Top 3 Free Spells Sites Online – Find A REAL Spellcaster

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Top 3 Free Spells Sites Online – Find A REAL Spellcaster
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Are you new to witchcraft and spell casting? Are you curious to develop your skills? Well, there are lots of free spells out there if you know where to look!

The first thing any good witch must do is study. We must learn the different kinds of magic, the different moral codes ascribed to some, and we must learn to anticipate the consequences of our actions. Then the next step is gaining experience.

The best way to gain experience is by trying! But be careful! If you have an urgent situation that needs attention, you are better off working with a professional and experienced spell caster. You can find someone trustworthy to cast your spell for you at They even offer the first three minutes free for new customers.

Speak to a Real Spellcaster!

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The color of magic

color spiralThere is an ongoing debate about black magic vs. white magic, or whether magic has a color at all. It all boils down to the consequences of your actions.

Does your spell impact someone negatively? Does it restrict their freedom? Or are someone’s actions so negative that restricting their freedom becomes warranted? Or perhaps you are casting spells that bring positivity and light to a situation.

The moral compass is for any witch to decide for him or herself. And you must know those basics before casting any spells. Otherwise, you may wind up with an unpleasant surprise!

Witchcraft basics

Witchcraft is a practice, not a religion. It is a collection of rituals and techniques that are used to gather energy and direct it toward a certain outcome. Whether by use of candles for candle magick, simulacra like voodoo dolls or talisman, using crystals for energy healing and manipulation, or visualization techniques, witchcraft does not inherently have rules.

It is a technique to achieve certain ends. However, there are different classifications for spells, and the black vs. white distinction can be helpful in understanding what impact your work may have on the world around you. Any experienced witch fully understands the Law of Threefold Return, and takes great care to understand what the repercussions of her spells will be. Some even use divination to foresee the outcome!

White magic

white lilyWhite magic seeks to harm none and is the kind of magic closely associated with Wicca. White magic seeks to use positive energy to manifest positive outcomes, without affecting the free will of any other person or thing. This means that if you wish to bring love into your life, a white magic love spell must not name a particular person.

This is because any magick that would coerce someone into falling in love with you, would be restricting their free will. Instead, one would use white magic spell casting to attract love in its pure form into one’s life. Or, a white witch would ask for consent from the other party in the spell. With a blessing from both of you, the spell could proceed so long as none is being harmed.


green mountainsWhereas white magic is a technique, Wicca is a religion. Wicca is based on the Wiccan Rede which states that “An ye shall harm none” the core definition of white magic, but there are plenty of Wiccans who do not cast spells and practice witchcraft.

Based on worshipping the Goddess and the God, Wicca holds the power of the phases of the moon sacred, along with all of the elements. Wiccans seek the balance between yin and yang. It is a religion of harnessing the power of nature and all that inhabit this world.

Black magic

black treeBlack magic is witchcraft that is used to sow chaos and destruction. It is a negative magic, and the definition is used to differentiate spells that have a negative impact from those that create a positive flow.

Dark magic may be more on the gray side. Some examples include seeking to bind someone or banish them from your life. Or, the spells may be fully destructive. Some examples include the use of black magic for revenge spells, curses or hexes. These seek to intentionally harm someone or something.


broken glassSatanism is one example of a religion that uses black magic. Satanists worship the biblical figure, Satan, and as with Wicca, it is a religion. However, Satanism incorporates black magic into its practice, instead of white magic.

Satanism as a religion also exists independently of black magic. It is the moral code of the religion that determines what kind of magic is acceptable. As with Wicca, Satanists need not be spell casters, but it is the moral code of their religion that informs their work if they are.

Voodoo and folk magic

voodoo carvingVoodoo is an old form of ritual witchcraft that developed during the slave trade. Ancient folk magic, or Shamanic traditions from Africa, merged with Western Christianity. Voodoo gets a bad reputation, however, not all of its spells and practices are considered black magic!

Most do not fall into the white magic category, because of the use of poppets and other simulacra, which do restrict the free will of others. However, many of the spells do not cross over into truly destructive black magic. Voodoo spells and other spells using talismans, or other physical objects that represent another person, place or thing, can be very effective!

The Law of Threefold Return

As you can see it is very important to know what you are getting into before you go dabbling around with witchcraft and magic spells! But for the sake of learning, I will share a few free spells with you, so that you can begin to understand how spell casting works. But be sure to get the advice of a professional before trying these out!

Kinds of spells

Now that you know the difference between the kinds of magic and religion, you can take a look at the different kinds of spells. Each of these categories has a common intention, but the way you define the desired outcome and how you carry it out will determine whether your spell is black, white or grey. And each one will have its own set of consequences. Here are a few:

  • Wiccan Spells: Wiccan spells will invoke the Goddess (and sometimes the Gods) using the power of the lunar phases and the elements. They will typically be white magic spells. Wiccan spells can cover anything from love to prosperity! The difference is that Wiccan spells will always use the law of attraction while being considerate of other people, places, and things. They will follow the central tenet of the Wiccan Rede and the Law of Threefold Return.
  • Love Spells: There are many love spells out there! From candle magic to crystals that attract loving energy to voodoo poppets, there are love spells for any shade of grey.
  • Revenge Spells: These spells fall onto the dark magic side. A white witch would rather attract happiness and success to herself than inflict suffering on another person. But this is up to the practicing witch! All spell casters must consider the Law of Threefold Return and be prepared to receive the energy back in kind three-fold. So be careful of sending your negative energy out there – you never know what might come back to you!
  • Spell Removal: This is magic that can break hexes, curses or banish unwanted negative energies from your life. On the dark magic side, these would be banishing spells or binding spells. On the white magic side, one could use the power of protection spells to remove negative influences from one’s life.
  • Black Magic Spells: Black magic spells are destructive and negative. Some are definitely worse than others! Some examples include revenge spells, hexes, curses. Spells that make another desire you, fall in love with you, or leave another lover also fall into this category, though they are more in the grey.
  • Money Spells: There are many spells out there to bring prosperity into your life. You can find white, grey or black magic spells to attract abundance into your life.

Spell casting basics

All witchcraft practices have one thing in common. They require creating a sacred space where you can focus your intention. Wiccans cast a circle using the elements. Other forms of pagan spell casting or witchcraft spells use the pentagram. Other spells don’t require either, but a gathering of the energies and focusing of your intentions is always necessary for spells to work. Otherwise, there will simply be no effect!

Steps for an effective spell casting

  • Define your intention: Refining which effect you intend to create in the physical world is crucial! Make it clear and concise, and be sure to think through the possible consequences and whether you are prepared to take responsibility for them.
  • Spellcasting best practices:
    • Get permission from anyone to plan to cast a spell on or include in your spell
    • Clearly and succinctly state your intention for optimal success
    • Cast a series of spells if your goal is complex
  • Timing: Remember that privacy is important. Distractions such as other people or pets coming into your space while you are spell casting is a no-no because it will break your energy flow. If you are using the power of the lunar phases, consider casting banishing spells on the new moon. Cast love or abundance spells on the full moon to get them an extra boost, or follow the days of the week that best correspond to the energies:
    • Sunday – for personal achievements
    • Monday – for fertility, pregnancy and feminine moon (moonday) magic
    • Tuesday – for strength and courage
    • Wednesday – for Mercury, the planet of communication
    • Thursday – cast spells for prosperity and abundance. Also for healing
    • Friday – love magick
    • Saturday – cleansing and banishing
  • Materials and supplies: Each spell will outline the needed materials and supplies. From candles to crystals or representations of the elements, spells will clearly state what is needed. Be sure to gather them all carefully before you begin your spell! The last thing you want is to be sitting in your circle and realize you are missing something important!
  • Raising, directing and releasing the energy: Once you have set your intention, remember to magnify it by raising the cone of power! You can do this by drumming, dancing, chanting, visualization or even orgasm, as in sex magic. Then, once you have built the energy to a climax, send it to the universe to manifest. Afterward, remember to ground yourself back down. Then you can just await the results!

Free Spells

There are lots of websites out there that offer free spells! For Wiccan spells, check out These spells will be very safe, especially for the beginner witch! Free Witchcraft Spells also has a lot of free spells that you can browse through. Everything from white magic spells to black magic spells is available on this website, but be careful what you dabble with!

Witchipedia also offers an abundance of information on magic, folklore, and the occult! You can find many spells there, but use them for research purposes only unless you are experienced! Additionally, The Pagan Library is another wellspring of information for any student of witchcraft! And as far as free spells are concerned, you can even write your own spells! In fact, spells that are written by the witch casting them are going to be even stronger, because they are personal. Any effective spell requires a personal connection and commitment.

kasamba logoThe great thing is there are tons of free spells out there! There are lots of resources available online. But how do you know if they will work? Well, the answer is, “You don’t, because it depends on who is casting them!” That is why it’s a good idea to work with a professional spells advisor if you are just starting out. They have spells that are tried and true, or they can even write a spell especially for you. Check out Kasamba and get your first three minutes free!

Pros of Free Spells

  • Many great resources for free spells
  • First three minutes free with a professional on Kasamba
  • You can even write your own spells!

Cons of Free Spells

  • Spell casting can be risky business
  • Unanticipated consequences can come back threefold!
  • May not work at all

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