Psychic Predictions For The 2021 Crypto Markets

The crypto markets can be volatile and unpredictable and trying to figure out what to buy and when can be a challenge.  But can a psychic help you to cut through some of the chaff so that you can find the gold?

It’s possible.

Perhaps you could even consult a Financial Tarot master to get an idea of what the financial year hols for you.

Our Psychic Predictions for the Cryptocurrency Marketcap is of hitting $1 Trillion USD!

And so, we set out to find out what predictions a psychic will make about the 2019 crypto markets and here’s what we learned.  

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The Crypto Market In General

There’s a lot of chaos in the cryptocurrency market at the moment, and you might think that this is normal but it’s more chaotic than usual. There are a lot of underlying factors and big market changing decisions being made behind the scenes that can influence the price of some cryptocurrencies. This means that the risks are higher in some situations, but the opportunities are rife.  

But you must be disciplined and pay attention to what you are buying.

You just need to practice diligence when researching. Find reliable sources of information and check their facts and history because there are some advisors out there who are deliberately deceptive.  It’s also useful to work on developing your intuition.

Don’t be somebody who disappears when the currencies go down.  If you do you will miss the opportunity.  However, you must make sure that you have a strategy and stick to it. If you are going to get out at 20% make sure you do. 

The Recession

A recession will occur in the near future (it’s already beginning, but it might not reach the headlines in 2019).  This recession is insidious because won’t seem to be as dramatic as we have seen in past recessions. The climate will gradually change, and most of us will just adjust gradually too.  

Which means that you’ll see a steady drop in confidence in the banks and then people casually migrating over to cryptocurrency. And it’s this influence along with the ‘behind the scenes decisions’ that will drive more people to the crypto market than ever before.  

Which means that if you are concerned that the crypto market has reached its plateau, you are too premature there is still huge potential.

Bitcoin Psychic Predictions – To hit $7300 USD in 2019

Bitcoin is a safe bet.  Especially with so many newcomers moving into the marketplace who are aware of Bitcoin’s profit and fame.  Ensuring that it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

Experts predict a 200% growth in the next 24 months. But we have a sneaky suspicion that it’s going to grow faster. There is a lot of profit to be made with Bitcoin this year. 

Something will create sudden movement, but we cannot see what.  

As for the percentage, we cannot see whether that will increase, but we doubt you’ll have to wait two years for a 200% increase.  Anticipate prices to rise from £4025 to £8050.

Ethereum Psychic Predictions – To hit $372 USD in 2019

Ethereum is one of the currencies that is known to be particularly volatile and rightly so.  It will continue to be volatile throughout 2019.

Why? Well behind the scenes it seems as though something is pending and at this moment in time whether what is pending is actioned is uncertain.  Ethereum has the capacity to wait it out though and can sustain this ‘wait’ throughout 2019 although it’s unclear if it can beyond 2019 if things start to move with this pending situation that’s when profits can be made.

It’s also worth noting that pessimistic predictions can always be worth a punt.  

We wouldn’t put all of our money into Ethereum in 2019, but we’d keep some there, there is a possibility that you’ll reap better rewards than you imagined, but you’ll have to wait for some time to see the outcome.  

Predictions we’ve seen of a 4000% increase within two years are uncertain, and you should factor for less (and enjoy the rewards if it surprises you).  We anticipate prices to build up to $1790 before 2019 is out.  Providing decisions that are pending are made.

Ripple Psychic Predictions – To hit $0,62 USD in 2019

Ripple is a great option for long term investing in 2019 although it’s going to be a slow mover.  

Experts expect an increase of up to 380% over the next couple of years and this outlook appears to be realistic and likely to occur reaching prices heading toward $0.66 towards the end of 2019.  

It has very steady and slow energy but it’s moving in the right direction even though you might see some highs and lows – they are nothing to worry about over time.


EOS is likely to become the number one currency system for enterprise applications.  Which means it’s a good bet. But this currency could cause the demise of ETH. If you start to see Twitter, or Facebook begin to decentralise of which there are signs, that’s when one will rise (EOS), and one will fall (ETH).

EOS might have its issues, but it is definitely a wildcard and worth exploring in 2019. The price prediction for EOS is of $9,27 USD.

NEO Psychic Predictions – To hit $105 USD in 2019

Neo is another cryptocurrency that will continue to thrive.  Its technology is inspiring the Chinese government because it has the potential to become a sustainable public infrastructure.  This is providing the confidence and buoyancy of NEO.

It seems as though Neo is indeed being carefully considered and while we are not sure how,  may have already been tested for its potential in the infrastructure mentioned above. 

Anticipated prices will potentially be in the $105 realms by the end of 2019 which is a significant increase from todays price of $12

Litecoin Psychic Predictions – To hit $117 USD in 2019

Litecoin’s superior technology will ensure that they continue to make Bitcoin shake in its boots because they can do more technology wise than Bitcoin can do.  Litecoin’s price could double in the months that lead to 2020 rising from £67 to £130. But we are not feeling any energy from this currency. It seems as though something is hidden which means that you should proceed with caution.  This currency could give you higher than speculated returns, but it could also return losses that were not anticipated. It’s not as steady as it seems at least not at the time of this reading.

Crypto Markets predictions - psychic - QashQash Psychic Predictions – To hit $2,28 USD in 2019

Qash will continue to become a convenient platform for some investors and because of this quality it’s price can grow significantly!  Think of numbers between from $1.5-$6. There’s a lot of vibrancy in Qash, and we would be confident that these figures are achievable.


tZero Psychic Predictions – To hit $13,63 USD in 2019

tZero might be a currency that you haven’t heard about, but it will start to make its presence known in 2019.  The chances are that this currency could bring you some serious profit by the end of 2019


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