Libra Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Libra at a Glance
Element: Air//Mode: Cardinal & Initiating//Colour: Pink//Planet: Venus//Keywords: “I Balance”

Getting to know the Libra Man

Libran Men stand out simply due to their charm and good looks – Libra is said to be the most handsome or beautiful sign of the zodiac, and they really are. They are the ones with the perfectly chiseled features and the voluptuous curves – ruled by the planet Venus means that Love and Relating is their forte, and they are often the most popular at a party.

The Libra Man is diplomatic, agreeable and talkative. They love a good debate and will always see both sides to a situation. Libran men and woman are famously indecisive, and they like to take their time before going with any option in life – which usually makes things turn out quite well for them, as they always think things through.

Libran men are flirtatious and will sweep most people off their feet. They like to keep it light, fresh and fun, and they hate confrontation. This is not the type of man who looks for a fight, nor are they aggressive. They want to connect rather than conflict, which makes them lovely to be around. Libran men are people pleasers – they will go out of their way to make sure everyone is having a good time. They may lack assertion and so need to learn to sometimes pick a side and defend themselves when needed.

These men can be extremely creative with a sharp eye for beauty, both in their environment as well as for women – they are very visual indeed, and they abhor ugliness of any kind, whether physical or situational. They will remove themselves from anything ugly or uncomfortable, and sometimes can create problems due to their unwillingness to deal with the unpleasant in life.

How the Libra Man Loves

Being in love with a Libran man means being swept off your feet completely – they are absolute romantics, and they live for love. It is very rare for a Libra of any gender to be single for long – they love to share of themselves and have someone to enjoy experiences with.

These men will flirt with you, charm you and woo you until you are breathless.  They will also charm everyone else, so you can’t be too possessive or clingy when it comes to the Libran men – for as loving as they are, they love to be adored by everyone.

The Libran Man will show you he loves you by whisking you off on a romantic date, by doing things that only couples can do – these men are the Kings of planning special events and outings, and you will feel very loved and cared for by the Libran male. They are fairly committed, and they don’t generally stray unless things are very serious – and they may be at times too passive to assert their needs, which can become a problem later down the line – they should be encouraged to speak their desires so that there is no resentment.

Being loved by a Libran man means having fun, being spoilt, being negotiated with and compromising. Having a Libran man to adore you is a very special treasure indeed, and is a partner who wants to pair up for life.

The Libra Man’s Sexuality

Libran Men will blow you out of the water, sexually. Although somewhat detached, they are highly driven to connect physically and will go out of their way to make it a romantic dance. They don’t mind putting in that bit of extra effort to seduce you and make you feel desired and special, and they would want the same treatment.

The Libran male will take his time, and will not rush the process – he loves extended foreplay and will delay the actual act of sex until the last minute. These men can spend hours simply kissing, and they tend to take instruction very well – they don’t mind you letting them know what they need to do to make you happy.

The Libran man is not the type of lover who will go for dark fantasies and isn’t one for the pain/pleasure principle. They enjoy lightness in bed, and playfulness over domination or submission games. They are all for roleplay, and they might even enjoy talking.

The Libran man loves to get creative in bed, and they will employ their skills to create a space that is always evolving. Libran men won’t enjoy the deep, intense lovemaking that some women like, they prefer to keep their lovemaking as simple and fun as possible.

Dating a Libra Man

Dating a Libran man is a real pleasure, as they just love the act of dating, and they can stay in this phase for the duration of the relationship – they seldom get the laziness and complacence that many men often do get further down the line.

This man will wine and dine you, and it will be common to find roses at your door, or a lovely chocolate bought for you. Libran men are brilliant at dating, and put other men to shame. They will think of the most fun, romantic things to do and surprise you with a luxurious weekend away, a night at an art gallery or a music event – they are very creative and so the arts are something they will love to do with you.

Libran men can’t be possessed so you may have to share him with his many admirers. They love attention from other women and they are very naturally flirtatious – it’s not as if they would be unfaithful, as they love being in a relationship with you, but they just love to be adored.

Dating a Libran man also means dating his friends – he is social and charming, and loves to spend time with his people – he’s not often the type to cuddle and watch movies all month, he wants to be out and about and see what’s going on. He will always be around you, but he will appreciate independence too – he is not the most emotional type, and he prefers a good conversation rather than a pouring out of feelings. His detachment and ability to see two sides to anything is always a positive in any situation.

Spoiling a Libra Man

It’s fairly easy to spoil the Libran man. They love to share experiences, so booking some time away, a dinner to share, or a shopping trip together is all appreciated. These men do love gifts and being spilt – shown by the way they spoil you – so they will lap up little tokens of love. Some Libran men have very expensive tastes so it may be advised to save a bit of money to buy them the thing that they really want. They have an eye for cheap things, and they don’t like it. They like clothing and things they can adorn their body with, so a good watch, a smart shirt or a pair of expensive sunglasses will do the trick here. Alternatively, they love thigs for their home, and art pieces are an absolute winner.

You can go to town in terms of romance for this man, and he will love flowers as much as a woman – he enjoys really good food, and loves music and art. An ideal date for a Libran man is a spa afternoon, followed by a lovely dinner at a well-known, trendy restaurant and then a night out watching their favourite band.

The Libra Man’s Career and Finances

The Libran man will generally be someone who is rather creative – they like a career that reflects that artistic energy and they can be excellent designers and visual media artists. They are smooth talkers, and hence great at working with people on any level – they make brilliant salespeople as they are charming and diplomatic.

Some choose to be lawyers, as they are so good at seeing all sides to a problem, and they just love a good debate. They instinctively know how to balance work and play, and so these men are generally not the types who will spend many long hours at the office – they want to enjoy their time off, and enjoy their time with you. If they do work harder, it is because they are creatively immersed and don’t want to stop the flow.

Financially, these men enjoy spending the money they earn on nice, tasteful things and they are not generally selfish. They are often quite well off and good at generating an income.

Libran men will not be caught dead wearing clothing that is threadbare or furniture that is dated – these men will spend their money on making sure their environment and their bodies are tastefully adorned. Sometimes, these men can overspend, as they really do love retail therapy and find it worth the stress of debt to have nice things. In fact, some of these men may even buy things they really don’t need, just because it looks good.

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