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What's in your stars in 2019?

By Astrogirl

2019 in a cosmic nutshell…

Adapting and accepting change in all areas of your life is your main cosmic lesson in 2019.  Recognize and embrace the fact that not only do you need to overhaul a huge part of your life (in other words changes across the board) but many of you start off 2019 feeling worn out and exhausted.  Mainly due to the fact that you have been pushing a wheelbarrow of bricks uphill for too long now.

The main theme of the new year is to work out why you ended 2018 on such a dissatisfied note and what you can do to ensure that you end 2019 on a much higher note Leos.  A lunar eclipse in your sign January 21st is an important one for you. It shines a bright light on your 1st house of ego and personality and makes you much more awake and aware of yourself, your actions and your need to look after number one - that’s YOU for a change Leos.


Single: Your love planet Uranus spends most of the year (from March 7 onwards) near your Midheaven, making this a wonderful year for finding love.  Once you have learnt to love yourself that is. Your personal love magnetism, your social grace and enchanting personality will be on full display in 2019.  Uranus’s position at the top of your chart shows that love and romance will be high on your agenda. You want to be in a happy, passionate and fun relationship and by finding the right balance in your own life and being open to someone different from the people you usually date, you could just meet your Prince Charming or Princess.  Especially when Venus the Goddess of love transits your romance zone January 9 - February 3 alongside Mars the planet of passion in Aries, your philosophical zone. Another good time frame for you to meet someone worth meeting is july 29 - August 21 when Venus is in your own sign. Best matches for you this year are Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  

While you Leos have usually been the ‘love at first sight’ types, with Uranus your love planet in Taurus this year, you could be a lot more cautious.  Check out your dates carefully and if you are online dating, don’t fall for the profile and pics. They can be deceiving and a huge let down!

Attached: You will find that the more you feel satisfied and in a good place personally, your love life will improve and your relationship with your partner will really blossom.  In fact many of you could become much more committed to your other half. Engagement/ marriage/baby carriage! Once again Uranus moving into stubborn Taurus early March suggests that you will put your foot down about certain things and not budge or give into other people’s demands as easily as you might have in the past.  Keeping the peace and not expressing yourself properly is definitely not as high on your priority list in 2019. Making sure you and your other half are on the same page and not 2 ships passing in the night is vital. If however you realize that the person you are with is a big part of getting in the way of your growth process and not as supportive as you need or want the to be, this could be the year you decide you are better off going it alone.  Finding someone strong, powerful and willing and able to help you in all areas of life could be very alluring to you - especially in the second half of the year.


For those of you who ended 2018 unemployed or in the line of fire (as in close to being unemployed), you will have job opportunities this year.  Your career is very important this year and will be an interesting career year for sure. Uranus the planet of the unexpected and unusual moves into your career and ambitions zone March 7 where he stays for the next 7 years or so.  If you’re simply working in order to collect your paycheck and not at all enthused about whatever it is you are doing professionally, things will change dramatically for you by mid-year. Unexpected job offers and opportunities seemingly pop out of nowhere.  LinkedIn and other social media sites could reunite you with high school or University friends who are now ‘moguls’ of sorts. They could offer you a great job out of the blue or lead you in the direction of a great job. The expression ‘expect nothing but be ready for everything’ applies to you now and for many years to come.  


You’re not going to make a million dollars this year or see your pay packet increase exorbitantly Leos.  Mercurial Mercury is your financial planet and seeing as Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac he will move quickly through each and every sign.  There will be many short term financial trends throughout the year which you need to handle as they come and unfold. However your finances don’t seem to be a big issue in 2019.  It’s much more about getting pleasure and satisfaction from your job, being proactive, creative and giving pleasure to other people are much more interesting to you. There is a need for you to establish more freedom in your career - some of you will even decide to go it alone in a self-employed career.  This of course can be a huge risk financially and a few lean months ahead.

Self Improvement:

2019 is the year you will transform your frustrations, your complaints, your disillusion and anything that disrupts the feeling that you are unhappy and fight your way to a place where you do feel good about yourself and the way your life is headed.  Almost like peeling an apple and getting to the pips...2019 is the year to dust off your faith in yourself, your awareness of who you are at your core and begin an inner dialogue with the unhappy parts of yourself.

Facing up to the fact that you are more than a little disenchanted with the status quo.  Stop taking on everyone else’s issues and if you have feelings of resentment let it go. ‘The past is history, the future a mystery’ Leos.


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