the year in your sign January 31st. You may decide to make some much needed changes – in rapid fire fashion too. Which could affect those around you– but in your usual Leo way, you’ll be thinking about yourself and no one else Leos.

Love Life:
Mars in Aquarius for 5 months could bring with it some highs and lows for singles. You will meet a lot of different people and date some of them and pass on some of them. If you do get into a relationship know that it’s not going to be easy – that there will be tremendous ups and downs as fierce Mars makes his walk through your relationship zone. Many of you will prefer to stay single this year and simply indulge in a few flings here and there. Venus in your sign June 14 – July 11 are good times to meet someone you could have a great time with – even if it doesn’t last very long.

If you’re in a relationship and hoping to stay that way, you need to sit up and pay attention to the astrological headline: Fiery Mars stays on duty in unpredictable Aquarius for five full months in 2018. This in itself is enough to shake the foundations of even the most loving, and drama free of relationships simply because in this sign, frankness and crankiness and the urge to rebel that Mars will be pumping out from May 16 – August 12 and again from September 10 – November 15 will be unsettling to one and all – to say the least. Venus in your sign June 14–July 11 is a month free and clear of Mars and a month kiss and makeup for sure.

You like being front and center at work and if you aren’t right now, 2018 is the year to change this. Mars in your one on one relationship zone means that ‘being in the right place at the right time’ is very important to you and an old friend from high school or college could put you in touch with someone who could have a great job for you or a good lead that could end up in a great job for you. A Taurus or Scorpio are both perfect matches for that career boost fyi.

Leos love money – you love nothing more than treating yourself to something you feel you deserve. However, in 2018, you may find yourself being more generous than usual as you try to kiss and make up with those people you may have upset or whose nerves/feelings you may have stomped on (particularly family/friends and your partner). Remember it’s the ‘thought that counts’ Leos – it’s not how much you spend but the fact that you’re thinking of someone.

As a couple, many of you will need a trip somewhere to get back on track and the best time for a couples’ holiday will be early March – April 1 when Venus is in your overseas travel zone. Right before Mars moves into Aquarius and starts to shake things up! If you and your other half aren’t getting along at a trip with your friend or group of friends might be just the thing to put some distance between you and have you missing each other.

Best Month of 2018: June
Worst Month of 2018: January

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