Aquarius Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Aquarius at a Glance
Element: Air//Mode: Fixed & Consistent//Colour: Electric Blue//Planet: Saturn//Keywords: “I Know”

Getting to know the Aquarius Man

The Aquarian Man is easy to spot – he is the weirdest one in the room, the one with a cool, calm, suave air of almost not caring, He will also usually be the smartest one in the room, the most talkative and the most opinionated, yet he has a way about him that is knowledgeable and very clever, and if you are someone that is attracted to brains, well, look no further!

The Aquarian Man is incredibly smart and he has gone out of his way to gather information in his life, always in reaching for more, and his nature is to share that knowledge. He may be a teacher, or an engineer, or a free-spirited hippie, but whatever he is, he needs to be able to spread information and create a community of awareness.

At times, this man may seem somewhat intellectually arrogant, and even a touch condescending, as he does think he knows best – he can be both infuriating as well as magnetic. This man is very friendly, and always ready t have fun, but he will keep everyone at arm’s length, slightly detached and far above what he thinks as “messy” emotions. He is the King of Logic and Reason, and has an approach to life that is analytical and scientific – as well as slightly loopy. He doesn’t mind standing out, in fact, if he doesn’t stand out, then he is uncomfortable. He hates blending in, and he is a true rebel, a true idealist and the original free thinker. He hates to be put in a box and told what to do, and these men are remarkably stubborn, for all their assumed open mindedness.

This man has many dreams, and he is a visionary – he sees into the future. He is miles ahead of the pack, and may be hard to keep up with at times. He is progressive, yet still somewhat traditional, and very consistent. He likes things to stay the same, despite his desire for progression in life – he can be a man of habit.

Aquarian men are very social and tend to have many friends. They value friendship very highly and always want to be part of something bigger than them, part of a dream, a cause or a philosophy. They see life as an eternal lesson to be learnt, and they always have a philosophical point of view on any situation. Aquarian men are fascinating and endlessly interested, and being with one will open your mind to a whole new world.

How the Aquarius Man Loves

If you are someone who is highly sensitive or emotional, you may be nicely balanced out by this highly rational and detached man, who will always be able to stand back from the feelings and be objective. The trick is to understand that this is indeed a blessing, as you can also teach him how to be more emotive and empathetic. Aquarian men are extremely cool, and they don’t show emotion easily, which at times may make you feel unloved – however, their loyalty and faithfulness is their way of showing that hey adore you, and when they treat you like their best friend, then you know that you are number one in their books. Aquarian men value friendship far more than love, and they have to be able to be “buddy buddy” with their girlfriend, because passion is simply not as high on their list.

Aquarian men are steadfast and they are committed – once they are with you, they don’t waver, and they seldom cheat. They are extremely independent, so they need quite a bit of space and don’t respond well to a girl that is always needing their time and energy. They need room to move, to explore their hobbies and passions, to be with their friends. They’ll give you the same freedom to be yourself, albeit advising you what you should be doing/thinking/reading, not as a way of control, but simply because they want to shar their knowledge with you. Expect plenty of time just talking, analysing ideas and discussing how you can save the world – these men love it when they have someone to bounce their visions off, to analyse the world with and to do the things they love with.

The Aquarius Man’s Sexuality

Aquarian men are weird in every way, including the bedroom – they are highly experimental and like sex to be interesting and unusual from one day to the next. However, they do have their surprisingly traditional side, and although they are open to trying things, they have certain limits and boundaries that they are not always comfortable with.

Aquarian men sometimes don’t have as high a sex drive as some other men – they get off more on talking than physical contact, and may have to be reminded that physical pleasure is important. They can sometimes be out of touch with their bodies, and are not particularly sensual, but they will love to use language in the bedroom. They make love with a somewhat detached air, but they tend to be very good at learning about what you like and don’t like, and they stick to that. Again, although experimental, these men, after some time, may get into a bit of routine, and need to be told to shake things up a bit.

Getting them into bed involves talking to them, becoming mentally sexy, and once you do that, they are all yours.

Dating an Aquarius Man

The Dating phase doesn’t last too long in the world of an Aquarian man. They may play it cool, but they really want to be in a committed relationship with their best friend, at the end of the day. They want to be with someone who they feel a camaraderie with, and they will usually fairly quickly settle down with you.

However, when they are in the dating phase, they are unmistakably charming, witty and fun to be around. They will likely want to spend their dates with you with their friends, too, and so your dating phase could involve plenty of parties with mutual buddies, his friends, or your friends. Alone time for these men is watching Netflix and chill.

The Aquarian man may also enjoy a dating phase that has an intellectual style, so studying together, leaning something new and talking philosophy will be important for these men. However, they generally prefer a good party and get together and you can be sure that you’ll have a lot of fun with this man. He will want to show you his world and teach you about what he knows, and he makes for a wonderful friend and lover, always interesting and knowledgeable.

The Aquarian man will probably not bring you flowers or take you to fancy dinners, because that is just not his style – it’s too conventional for him. The Aquarian man likes to do things differently, so expect the unexpected – he romances in a quirky, new way, and can be very refreshing indeed.

Spoiling an Aquarius Man

These men love knowledge, so getting them a really great book or a course of study will be a lovely gift for them. However, their real love is technology, and so they will absolutely adore the latest gadget or thingamajig that has just been released. They are probably Apple snobs, and you may end up spending a bit of money on buying gifts for these men.

As long as you make it unique, they will be happy – don’t get them something that is too mainstream (unless it is technology, but even then, try and think outside the box). Datewise, don’t worry about flowers and romance, just do something that you can do together as friends, as these men value experiences more than material things in life.

The Aquarius Man’s Career and Finances

Aquarian men are often in careers that are very analytical and require a good deal of brainwork. They can be very creative as well, in a logical, detached and objective way, so whilst they may not be free spirited artists, they may do very well as design and things like that, where it requires a good degree if problem solving.

These men tend to be as committed to their work as they are to you, and it’s not uncommon to find them spending a long time at any one position. They change reluctantly, and only on their own terms in every area of life.

Financially, these men are not materialistic and don’t care whether you have their credit card or not. They can make good money, or they don’t, but either way they are not fussed about it. They feel that other things are more important in life than how much cash they have in the bank, and they are generally not concerned with status, but rather with personal happiness and freedom in whatever they do. This is the only reason why money may be important to them – it spells independence and freedom.

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