Aries Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Aries at a Glance
Element: Fire // Mode: Cardinal & Initiating // Colour: Red // Planet: Mars // Keywords: “I Am”

Getting to know the Aries Man

Aries Men are firebrands – passionate, dynamic and assertive, they know what they want and just how to get it. One pointed, focussed and decisive, this man stands out as a leader, an initiator and someone who is not afraid to take a risk. These men are the epitome of the rugged, active, “Man’s man”, and they love getting down and dirty – their courage is remarkable.

These men may seem pushy and bossy – after all, they are ruled by the Planet of War – Mars – but they are ever so exciting to be around, and they are the most loyal person, lover and friend you will ever know. They are honest to the point of tactlessness. You never have to worry about this man lying to you or going behind your back. They are naïve – touchingly so – and they always believe the best of others. Aries men never look back, which makes them very much in the present moment. They may get defeated, and need a great deal of encouragement to get back up, but up they always get and then bounce back with more energy than ever before. Aries men may not be great at reflectiveness, and they may need to slow down at times, as they rush in where angels fear to tread. However, their spontaneity, fun-loving nature, and enthusiasm are contagious and exhilarating to be a witness to.

How the Aries Man Loves 

The Aries man doesn’t move slowly – if he wants you, he wants you, and he won’t beat around the bush about it. He LOVES a challenge, so if you are in some way powerful or successful in any area of life, or slightly unreachable, he will chase you even harder. Aries men need to feel as if they are “conquering” you, and as strange as it sounds, the more you resist, the bigger his appetite for you is.

A word of warning, however – don’t play too coy. Find that fine balance between being slightly unavailable, and feeding him tidbits. Aries Men hate to be rejected outright, so there is a line that you have to learn to walk, giving him enough to be interested, yet not so much that he thinks you’re not enough of a challenge. He will treat you well, be loyal to you, and shower you with generosity and encouragement. He desires his independence to do his own thing and expects you to do the same – but to still be home when he gets there. Aries men can make it all about them, but never in a malicious way. Their egos are somewhat fragile and they appreciate someone who can motivate them and believes in them, lifting them up when they fall down.

Aries men will believe you are their Queen, and may even idealize you. Sometimes they blow hot and cold, so being quite secure in yourself will be a big help here as you learn how to weather their on-again, off-again attentions. Aries men are not known for their sensitivity, so those tears are best reserved for your girlfriends; crying on the shoulder of your Aries man will garner you some sympathy, as they really do care, but they will also tell you to get up and fight more often than not, which may not always be what you need.

Aries men have your back – they are your biggest fan and will believe the very best of you unless you blatantly betray them – in which case they are most likely to be confused more than anything else. These men prize honesty in love, and they expect it as well as give it.

Being in love with an Aries man is like riding a roller-coaster – it’s simultaneously thrilling, exhausting, unique, fun and terrifying all t the same time. They are unpredictable, and they can be tiring – one has to lay down the boundaries from time to time and know when to slow down, and so having a lot of energy is a requirement here.

The Aries Man’s Sexuality

Aries men don’t have an “off” switch. When they want you, you’ll know it, and it’s likely that they’ll want you again and again. These men burn quick and bright, and as soon as you have caught your breath, they want to go again. These men have a powerful and very high sexual drive, and they are extremely passionate in bed. They are warriors, and they love to conquer more than anything else. If you express the tiniest reluctance, the chances are that they will see that as a challenge and will pursue you even harder – and you can make this a bit of a sexy game, staying just out of their reach and allowing them to “disarm” you.

These men may be a touch selfish when it comes to the bedroom and needs to be taught how to make sure you are also satisfied. Too often, they become very absorbed in their own pleasure and forget that there is someone else who also needs to be attended to – their sexual self-absorption isn’t malicious, it’s just as if they have innocently forgotten. They don’t mind instructions, as long as its delivered in a way that doesn’t damage their sometimes sensitive egos. They want to do well and be the very best, and the chances are that they will become the best you have ever had, with a bit of time and patience. Commanding them won’t work, but cajoling gently will.

These men are also extremely visual, and so they will lap up a sexy outfit, especially if it’s their favorite color – red. Aries men have very hot blood and they are incredibly passionate as lovers. Be prepared for an adventurous sex life – these men get bored easily and will want to take all kinds of sexual risks. Nothing is ever to exciting for these firebrands.

Dating an Aries Man

Dating will never be boring with your Aries man. He loves variety and seeks excitement, and so your dates are bound to be interesting. He can be very idealistic when it comes to love, and so the “honeymoon phase’ of your relationship is bound to be unforgettable. This man will place you on a pedestal and woo you harder than anyone you have ever met. They will be at your door, sometimes late, armed with flowers and a charming smile. He won’t take no for an answer and will whisk you away to the loveliest places in an effort to win your heart. Aries men tend to pull out ALL the stops to show you that you have picked the very best person in the world to date.

This man also likes music, partying and fun, so may enjoy dates where you are both together out dancing, drinking and letting your hair down. He’ll expect you to be independent and not cling to him too much, but not veer so far away that he can’t grab you and dance around.

The Aries man loves someone who is up for an adventure. Booking a tandem skydive or a random roundtrip out of the blue will make these men weak at the knees. They are not interested in the usual, romantic dinner and roses – they want to do something that exhilarates them. Outdoor Dates are the absolute best for these men, however, and they will absolutely love doing challenging activities such as mountain climbing biking, surfing and so on. They love a bit of friendly competition, and together you will make unforgettable memories, pushing each other to do all kinds of crazy things. Booking a weekend away where you can simultaneously spend time being active outdoors as well as indoors will be a total winner.

Spoiling an Aries Man

Gift wise, these men enjoy anything that cuts time – whether it is a gadget or a piece of technology, if it makes their lives more efficient, they will be happiest. Any kind of sporting gear or motorbike accessories (as they probably drive one, or will one day) is received with utmost glee.

The Aries Man’s Career and Finances

Aries men are usually incredibly successful unless there are other, very serious factors at play. Aries men are leaders, pioneers and unafraid to take risks, which usually creates huge successes as well as huge failures in life. No matter, they always start over again, dusting themselves off after a brief period of beating themselves up.

The Aries man will likely spend a huge amount of time at work, and they may at times make you feel very neglected, so learning how to fend for yourself will be important. They take pride in bringing home the bacon, and they quite enjoy the more traditional model of the male providing and the female nurturing. Additionally, they work extremely hard, and at times, they need someone to remind them that there is life outside of work. Aries men love a challenge and if their jobs are boring, they will lose steam and become quite despondent. This reminds them to find stimulation in their work will be important to these types.

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