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Spell casting is not like a Harry Potter movie. Lights don’t shoot out of your wand and zap the person across from you. Spell casting is very deep and subtle work and requires a lot of preparation, concentration, and focus.

Spells are very powerful tools and can be difficult to reverse once they are set in motion. If you feel you really need to cast a spell, be sure to study up and consult a spells advisor before taking on anything powerful or dangerous.

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Did you know that if not executed properly, a spell can land you in an undesirable, or even worse, dangerous situation? For example, incorrect pronunciation of a spell may have the horrific effect of turning around and landing on you! Indeed – there have been many spell horror stories in the history of time, and if not done with caution or expertise, this could happen to you too. Your spell could also be futile, and all of your efforts go to waste!

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What is Spell Casting?

The practice of spell casting goes back further than Christianity and most of the modern day religions. Rather than being a religion itself, spell casting is a procedure – something you do. There are basic rules and guidelines that have grown out of simple beliefs about the way the elements and the energies in the world work.

But in reality, you can write your own spells and cast them any which way you want. They won’t necessarily work if you aren’t experienced, and some spells are definitely better than others. But whereas Wiccanism is a religion, spell casing is a practice. Something you do to affect something else. Make sense?

How do spells work?

Spells are little rituals or methods of moving energy toward a desired effect. Whether by incantation, enchantment, charging or invocation, magical spells are little bundles of energy that invoke a magical effect.

There are many methods of spell casting. Some spells are cast by speaking written spells aloud, others can be cast by charging or burning candles. There are bath spells, the use of crystals and charms, visualization techniques, etc. There are so many methods out there!

The first step is to prepare your inner self by gathering and focusing your energies. Then the next step is to send that power to your intended purpose. Sounds simple? Well, in a way, it is, but it does get more complicated than that!

Different kinds of spells

Spell casting preparation

♦ Define your intention: There is a lot that goes into preparing to cast a spell. First, you have to define your intention. What is the challenge you are facing? What is the best way to address this problem? Are you limiting yourself to white magick and the principles of Wicca?

In this case, you need to be certain that your spell is not taking away anyone’s free will. A true white witch will only cast spells with love and positive energy. Healing powers and such. Or are you considering walking into the grey?

There is a lot of discussion around what is allowed and what is not, because the Wiccan tradition doesn’t define what is okay and what is not. It simply follows the principles of no harm. But these traditions are also interpreted in different ways by different witches. Everyone must choose for themselves what they are comfortable with and which consequences they are willing to take responsibility for.

Here are some intentions for spells that do not compromise anyone else’s free will, but still allow you to achieve your goals!

  • Bring love to me – just don’t say (or visualize) who!
  • Bring me abundance or wealth
  • Bring me health
  • Bring me the gift of friendship
  • Protect me from negative people and emotions

Spellcasting best practices

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your spell casting:

  • Personal spells or spells cast with permission are the safest bet
  • Specific spells that clearly state what the intention is will be more focused and effective
  • Focused spells should be so refined that you can say what the intention is in a few words
  • Try to cast your spell in a positive way. Instead of binding energy, try to manifest what you want
  • Consider casting a series of spells if your goal is complicated! That way each element will be focused and your magic won’t be too dispersed to be effective!

Finding the perfect spell

You need to note that casting love spells signs that will prove that love magic is working love spells magic involve the use of black witchcraft love

♦ Finding your spell: You can find many free spells online, but just be sure you get them from a reputable website or run it by a spells professional. Once you have found the spell that resonates with you, feel free to make adjustments. If something feels wrong or off, trust your intuition! This is your energy that you are gathering and it needs to be authentic to your heart and soul.

You may even consider writing your own spell. There are many guidelines out there that can help you get started. Make sure the words flow smoothly and you should be able to memorize your spell before you cast it, so that you don’t really need to use notes.

Timing your spell

♦ Timing: Determining the timing of your spell is another important step. If you are planning to cast Wiccan spells, it will be important to consider the phase of the moon and the astrological signs at play. These energies can boost or hamper the power of certain intentions, so it is important that you use them right!

In Wiccan magic, the dark or new moon is a time to plant new seeds. You can literally plant your intention, represented by a crystal or other object, and then watch it grow as the moon waxes. The waning moon into the new moon is also a great time for releasing things that have outgrown their purpose in our lives. Letting go of old hurts or feelings. The full moon on the other hand, is a great time to give your spell a power boost! Whatever you send out there will be amplified!

Additionally, there are certain days of the week that you can also incorporate into your spell casting, though it is not necessary.

Sunday – for personal achievements
Monday – for fertility, pregnancy and feminine moon (moonday) magic
Tuesday – for strength and courage
Wednesday – for Mercury, planet of communication
Thursday – cast spells for prosperity and abundance. Also for healing
Friday – love magick
Saturday – cleansing and banishing

Spells materials and supplies

  • Air – incense
  • Earth – crystals or rocks
  • Fire – candles
  • Water – bowl of water

♦ Ritual Materials and Supplies: Next you will have to gather your ritual materials and supplies. Be sure to do your research. For Wiccan spells, you will need to have items to represent the four elements LINK. Air, Earth, Water and Fire. For these elements, you can use incense to represent air and communication, a crystal to represent earth, a bowl of water and a burning candle for fire.

Some other items may be very specific. Clearly, if you are practicing candle magic you will have to find the right candles and bless or charge them before your ritual. The same goes for crystals. If you are using the energies of amethyst or other elements of crystal magic, you have to be sure that your stones are cleansed and prepared properly for the ritual. Gather everything you will need, from essential oils to sage for purifying the space and salt for casting the circle if you choose to do this. Double check your list! You wouldn’t want to find yourself inside of your circle and suddenly missing a key element!

Be sure to take the time to prepare your space. Your altar should be made fresh and purified if need be. Make sure that you will not have intrusions. It is a good idea to plan the ritual for when nobody else will be home. Be sure to prepare yourself body, mind, and spirit! Do not eat a heavy meal before you begin your ritual. In some instances it is better to fast until after your work is completed. Take a cleansing bath to purify your body, meditate to purify and center your mind, focus your psychic energies toward your intention.

Mind intention connection

♦ State of mind: Your state of mind is very important for your spell casting work. Keep yourself focused throughout the process from preparation to execution. Think of it like a giant energetic snowball. The more and longer you focus your intention on every aspect of the ritual, the more powerful your magic will become. Stay positive and confident. You don’t want to bring worry or anxiety in the energy because it will confuse the energetic flow of the ritual.

During the spell casting, you must achieve a state of relaxed awareness. Allow the gates to your subconscious mind to open, while staying in an awake and conscious state. Don’t think about all of the things you need to do when the kids get home or the bills you forgot to pay. You must be completely present in the moment.

Casting the circle

♦ Casting the circle: Place the four elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water in the four cardinal directions.

Earth: stability and foundations (North)
Air: creativity and Inspiration (East)
Fire: passion and energy (South)
Water: sharing and interactions with others (West)

Then draw the circle with your wand or hand clockwise. You may invoke each element by stating what it represents to you. I sometimes like to walk the circle with incense or sage and cast it with singing or chanting. There is no wrong way – it’s whatever feels right to you!

Once you have cast the circle, you will proceed with casting the spell. But be sure not to step out of your circle until your spell is complete and you have opened the circle again!

After you have completed your spell and grounded, you will reverse the circle to open it. You can say the following as you reach each cardinal direction/element:

“I thank you, bless you and release you. The circle is open but unbroken. So mote it be.”

After the spell is completed, let it be. Just like when you plant a seed into the earth, you give it water and sunshine and let the magic happen. Much in the same way, give your spell space and time to grow. Fretting or worrying about whether it will work or not is just sending negative energy toward your spell and will simply confuse the direction. Your work is done. Let it manifest.

Tips for casting powerful spells

  • Connect deeply to your intent, body mind and soul.
  • State your intention verbally so that you hear it resonate in the room around you. Feel the words spilling off of your tongue. Imagine those words taking life.
  • Use sensory stimulation to help you stay focused on your intent. Do certain smells or textures remind you of your intent. Do they stimulate a connection? Use them during your spellcasting to strengthen your energetic flow.
  • Use visualization techniques. See your intention manifesting. Watch it grow into what you want in your mind.
  • You can also use personal objects to strengthen the connection between yourself and your connection. If you want to send love or healing energy to friend, holding their scarf or a photo of them is a really great way to make an energetic connection!

Raising, directing and releasing the energy

The climax your spell will happen when you have focused your intention and you raise the cone of power. Put your passion and internal strength behind your thoughts and visualizations. Trust that the elements will support you in your magic, whether is is the Goddess you have invoked to help you or the candle burning in front of you. Focus and send your energy to the universe! It should be done calmly and directly with a building crescendo, almost like a heartbeat or drum beat growing faster and faster! Once you have reached the climax, direct it and release it to the stars!

Some people build this crescendo over a few minutes, others may meditate and chant for hours to draw in all of the energy around them. You have to experiment and find what works for you!
Releasing the energy can take many forms. It could be stomping or breaking out in a wild dance. In sex magic, the orgasm would be the release. You can burn or break something, or if you are using a potion you would drink it. Seal the spell formally – you can use the phrase “So mote it be!”

Once you are done releasing, be sure to ground your energy back down. All of this shimmering leftover energy floating around should be sent back into the earth.

kasamba logoIf this all seems like a little much, you can always go to a spells expert to cast the spell for you. They will know which spell is best suited to your desired outcome and they have to experience to make it manifest. You can find trustworthy spells experts at Check out our Kasamba Psychics Review!

Pros of spell casting

  • Make positive changes in your life using your energy and intention
  • Fix bad situations you otherwise wouldn’t be able to affect
  • Help friends and loved ones (with their permission)

Cons of spell casting

  • May not work without help from an experienced spell caster
  • Be careful of unintended consequences
  • Beware the Law of Threefold Return
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Have you had help casting a spell from one of our spellcasters? If so, please comment on your experiences below!