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Jupiter the biggest celestial body in the zodiac and the planet of bigger is better spends the year in Capricorn, one of the hardest working signs.  In your 6th house of hard work, health and well-being, this is the year when you will work harder than you have in a long time. The last time Jupiter made his way through this part of your chart was in 2008.  What were you doing back then? Cast your mind back to that time in your life. You will really be pushed to the edge mentally, physically and spiritually this year. However understand that this is going to not only make your life more prosperous and comfortable, it will force you to get out of your own way.

Yes you Leos are stubborn.  You don’t like to feel as if you are being led in any direction except the one you want to go in.  Understand that other people and circumstances will lead you all over the cosmic map. And eventually you will start to see a pattern and start to see the destination you are heading towards.  

The planets are pushing you in a way that will make you feel as if you haven’t taken the garbage/recycling out in a long time.  Now its piled high at your front door and the only thing you can do is to dispose of it. As quickly as possible. You have the strength within you to purge everything and everyone that is no longer serving you this year Leos.  No easy task and some people might get hurt in the process, but this clearout has been a long time coming.  

Be straightforward and brutally honest with yourself in 2020.  Acknowledge anything you have avoided or buried. Stop being so worried about what everyone else says and thinks and instead focus on you and what it is you know deep in your soul you need to accomplish.  

Relationships in 2020:

As we mentioned above, the contacts in your phone might get quite a big smaller this year.  While it’s never pleasant to have to deal fallout with friends, coworkers and even family, it’s inevitable.  Saturn the planet of focus and discipline starts the ball rolling when he moves into Aquarius, your one on one relationship zone on March 23.  You will feel much more in control of your friendships and you will really be able to see who’s a real friend and who is someone who might not be able to be trusted or is more of a frenemy.  When Saturn goes out of phase May 11 - July 1 in the same part of your chart, many of you will be forced to face up to the fact that people are actually plotting behind your back and do not have your best interests in mind at all.  It will way too ‘in your face’ for you to ignore however much you might want to.  

Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking in your sign August 6 - 21 along with your annual New Moon August 18 makes this the best time for you to talk things out with the people in your life and make sure you are on the same page when it comes to what you expect out of your relationship with each other.  Is there a good balance or are you doing all of the heavy lifting? Are you always the one who is in charge of the social aspect of the relationship for example? Do you call/text/email everyone to get together, book a table or find a hot new spot to go to? This year will be much more about letting others pick up the planning slack.  

Love in 2020:


Mars the planet of passion and energy spends time in your romance zone January 4 - February 17, starting the year off strong for you singles who are looking to mingle! Make sure if you are online dating your profile is current.  Maybe rewrite it during this time? Post new pictures? Be more open minded to the kind of people you are interested in? Widen your age range or if you have only been communicating with matches who live close by, have no children or work in particular careers, stop being so restrictive!  Speaking of restrictive, Saturn the planet of focus and discipline sets up shop in Aquarius from March 23 onwards. Saturn will stay in Aquarius for a few years, so while his effect is very slow moving, it does mean that you will become a lot more determined to meet someone this year.  

When Saturn retrogrades May 11 - July 1 some of you will find yourself back in the arms of an ex.  Someone you feel you are meant to be with and this time it’s going to work out and be different. Chances are it won’t be.  If it didn’t work out the first time, why is it going to work out this time around? You could just be wasting valuable time, energy and money on someone from your past when you should be looking forward and be willing to experiment with different people from different walks of life.  

Venus the Goddess of love in your sign September 7 - October 3 gives you 3 weeks to really make your move and solidify a relationship that you have been working on Leos.  Mars the planet of passion spends 7 months in your fellow fire sign of Aries, your 9th house of higher thinking and spirituality. Meeting someone through yoga, meditation classes not to mention the gym or while working will ultimately be the best hunting ground for single lions this year.  


Saturn the planet of control, boundaries and direction moves into Aquarius, your opposite sign and your 7th house of relationships March 23 - July 2.  With Mars the planet of passion in the same part of your chart April 1 - May 15, this is going to be the ultimate time frame for you and your partner. It’s also the determining cosmic factor in whether your relationship has ‘legs or not’.  If you have been with someone for a while and they are still wavering on their commitment level, it might be time for you to consider moving on.    

Later on in 2020 Mars moves into Aries, your fellow fire sign and your 9th house of spirituality and higher minded thinking.  This will help you broaden your horizons when it comes to your future plans and dreams with your other half for the foreseeable future.  Are you and he or she on the same page spiritually? Do you have enough things in common to make you compatible? Or are you simply basing the relationship on convenience, lust, friendship or other scenarios?  In other words, do you really feel you are with your soulmate?

Once Mars moves out of phase in Aries September 9 - November 14, you will become even more aware of the checks and balances within your love life.  Mars spends an amazing amount of time in your 9th house. 7 months to be exact. 2020 is really going to be the most eye opening, brutally honest and even heart wrenching years of your life.  But it will be almost like a soul cleansing time as well. Some of you will realize (with a jolt or two) just how lucky you are to be in the relationship you are in. Other Leos will wake up one morning and in a moment of clarity, be beyond sad but also determined to either change the energy in your relationship or have the courage to walk away.  

Your New Moon August 18,accompanied by the Sun and Mercury help you make a major decision when it comes to not only your partnership but to the rest of your life as well.  August is a crucial month for you. Don’t be afraid to make a huge leap of faith Leos. Likewise the timing of the Solar Eclipse December 14 in Sagittarius, your other fellow fire sign and your 5th house of self-fulfillment.  Take note of both days.

 Venus the love guide in your sign September 7 - October 3 is the best time of 2020 for you to be in love and make fun plans with your partner for those of you who know you’re in it for the long haul.  Maybe a romantic getaway? Perhaps reaffirm your wedding vows? Elope?


2020 is set to be a work intensive year for you.  Perhaps the hardest year you will work in some time.  That’s mainly due to Jupiter’s presence in your 6th house of hard work, service to others, health and wellbeing.  If you have been self-employed for some time and you realize it’s time to get back into the 9-5 grind with all the benefits and ease of mind it can offer, this is the year you will take that step.  If however you feel stalled in your career, undermined or even controlled by your employer and not properly compensated or acknowledged for your hard work, this is the time you will have to bite the bullet, resign and move on. Keep your resume updated and ready to go at all times Leos.  Go on job interviews. Follow up on leads. Use your networking skills.

2020 is a year for you to stop recycling everything and basically clean house.  Whether you want to or not. You have many stalled friendships, projects and tasks in your life.  A thorough cleansing, detoxing and self examination along with the need to nurture yourself will force you to literally turn yourself inside out.  A clean sweep. A 180 degree turnaround. Starting early in the year with Mars the planet of energy and initiation in your self-fulfillment zone January 4 - February 17.  This will be just a small taste of what you can expect workwise in 2020.  

The career questions many of you have right now are an easy solve Leos.  Set about a major purge of anything and everything complicating your life and turning it into a circle of chaos and be brutally honest with yourself.  “Are you loving what you do and doing what you love”??


In this economy, making money is more difficult than ever.  Real estate, the stock market and getting a pay rise (or even hanging onto your job) are trickier than ever.  While you are going to be working harder than ever, possibly longer hours, weekends and more than one job, you might not see it reflected in your bank balance this year.  However you are setting yourself up for a bump in cash flow in the future. Plus you will be proving not only to yourself but to your employers and clients just how diligent you are.  How invested you are. Your dedication and drive will pay off in the long run.


As we mentioned before, Jupiter is the biggest planet in the zodiac and the planet of expansion and improvement spends the year in your health and wellbeing zone.  For those of you who are overweight, out of shape or simply not living the cleanest, healthiest lives you could be living, 2020 is the year that will kick start you on a path to a new you.  Fad diets come and go and their results tend to come and go too. 2020 is the year for finding and maintaining a way to eat and exercise in a way that has long term, permanent results. You’re on your way to a leaner, healthier you.  Physically, mentally and spiritually.

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