Pregnancy Horoscope Guide for 2021

Pregnancy Horoscope

Ladies, did you realise that there was such a thing as a pregnancy horoscope?  Well, if you didn’t please allow us to be the first to introduce them to you.

Of course, there are so many different aspects of pregnancy that you can explore so we set out to find out what a pregnancy horoscope entails and how you might
benefit from one.

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What is a Pregnancy Horoscope?

A pregnancy horoscope is an astrological forecast focused around all aspects of pregnancy. An astrologer will use details of your date, time and place of birth to look at how the skies influence all aspects of your life, which means they can also focus on pregnancy horoscopes.  You can get a full pregnancy horoscope from most astrologers either face to face or online.

When you search pregnancy horoscopes, you can find plenty of generic articles that might detail information about what zodiac sign is likely to conceive, how a particular star sign might deal with pregnancy, which is often mistaken for a pregnancy horoscope.  While they can be a fun read, they are not real pregnancy horoscopes.

If you are serious about finding out more about your pregnancy or want to know when you might become pregnant, then you’ll probably want to seek out a personal pregnancy horoscope, and if you get a live pregnancy horoscope, you’ll even be able to ask questions about your pregnancy too.

How does Pregnancy Horoscopes Work?

A pregnancy horoscope works by determining how the planets aligned in the skies when you were born.  They are said to be a map for your life path and destiny which means that a good astrologer will be able to look at your birth chart and determine what your experience of pregnancy might be.  

Who is a Pregnancy Horoscope For?

Pregnancy HoroscopeIf you are trying to conceive, are pregnant or are wondering if you are single and are wondering if you’ll ever settle down and have a family so that you can at least relax while you wait to meet your knight in shining armour then a pregnancy horoscope might help you out too.  

Different Ways That A Pregnancy Horoscope is Cast?

Working with a professional astrologer, primarily a live one will ensure that they can answer all of your questions as well as provide you with your astrological birth chart.  

But there are other different ways that you can use the influence of the planets as a pregnancy horoscope, for example, to determine different ways that you might get pregnant.  Here are some examples of how you can use a pregnancy horoscope to get pregnant:

The 2-Hour Window

According to astrologers, a woman is considered to have two hours per month when her fertility levels are at an all-time high, and this occurs right at the time when the sun and the moon separate to the same degree as they were when you were born.  

To figure out when your 2-hour window is all you need to do is to either use a free online astrology software such as astrolabe to determine how many degrees apart the sun and moon were when you were born.

Every month, the sun and moon will remain at the same angles as they were when you were born, and it’s during these two hours that your fertility will be highest.

If you find that this is a bit complicated, you can always contact an astrologer to find out what your degrees are and also when it is likely to occur during a month.  

Astrologers such as those you can find on Keen will be able to help you and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune since you can get 10 minutes for only $1.99 if you are a new customer to Keen.  


The New Water Moon

Pregnancy HoroscopeAlternatively, you could try your hand at getting pregnant at when the new moon is present in a water sign.  Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and it is said that the new moon in a water sign is one of the most fertile times and lasts for two weeks.  That means six weeks of heightened fertility throughout one year.

Just look out for when the zodiac moves to a water sign and then check out when the new moon is present which can be discovered by just making an internet search to find out the date that you can expect a new moon during that time.  

Pay Attention to Lucky Dates

Pregnancy HoroscopeDid you know that there are some dates during a year that is are considered to be lucky in general and some that are lucky for your zodiac sign (and even days that are lucky for you personally – but you’ll need to have a professional astrological reading to get your personal lucky dates).

These auspicious days appear when the planets form different patterns in the sky.  Such patterns can occur overall, for different zodiac signs and also just for people born on a particular time, date and location.  This means that they could be lucky days for getting pregnant!

You can find them by using online resources such as The Good Days Calendar by Cafe Astrology, by checking out Astrology Zone or by calling an astrologer such as the astrologers found on Kasamba (there are many to choose from).  

Stick To Your Sun Sign

Another theory,  courtesy of astrology practitioners, is that a good time to attempt to conceive is during the anniversary of her birth, including the time too.

Some Things You Need To Be Aware Of During A Pregnancy Horoscope Reading

  • Pregnancy HoroscopeThe dates, times, and the number of children you will have will probably not be provided accurately for you.  Because it’s not possible to accurately predict or time anything unless it has already occurred. Everything is always subject to change because of free will and the everyday influences we experience and that are made by ourselves and others around us.
  • Sometimes, a particular person’s lifestyle might negatively influence your ability to conceive.  It might be difficult to address these issues because it’s so important to you to get pregnant and your hormones might be driving you crazy to attain this goal, that you can’t logically make sense of or want to focus on changing lifestyle to achieve your goal.In this situation, it’s important to rise above the hormones so that you can make the right decisions in your life that will support your ability to get pregnant – a pregnancy horoscope can help you with this.
  • A professional reading will not always give you reassurance on what you want to be reassured about in the way that you want to feel encouraged which can be a painful experience when we are so desperate to have a child. Occasionally, when we are feeling out of control or if we desire something, which is often the case with pregnancy issues, we can resort to demanding or irrational behavior when we are afraid that we are going to lose something that means so much to us. The problem is that an astrologer cannot change the message you receive to suit your desires – that would be misleading and unprofessional.  That said you will gain reassurance and positive guidance from any pregnancy horoscope you experience, for sure. But it might not be in the way that you wanted.

What You Can Expect From A Pregnancy Horoscope Reading

A pregnancy horoscope reading as you’ve probably already discovered can be varied in style and message.

It can be a sensitive topic particularly if you are feeling distressed and fearful about possibly not conceiving or settling down to conceive.  

While the planets seem to be very accurate, the translation of the message is dependent upon the skill, biases and intuition of the reader.  It helps to have a psychic astrologer for this reason, because they will receive higher guidance and support to help them deliver a clearer message to you.  

Lost in Translation

Because of the potential difficulties in translation, it’s important to take the advice we receive and act on it but not live and die by the message.  You see, you can change your destiny and experience in life if you want to and nobody will be able to fully translate the messages that are given to us from the planets (we just don’t know enough to do that).  

Sometimes the planets show a difficulty or lack in an area, but it doesn’t mean that achieving in that particular area is impossible. Instead, some things might be a little harder than others, and pregnancy and conceiving (and all issues surrounding that) are no exception.  

Always Uplifting

So when you have an astrology reading, you can expect to leave uplifted and with actionable steps to help you achieve your goals and enjoy your pregnancy.  But you are probably not going to get a solid date and future prediction for exactly when you might get pregnant.

How To Get A Pregnancy Horoscope Readers Online

There are many horoscope readers online, many of which can be found on the sites listed in the box below (excluding Psychic Source who only offer psychic readings).  These are professional astrologers who may also have psychic skills which will only enhance the reading.

All you need to do to get one is click one of the links below, search for ‘astrology’ using the search function and then choose the astrologer that appeals to you.  

When you have decided who to use (and made sure they are online), you’ll need to register your details which will include your payment details and then either click the ‘call’ or ‘chat’ button.  

When you are connected, make sure that you explain that you want to find out when you’ll get pregnant using astrology and the astrologer will explain how they can help you.   

Here are our picks:

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The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Pregnancy Horoscope Reading Today


  • Learn about when you might get pregnant.
  • Find out how you might experience pregnancy.
  • Find out what to avoid to ensure wellness for both of you
  • Learn how to ensure yours and your babies health during pregnancy.
  • Discover the spiritual lessons that may occur during pregnancy.
  • Learn how your child might experience the world by focusing on projected zodiac signs.


  • Your psychic won’t always tell you what you want to hear.
  • You cannot control the messages in the stars.
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • Some readers might not be as interested in focused on pregnancy horoscopes, so just use your free minutes to check that first.
  • Sometimes the planets might not reveal anything about pregnancy and there won’t be anything you can do about that but if you choose a psychic astrologer they will be able to assist you further.  

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us your feedback after!