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If what you’ve heard so far is enough for you to see that contacting an online psychic is the secret weapon that you need in your life, check out the following psychics.

Before you call one of these psychics, however, make sure that you have enough time to sit down and enjoy a quality reading.  You can expect a good one to last at least twenty minutes. This gives you ample time to connect well with your online psychic and to ask any questions you might have at the end of your session.  

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Still not sure?

Keep reading on to discover the ins and outs of readings, psychic sites, how to pick a good online psychic and even where to find free readings.

What is a Psychic Reading?

Have you ever wondered what a psychic reading is? Even been tempted to use a free trial only to feel a little concerned about what’s involved and if it’s safe? Perhaps you don’t know where to find an online psychic or even how to find the real ones and avoid the fake ones?

Well, you need look no further.

Forget the mysticism and mystery that surrounds them; that’s just an old-fashioned marketing trick used by many mystics over time to entice the ‘brave’ into exploring more about their life through having a reading.

It was a strategy that seemed to work.

However, we are much smarter these days; we no longer feel inspired by the mysticism and the magic. We usually want to know if a reading is safe, or real, what they are, and if they are going to help. So, that is precisely what we are about to address.

A Natural Sixth Sense

Psychic ability is a natural sixth sense that we all can develop, it’s just that not all of us choose to do so. You can compare a psychic reading to an artist. Everybody has the ability to learn to draw. Some do so naturally while others have to teach themselves and practice frequently. Others just don’t try or are not interested. Psychic ability is pretty much the same.

Some online psychics will be naturals, while other readings will be conducted by a psychic who has learned the skill.

A psychic will use this sixth sense to tap into and read your energy during your reading. In doing so, they often see what problems you are experiencing and what action you can take to fix the problems.

It is this energy that we carry with us all of the time that is read by a psychic, and it’s this same energy that we also use when we read other people around us. For example, if you’ve ever said that you are not sure about a person, or found that you really like a person, it’s their energy you are reading psychically.

It is this same sixth sense that a psychic reader uses, whether they are using it online, over the phone, or in person. Whichever way they read you, as you can see from your own experiences, is natural and safe. It’s just that psychics can see more than an individual who has not developed their psychic ability.

What Can an Online Psychic Do For You?

A psychic consultation can:

  • Highlight what other people involved in any of your circumstances might be thinking at any moment in time.
  • Inform you of likely decisions that are about to be made and how they might affect you.
  • Show you what you need versus what you have or desire.
  • Quickly break through some of the challenges you have in your life.
  • Show you what you need to know to ring the changes you need in your life.
  • People have reported that psychic readings have done more to change their life for the better than years of therapy has ever accomplished.

What Types of Readings Are There?

Are Online Psychics As Effective As Real-Life Psychics?

Online psychics are definitely real and they are definitely just as effective as real-life psychics.

The good thing about online psychics is that they often work for psychic sites which means that the reputable psychic sites often remove any of the problems you might anticipate or the pressure and discomfort that you may experience in a real-life reading. Online readings are also an excellent option if you are shy, or not used to opening up about yourself to someone.  

How Should You Choose a Psychic Website?

Watch Out For Poor Psychic Sites

Of course, just like in any other industry, there are undesirable psychic sites, which do not have such high standards as those that we recommend here and there are fake online psychics too.  

Fortunately, though, reputable companies take care of the problem that fake online psychics present and we’ve taken care of the hassle of finding renowned psychic sites for you.  

Choose A Site That Protects Their Customers

In other words, they screen their online psychics to protect you with high-quality guarantees. They do this by monitoring them, and also by giving you free psychic readings either as a taster – so that you can find the right psychic for you – or as part of a promotional offer.

Keep on reading to find out more about how to find the best online psychics, how to find free psychics and how to take advantage of free readings.

Choose the Right Psychic for Your Needs

With so many online psychics out there to choose from, where do you start? How can you find one who is trustworthy and will cater to your needs? Well, that depends what you’re looking for. There are psychics that specialize in love, others in pet communication and others in lost items. And then there are the healing psychics, who leverage techniques such as chakra healing and reiki.

Don’t Trust Psychics Who Claim They Can “do it all”

Personally, we DON’T like psychics who claim to do everything. We prefer real psychics who have honed their skills in a certain area.

Go by Reviews and Word of Mouth

When it comes to choosing an online psychic, we recommend going by reviews. The best online psychics are often found on reputable psychic sites such as Keen, Kasamba and Psychic Source. These sites are all consistently credible, screen their experts, offer great guarantees and provide an authentic feedback system. Using this system, feedback is only provided by those who have received a reading from the psychic in question. The following psychics are all available on these reputable websites.

The Best Psychics for 2019

Hope Raines

Hope is one top-notch online psychic that you don’t want to miss.  

She works hard to ensure that you receive accurate, clear messages, and to listen so that she can help you feel the love, light, and protection that your spirit guides and angels are sending to you.  Hope acts as the bridge that connects you to your ‘fan club on the other side’. She’s also psychic and a Reiki healer.

Her skills clearly demonstrate that her passion lies in helping people to the best of her ability and she sure has this ability.  

Hope is a love psychic, known for helping women with relationship problems and with concerns about partner cheating. She also offers advice surrounding pregnancy and fertility. Hope is US-based, and is a veteran of over 3,000 psychic readings. She’s rated 4.9 and is praised for her empathy.

Check out this top rated online psychic now and find the peace, comfort and advice that you need.  

Mami Olofunke

Fancy a reading with a high priestess?  Well, you are in luck because we have one right here for you.

Mami is a shrine keeper and a keeper of sacred knowledge. She has been a High Priestess for twenty years (only ten years less than her experience as a psychic reader).  

While Mami might be a controversial choice given her background in the dark arts, she’s known for a no-nonsense attitude and brutal honesty regarding love. She is well-versed in African black magic, witchcraft, and even voodoo.

You can expect an alternative take on life from Mami; one that’s infused with ancient and sacred knowledge and techniques.  She knows what she needs to do to help you and she can certainly assist!

Check out Mami for a very different kind of reading that will be sure to bring you some profound results…for the good, of course.



Kimberle has over 28 years of experience in all aspects of psychic ability, including mediumship.  The fabulous thing about Kimberle is that she heals remotely as soon as you connect on the phone. This means that energy will shift as you speak, which is quite a skill!  

Kimberle claims to connect with your spirit guides and gives you sincere advice about whatever situation is occurring in your life. Kimberle provides a multi-faceted reading that will provide more bang for your buck and this is why she makes it to the list of the best American psychics. Plus, at the time of writing, she’s reading for only $1 per minute!


Ellen Hartwell

Ellen Hartwell’s multi-skilled abilities and down to earth approach to readings make her one to watch.  She quickly picks up on the heart of a situation, delivering frank, yet kind messages back to you.

She’s not one to appease you if what you want is not for your highest good, but she will make sure that your reading ends with you knowing exactly what’s what and with the focus, courage, and strength to move forward in your life.  

Ellen’s accuracy combined with her warm approach has rapidly propelled her to a five-star reader who is well deserved, and we think you’ll agree too.



A psychic from childhood, with an empathetic streak that often confused him growing up. Stephan now has harnessed and honed his abilities and shares his kind soul and energy with his clients on a regular basis, which is why he’s so popular.  

He often has enlightening visions that he shares with his clients and works on a soul level, helping you to find and retain your destiny.  We suspect you are going to love him.


Alycia Rose

High rated, award-winning radio and tv psychic Alycia Rose is one psychic that you can’t afford to miss. She’s a professional and multi-talented high priestess who can really get to the heart of matters for you.  She even has a fan club! She’s clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant; she can remote view and read the tarot too.

This makes Alycia a good all-rounder, who can probably help with all kinds of issues and questions.  She’s very approachable to boot.


Psychic Patrick

Patrick is a world-renowned Shaman, Psychic and Healer. His no-mess approach to readings is backed up by years of experience (over 25) and his toolkit of psychic skills that undoubtedly ensures that your reading will be spot-on.  

Patrick’s energy is intense; it even radiates from my screen as I am writing about him! This energy is sure to make him a psychic and healer who can cut through a lot of stuck energy and reach right into the heart of any matter.

Patrick’s spiritual repertoire is incredible and serves to demonstrate his commitment to spiritual matters – he’s even taken a two-year vow of poverty and lived as a hermit in the jungle.  Now that is commitment for you.


Where Can I Get an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading?

The best free readings can be often be found online.  It is also easier to find your psychic online since the chances of finding a free reading near you will be extremely limited by comparison to the endless opportunities for those which you can find online.  Here are the top sites where you can get an absolutely free one near you!

1. Psychic Source:  $1/Min + 3 Min Free 

Psychic Source is a reputable online psychic website with a clean looking interface, however, that’s not the best feature here.  

One of the best things about Psychic Source is their guarantee.  

They are so confident in their psychic readers’ abilities, that you’ll be delighted they offer a money back guarantee.  If you pay for a reading, and you are not happy with it, they will refund your money!

Now that’s confidence for you.

But that’s not all; they frequently offer low-cost readings to highlight some of their best specialists and promote their newest.  

Of course, you get all of the other standard features here too; favorite buttons, and telephone and video* readings are all available here. Plus your readers include the details of their schedule on their profile so that you can see when they are available next.  

  • Readings as low as $1/min!
  • Love, Mediums, Pet and Spanish Psychics
  • Video Chat, Phone and Text Chat

2. Keen – 3 Minutes Free 

Keen has been one of the most popular psychic sites around. The psychics there have been consistently delivering fantastic readings since 1999!  

Their platform is up to the minute, with all of the bells and whistles (text chat, email readings and telephone readings) as well as an excellent search feature which helps you to find your favorite readers or search for a specific skill.

The beauty of Keen is that they are so well-known and so busy that they are a honeypot for some of the best psychics around.  

  • 3 Free Mins (with Credit Card)
  • 1,000+ Accurate Love Psychics, Tarot Readers, and Mediums
  • Money Back Guarantee!

Keen is currently offering 3 free minutes free and they have a satisfaction guarantee to make sure that you are always happy with their services.  You just have to submit your card details, but you won’t be charged anything till your 3 minutes are over.

3. Kasamba – 3 Minutes Free + 50% discount

One of our favorite features on Kasamba is the diversity of the skills that their readers have combined with their fantastic search feature which allows you to find the rarest psychic skill easily and effortlessly.  

Of course, Kasamba also boasts an incredible variety of expert readers, all of whom have been verified, and are highly rated by their clients.  Favorite buttons and talk features are all available here too.

Kasamba also offers 3 free minutes on all calls to new readers and a money back guarantee. So, this is why Kasamba is one of the most highly-rated psychic sites available. 


4. Oranum – $9.99 FREE credits for your first reading

Oranum is quite a niche site; it seems to encourage a social environment where you can view and chat with your readers before you decide to hire them for a reading. To clarify, when we say view, we don’t mean look at their photo, no, we mean that you can watch them in real time through their webcam.  

You can observe the readers’ mannerisms and ask them questions about how they can help you before you even have a reading – although please be aware that they won’t answer personal reading related questions freely. 

Oranum also offers fan clubs where you receive additional benefits. They give new readers 9.99 in credits right from the outset; all you need to do is enter your details and you can enjoy a free reading right away.  

5. Life Reader – 4 Minutes FREE Reading + 50% off

The clean interface that the Life Reader platform offers might not be the first thing you consider when looking for a psychic, but it sure helps alleviate stress. What is more, it creates a calming browsing experience which puts you in the perfect state to enjoy the best kind of psychic reading.

It’s easy to search and sort through Life Reader’s psychics; the profiles are clear and they even have a ‘favorite button’ as well as showing the zodiac sign of a reader, which can make all the difference. The photography is consistent throughout, eliminating decision fatigue and helping you pick out your perfect reader.  

As with all of the psychic sites we recommend, each psychic has been verified on more than one occasion to test for their ability, reading style, ethics, and professionalism.  It’s not as easy to become a reader on any professional site as some might think – you need to have the skills required.

So, you will already know, without question, that every reader on Life Reader is verified. All you need to do now is choose the one for you which is not such an easy task since all of Life Reader’s psychics tend to be very experienced and committed to their work.  

One of the best features of Life Reader right now (aside from the above) is that you can get a free reading and then 50% off afterward!

Choose a Reputable Site when Getting a Free Reading

We recommend you pick from a reputable site such as the ones we presented above. Here’s why:

  • Some sites offering free readings will spam you for years to come 

Some free psychic readings are offered by ‘free psychics’ in a seemingly generous deal, but the truth is that you are likely to be spammed for the rest of eternity. What is more, your emotions are played on through the magic of excellent copywriting which will cause you to purchase a paid reading in the future at a high cost.  

We advise you to steer away from these types of free readings.

  • A lot of the free reading offers out there are provided by the most inexperienced psychics

Some new psychics or those who are not experienced in providing professional readings might promote their services as a free psychic, or provide mini, free psychic readings.  This is done so that they can tempt you to essentially try before you buy.

These people can be a good source of free readings, for sure. However, you don’t know how skilled the psychic reader is likely to be which means that you have no guarantee that the reading is even remotely accurate.  Let’s face it, an inaccurate reading is pretty useless when you think about it!

There’s also a serious and high risk in participating in this kind of free reading because you could consciously or unconsciously believe what you are told. In turn, this could cause you to make the wrong decisions in life or wait around for the wrong guy.  Trust us; it’s not worth the risk.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to only go for a free psychic if they have genuine, positive reviews and are coming from a reputable website.

You can find some examples of such sites below. 

How to Get a Completely Free Psychic Reading : Tutorial

Step 1: Sign Up To Kasamba

  1. Go to Kasamba.
  2. Click ‘Register’
  3. Enter your name, email address and preferred user name.

Step 2:  Choose Your Preferred Psychic

  1. Browse the online psychics and pick out one that you like the look of.  Also decide whether you want to call, chat or email them.
  2. Click your preferred option, then enter your payment details.

Any free minutes will be allocated to your account and used up first before you start to pay for your reading.

Note: Chat means that you’ll message each other through the site’s live psychic chat service and won’t speak on the phone. But you’ll pay for the time typing. You are billed for the time the psychic spends messaging you.  

Call means that you’ll speak to your psychic on the telephone, so you’ll need to have a phone line in a quiet location to take the call.  

Email means that you’ll receive an email from the online psychic; you’ll usually send your question first and have to wait for their response.  You’ll pay a set fee for one email.

Step 3: Enter Your Card Details


A screen will pop up to allow you to enter your card details securely.  For extra protection, on most reputable psychic sites, you can use Paypal.  

All of the usual payment options are also available.

Complete the information requested.  

When your card has been authorized, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to connect with your chosen psychic.  

Note: No money will be taken from your account until you connect with a psychic, although on some other psychic sites such as Keen they ask you to deposit an amount of your choice into your account. When you’ve used up your deposited funds, they will ask you if you want to add more, so you don’t have to end your call with your online psychic if you are in the middle of some juicy information!

Step 4: Wait For Your Psychic to Contact You

If you are choosing to call an online psychic, enter a phone number they can contact you on and then Click ‘connect with your psychic’ and they’ll call you back.  

If you want to chat, click the link and the psychic will start chatting.

You’ll be charged per minute after you’ve used up your free minutes, and are usually prompted when you have spent twenty minutes on the phone.  

You can also set limits in your account settings to avoid overspending.  

It really is that simple!

So, if you want to get some answers now, just click here and get started! You are only a few minutes away from taking control of your life.

Is there a Difference Between a Paid Reading and a Free Reading? 

Free psychic readings are no different to paid ones if the psychic is accurate. A free psychic offer is just a way to recruit new customers to the psychic site.

If a psychic is genuine, their reading will be accurate, even if they don’t charge for it. Free psychics usually have a day job, and they may even use their psychic powers as part of that job, but they want to share their gift, so you can trust your free future reading. Often a free psychic will tell you that they know that they mustn’t charge for readings. This knowing is, of course, their ESP guiding them in the right direction for their life path.

Be Wary of Bogus Psychics Offering Free Readings!

The one danger of free psychics is that there are scammers who have no psychic powers or abilities and make up some fake reading for you that has a hook attached. The hook will go along the lines of they see something really bad, but they have the solution to get rid of it. They rely on your fear rather than any psychic abilities. The solution always comes at a price, and it can range from a potion to a talisman to a spell that they have to cast for you. Mostly a fake free psychic will tell you that you have to come back for another free future reading (again and again) so that they can check to see that the evil is gone. Obviously, it’s not gone the next time you have a reading, and they then sell you something else.

Any psychic, free or paid, who tells you that there are evil shadows in your reading that they can get rid of is a scammer. Thank them, end the reading and move on as if you never met them.

Where Can I Find Free Psychic Chat Rooms?

  • Facebook Groups

A great free resource for a psychic chat room is a Facebook group dedicated to psychic chat.  This is a place where you’ll meet other like-minded people and even get to enjoy free readings from people who are learning. You could even practice your own skills. 

Caution must be applied when having a reading from somebody who is learning though because they won’t be verified and may not have the experience of managing their protection, or in how they deliver or translate messages.  Don’t hang onto the messages received here; use them as food for thought and make sure you protect yourself too.

Oranum is one of the most well-known and professional free psychic chat rooms available.  It focuses on creating a ‘world class’ chat room environment. They also have a number of fortune tellers and mediums.

You can enjoy group chats with your favorite psychic, either in general or through their fan pages, and you have the facility to speak privately with your favorite psychic.  

All users can also video chat and watch their favorite psychic in action without chatting. Do this via video or through the chat facility.

At the time of writing Oranum is offering $9.99 worth of free chat and a full paid psychic chat reading costs $27.  

  • Sites That Provide Free Online Psychic Chat Room Offers

The following sites, all offer free chat room minutes on a one-to-one basis with a top psychic. These are the sites where you’ll have to register your details and any time spent over your free minutes will be chargeable. Aside from Oranum, these are the best places to get the best quality reading from expert psychics.  

Note: These offers are for new registrations to the sites.  

  • Oranum – 10 Minutes’ Free Chat
  • Life Reader – 4 Minutes’ Free Chat  + 50% off your first paid reading.
  • Kasamba – 3 Minutes’ Free Chat

You can also get the following deals which are not free but still an excellent deal.

Keen – 10 Minutes’ chat for $1.99

Psychic Source – Chat for as little as $1 per minute (up to 90% discount). 

What is the Difference Between A Free Psychic Chat Room and a Paid Psychic Chat Room?

Live psychic chat is a great way to ask your online psychic questions without having to physically talk to them on the telephone. However, understanding the difference between live free psychic chat and paid psychic chat can be confusing.

So, what’s the difference?

Free Psychic Chat

Free live psychic chat is an option to enter a psychic chat room and chat with the psychic through the psychic sites messenger service.  However, there will be other people in the room chatting too (or there could be during busy times), and the conversation will be general.  

The online psychic won’t answer any of your personal online psychic questions.  Instead, they might answer questions such as ‘how do you connect with people’, ‘what’s important to you about how you read’ and they might even move onto more metaphysical and spiritual topics, depending on how the conversation goes.  

Paid Psychic Chat

If you want to book a paid psychic chat reading, then you will connect with your chosen online psychic privately, and they will provide you with your own, private reading.  This is where the psychic will answer your private questions and focus only on you and your life experiences.

How Should I Prepare Myself for A Psychic Reading?

When you are enjoying your psychic reading, there are some things that you can do to enhance the experience.  Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are speaking to your specialist.

Don’t Stress About It Too Much

Our best advice is not to worry about your reading too much. Most psychics have heard it all because most people are experiencing the same challenges as you.  You are not alone, and online psychics are experienced in handling all kinds of problems.

Find Somewhere Quiet

You need to find a quiet space to sit while you enjoy your reading.  If you have your children running around, for example, they will not only distract you, but they will also weaken the connection between you and your online psychic.

Take Responsibility for Your Part in the Reading

Remember to be open, and to acknowledge when the psychic is on the right track but do not, however, give too much away during your reading.

The online psychic only needs to know that you understand or can relate to what you are saying.  

If you can’t understand what they are saying, tell them so and they’ll try to find another way to explain it so you can understand. 

A psychic is reading your energy after all, and if you stay closed, they can’t get in, no matter how good they are.

Prepare Your Questions in Advance

To make the most out of your reading, take some time to think about what you want to ask and what’s important for you to find out. Then jot your questions down so that you can ask your online psychic about them during your reading.

Also, remember to keep a pen and paper handy to take notes that you can look back at.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to identify a reputable psychic reader

Free or paid, the best way to make sure that an online psychic is legit and accurate is to go by word of mouth and reviews. Online reading sites take care of that for you. All their readers’ past clients can leave reviews and comments, but if you hear someone say “you really must speak to this psychic!” believe them; why would you not?

Most people think very carefully before they have an online reading, and whether the comments they leave are real. It’s the same with word of mouth. People won’t lie about something they take personally.

You should also make sure you choose an online psychic reader who offers readings in the area where you are looking for answers. If you choose without caution, you could end up feeling disappointed.

What will an Online Psychic tell me?

A psychic can answer any and all types of questions as long as you ask them with honesty. You can even ask an online psychic to interpret your dreams. If you lie to a psychic to try to catch them out or for any other reason, they could tell you straight out that you are lying, or become confused if Spirit becomes involved. As long as you are being honest within the limits of your awareness, a psychic can answer whatever questions you have.

There are times when Spirit doesn’t answer your questions, and then there is nothing a psychic can do about it. So why won’t Spirit answer questions? There could be a number of reasons for this, such as:

  • You’re not in a place on your life path where you are ready for the answers
  • You’re trying to access information that is too far in the future
  • You’re trying to access information about someone else that has nothing to do with you
  • You’re spiritually lost or broken and must first heal and find your way again
  • You’re lying, and Spirit knows, but the psychic hasn’t picked it up

In these cases, the psychic will tell you that they aren’t getting any information. If that happens, just accept it and move on. Life is best lived one step at a time. Maybe you’ll get the answers by chance in life, or in another psychic reading further along the line.

Many paid and free psychics use divination tools to enhance their perception and improve their readings. There are masses of esoteric divination tools that psychics can use, including crystals, tarot cards, palmistry and reading tea leaves. So, don’t be surprised if you find any of these popping up in your paid or free future readings.

There are many advantages of using an online psychic over a live, brick and mortar psychic. Online psychics are a lot cheaper and don’t require a minimum 30-minute booking. They also tend to be more skilled in modern, new age spirituality such as reiki and chakra healing. Offline psychics tend to be archaic clairvoyants and fortune tellers.

How can I Guarantee an Accurate Psychic Reading?

It’s best to go by word of mouth and reviews given by clients on online psychic sites are the best way to go. Online readers are screened before they are approved to join a site, so you know that you’re not linking up with a scammer.

Each reader has a comprehensive online profile, and all ratings and reviews are there for you to see. A psychic’s profile also details their area of specialization so that you can choose a psychic who will best be able to answer your personal questions and guide you.

Definitely go the online route!

Take a look at our partner site Kasamba

Zoran Kasamba psychic readingWe’ve featured Zoran – a top rated psychic who has over 13 years of experience and has guided more than 6,000 couples to their destiny via Kasamba. Zoran specializes in love and relationships, spirituality and religion, and is also a Tarot reader. Zoran boasts his own native Yugoslavian manner and has helped all kinds of people with his honesty and empathy.


Read what three of Zoran’s clients had to say about this top-rated psychic reader:

Sincere and detailed. That makes me feel understood. Thank you – KAY

I have been a client of Zoran’s for quite a while now and I find him to be extremely accurate, very fast to connect, honest, understanding, caring, incredibly gifted and I always know without a doubt that Zoran has my best interests at heart…no question… This is one lovely guy, a first rate reader and huge support when needed.  – SUE

Best reader on here. – USER_9UEYIF

Are completely free and paid readings the same?

Yes, but …

Because free psychics usually have day jobs and other commitments, their time is usually limited, and your reading won’t be as in-depth as a paid reading. Often you will get a free future reading while the psychic is going about their daily routines, so they can only put aside a short amount of time for you.

Many free psychics will only read for you if Spirit tells them to, so readings are often spontaneous and on the spot. That doesn’t mean that your free future reading isn’t accurate, it will just probably not be as in-depth as a paid reading would be.

If you have had a free future reading and you want to know more, why not get online and ask an online psychic to give you more info. Remember, the information you get in your reading comes from Spirit and your aura, so an online psychic can tap in and tell you more.

How much does an accurate reading cost?

There’s no set rate for online readings, and prices vary from one site to another. You can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

If you sign up with AskNow, you pay only $1 per minute, PLUS you get the first 5 minutes of your reading FREE!

This IS the REAL DEAL!

Most sites want you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading opportunity. Once you connect with a psychic reader, you are charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

Payment by credit card is the most popular way to top up your account, and all reputable psychic sites have a secure payment gateway, so you are assured that your credit card details are secure.

What Questions Should I Ask in my 1st Reading?

Now that we’ve discussed what to expect from a session it makes sense to look at how you can make the most of your free reading.

Here’s how you could really enjoy your reading and make the most out of interpreting the limited answers.  

  1. Think about your question and write it down before you ask.  
  2. Write down the answers you’d like to hear as well as those you wouldn’t like to hear before you ask your question (so that you can remind yourself later if you decide to dismiss something because you didn’t want to hear it).
  3. Make sure you’ve got a notepad handy to make notes of the answers you receive or the message on the card.
  4. Write down your immediate reactions to the response including the ideas it creates, what you think it means, how you feel, and what others would say it means.
  5. Read through your notes and ask yourself what you are denying about the answer (just in case you’ve missed something).
  6. Write down possible interpretations of the message that those around you, who you trust would make (or if your question isn’t private, ask them to interpret the message in answer to your question.)
  7. Finally, look through your notes and see what stands out from the notes you’ve made as being the true meaning of your session. 

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Kasamba’s Stephan is super great! His empathy and energy levels are uniquely on another level. I have worked with him more than any other psychic reader, and I have never been disappointed for a second!

Tata Boris
Tata Boris

I have spoken to Mami Olofu and I can boldly say she’s very skilled in her craft. I have read few awesome reviews about Hope Raines too. I hope to check her services out soon. Thank you for this awesome info!

Marta Johnson
Marta Johnson

Great information! I am surprised not so many people here have experienced taking a reading with Hope Raines. I have used her services few times, and I experienced nothing short of 5 star experiences. She’s not just always on point with her readings, but always very empathetic. Highly recommended!

Elena Smith
Elena Smith

I have spoken to 3 different psychics at Psychic Source and my favourite was Kristine x8223. She was spot on about my relationship with my ex and how I need to find someone else and get over him. I use her every now and then and she always gives me good advice.

Abel Sanchez
Abel Sanchez

Just tried the free psychic reading from Mami Olafunke with the 9.99 credits at Oranum. I have to say it was okay, albeit somewhat vague and generic and she didn’t give me accurate time frames. It was worth paying the $1 per minute at psychic source to get a more legit reading.

Hike Daniels
Hike Daniels

Perfect advice. I had my free psychic reading with Mami Olafunke and I ain’t disappointed. She gave me the perfect advice on my relationship and I’m now living peacefully with my girl. I recommend her. Just the advice I needed!

Tony Duke
Tony Duke

The perfect reading one can get. Good work guys

Jenas Jenkins
Jenas Jenkins

Amazing! What a concise and explicit reading. The best I’ve ever had. Glad I took this

Jenas Jenkins
Jenas Jenkins

Self explanatory and a confidence booster. Mami is just the best! I’m so happy

Kuyt Dan
Kuyt Dan

This is the best reading I’ve ever hard. I’ve got my confidence back and I’m never gonna loose it again. Thank you Psychic!

James Jordan
James Jordan

Hopes Raines is just excellent. She gave me one of the best advise ever and now my relationship is back on track.


Thanks for this quality info. I didn’t really believe in psychic readings before now but I think you’ve successfully convinced me to reconsider that. I would be relying on your tips to get quality readings about my career and hopefully I can be lucky enough to get a free one for a start! Thank you once again!


Although I haven’t used many of the listed websites before, but I can boldy say everything said of Psychic Source is 100% right. Ive had nothing but awesome experiences each time I’ve made use of the website. A beautiful interface, the special money back feature and the superb readers, make the platform one of the best psychic reading websites I’ve ever come across online. I also like the fact that every user is accommodated in the price listings through the frequent offering of low cost readings to highlight some of their best readers and promote their new readers. My fav… Read more »


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my husband, dear Hope. I thought we would never be able to find a way out, but thanks to your guide, we went through all the issues together and now, we are enjoying our second honey moon!


Solid advice. I booked my free psychic reading with Hope Raines from Keen and wasn’t disappointed – she directed me on my abusive relationship. I also tried Mami Olafunke over at Oranum since they offer 9 dollars free credits. She was decent if a little cryptic – hope was better.


I’ve always thought psychic readings were for the lonely and I never thought I’d ever consider one, not at all. But when I was having a series of strange problems at work I decided that I had nothing to loose and bought 30 minutes for $30 at Psychic Source (I needed help and at that point I’d tried everything else!). l did feel confused about what Psychic to use there are so many. But I ended up choosing one of the “staff picks” Crystal and I’m so pleased I did . After 30 minutes on the phone with her my… Read more »


Fantastic site… I just had a fantastic reading, I love be way I get all I need from psychic guild they direct and connect me with the perfect reader for my situation I can’t thank them enough.


thanks for all this useful information, i just wanted to say i just had a psychic reading with your recommended psychic keen and it’s really made me feel so much better about myself, and given me all the answers i was looking for. the reading was surprisingly accurate, my psychic rajit uncovered a lot of information about me that i didnt realise was causing me so much anxiety and pain, and i was shocked at how skilled he was because he was able to detect unusual pieces of information that no one else knows about me. i think this is… Read more »


I’m always sceptical of free psychics and whether they cut the mustard. But I spoke to Hope Raines and Keen and got a very solid love reading, all absolutely free for the first 9 minutes. Opinion changed!


Me too. I’m very sceptical of free. Normally they ask for credit card before they give it to you. Does anyone know where to get free psychic reading without credit card details?


Hi Hilary. I don’t believe any sites give you a free reading without at least signing up with your card on file. My advice would be to use one of the sites above, or even Kasamba. Remember that in addition to 3 mins free they offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your paid reading. 🙂


PsychicSource has a free online tarot card reading – you don’t have to put in any card info to use it either!I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but I thought it was pretty cool! I was surprised how accurate it was! I guess it won’t be nearly as in-depth as a full reading with a psychic, but it could be fun to try out!


Is it really free? If I call by phone can i free reading get? Very happy is trueee


Hi Emma! Yes if you ring up Keen then you can receive your first 3 mins with a psychic advisor for free. Just bear in mind that you will need to add your card details on file and create an account over the phone in order to claim this.

You can also receive 10 mins free credits with Oranum – however they only offer video chat and calls, not direct phone calls.

If you have any more questions, please let us know!


I just wanted to say that the Kasamba offer is one of the best for me. They let you spend 3 mins with an advisor before you choose your best psychic. I chose Spirit Amy and she really helped me with my boyfriend issues. I’d highly recommend Spirit Amy on Kasamba to anyone who needs love help or advice! 🙂 x