Leo Zodiac Sign Facts and Traits Explained

Leo Zodiac Sign Facts and Traits Explained
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Leo – The Lion    July 23 – August 22

Your element: Fire

Your ruling planets: The Sun

Symbol: The Lion

Your stone: Peridot

Life Pursuit: To lead the way

Vibration: Radiant Energy

Leo’s Secret Desire: To be a star

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More Astrology Traits and Personality of Leo

Charismatic and Stylish

Love triumphs over all for this sign, which is ruled by the heart and operates from this dimension too. Leo’s are born fortunate. Charismatic and positive-thinking they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive life’s stormy times with style and good humour. Their ruling planet is the Sun, and this is often reflected in their sunny and happy nature.

Loyal and Devoted

Once a Lion is committed to a relationship, they are totally devoted and faithful. Should their heart or trust be broken they never forgive or forget. When a relationship breaks down (even a long standing one) they can disappear into the sunset without a backward look. Leos can cut ties, and leave others heartbroken, but usually there is a good reason why they have broken a tryst. For a Leo, when a relationship is over, really over, it is over for good.

Soul evolution of Leo

There are three levels of soul-evolution of the Leos. The highest is represented by the Sphinx; wise beyond their years and great teachers to others. The second is the Lion, King of the Jungle, ruled by ego but always protective and sustaining of those they love. The last is the Lion Cub, immature and undeveloped, frightened by anything new. These Leos cling to others (in the mode of the child not wanting to leave its mother’s side).) They can’t bear to be alone.

Proud and Born to Lead

No matter what level they have attained, all Leos are trendsetters, leaders and adventurers. They are idealistsic, honest and direct, and will work long and hard to achieve their goals.
Their weakness is their pride. This is one sign where the saying “flattery will get you everything” applies, they thrive on admiration from others, but be warned criticism will slam the relationship door right in your face.

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Your Strengths – what to love:

  • Your natural buoyancy. No matter what misfortune occurs, you always maintain faith in humanity and trust in life’s hidden magic.
  • Ruled by the Sun, you are one of the zodiac’s happier people – you know how to laugh at yourself along with everyone else .
  • Your over the top generosity.
  • Your amazing ego helps you help others – you inspire people to live life to the fullest.

Your Weaknesses – what to loathe:

  • Giving advice to a Leo is like giving gloves to a fish – totally pointless.
  • In your love life, you are always seeking passion and sexual abandon – difficult to sustain in every day life (and frustrating for the men in your life).
  • You know how to plaster on your ‘fake smile’ a little too easily.
  • You often live well beyond your means – ending up in credit card debt and bad credit.

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I am extremely sick and tired of modern astrologers describing Leo in softest and most superficial terms when it’s symbolized by a friggin LION!!!! How are these people having such a hard time accepting and describing Leo for the animal it is?! It’s a mighty and fierce lion that’s ruled by the almighty Sun which doesn’t just rule the ego, but also strength, courage, energy, vitality, willpower, and health! It is literally the most powerful force that the solar system but yet mere planets Mars and Pluto are considered “powerful” and the Sun is just “self?” That doesn’t make sense… Read more »

Not leo
Not leo

Spoken like a true Leo


Incredible! Very accurate indeed. Got me all figured out. Even I checked my sisters and mother and it is dead on accurate. Amazing!

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