The Most Powerful Love Potions

love potion spells bottleAre you looking to catch someone’s eye? Or are you simply trying to attract love into your life? Well, you can use love potions on yourself or on someone else to ignite the fire in your love life!

Do remember though, that casting a love spell on someone else without their consent, is a form of dark magic. Black magic love spells are powerful, but they come with inherent risks.

Anything that takes away someone else’s free will strays from the path of the white witch. So, if you want to avoid that, just use a love potion on yourself! I promise it won’t make you fall in love with the first person you see!

What is a love potion?

Witchcraft is called “The Craft” for good reason. From love potions to brews, infusions, oils, and elixirs, witches make all kinds of magical items that can bring you the love you deserve in your life. A love potion is basically a liquid that is enchanted with a spell so that it will do its work when you drink it or apply it topically. If you plan to drink a love potion, always be sure you know exactly what went into it! Some herbs and crystals are dangerous to consume internally, so do your homework!

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What kinds of love potions are there?

Love potions can be made in many different ways, but what makes them powerful is the enchantment that is placed upon them. It’s true that certain herbs, roots, and crystals have magical qualities, but it’s putting them all together with the perfect magic spell that will make them effective.

There are as many different love potions as there are recipes for your favorite foods. Love potions are made by gathering together herbs, roots, and other elements that vibrate on the energetic level of love. These elements are then combined and enchanted for maximum effect. Whether you are drinking it yourself, giving it to your intended lover, or creating a spray or oil, love potions come in many forms.

Infusions for love potions

Infusions are a very easy and practical type of love potion. By definition, an infusion is made by soaking the leaves of a herb or plant in a liquid. Tea and coffee are both very simple infusions, but are they magical?

Many kinds of herbal teas have naturally occurring magical properties, but if you really want to create a powerful love potion, you must imbue the infusion with your intention by casting a love spell on the potion. Read up on spellcasting basics!

A Kitchen Witch’s Love Potion

Certain herbs such as hibiscus, rose, and cinnamon, can make a powerful and passionate love tonic! Be sure to clean your kitchen and dedicate a space to your ritual. Light a red candle and sprinkle some hibiscus and rose petals into a mug while visualizing the love you want to attract into your life.

Bring some purified drinking water to a boil and pour over the hibiscus leaves and rose petals. Allow it to steep for 3 minutes. You can add honey for sweetness. Stir with a cinnamon stick while chanting the following (you can adjust the chant as you wish!):

Love surrounds me three times three
I manifest my lover forever to be

Magical oils for love potions

love potion magical oils spellsMagical oils can also be infused with herbs but can be fortified with the powers of crystals. Because you won’t be taking this oil internally, you can use any kind of crystal that suits your purpose, but do be aware that some crystals can begin to degrade when left in any kind of liquid. So, don’t use your favorite, most beautiful crystals for this one!

Begin with a carrier oil such as almond, olive, or jojoba and infuse it with herbs that stimulate love and passion. Then add a drop or two of a couple of essential oils such as ylang-ylang or jasmine (very sweet and floral), patchouli or sandalwood (very earthy), or orange or neroli (citrus). Place a passion-inducing crystal such as red aventurine or garnet into the mix and allow it to bathe in the mixture under the moonlight next to a burning candle.

The moon will infuse your love potion with passion, as will the crystal. And candle magic is also a powerful way to enchant your potion. When your love potion is complete, wear a few drops on your wrists and behind your ears. If you are able to shake hands with your intended, you can always dab some onto your palms before making contact.

Magical Philters, Tonics, and Brews

There are many other ways to make a love potion! Philters are love potions that are supposed to be consumed by the person you want to fall in love with you. This goes against the tenants of white magic or Wiccan practices because it takes the free will away from the person being enchanted.

However, philters have been used widely for centuries and it’s really up to each individual witch to decide where the line lies. Typically, a philter was an infusion of herbs and often psychoactive agents, in wine or water. Some philters contained bitter, obscure and even grotesque ingredients, that often had a foul smell.

Tonics are infusions that are meant to strengthen and fortify the body, though they can be enchanted with magical powers like any other potion. Brews are also meant to be consumed internally, but when a potion is thick or fermented, the word brew will often be used. That means, you can make a magical soup or stew, and it would be referred to as a brew.

Who can enchant a love potion?

Anyone can enchant a love potion, so long as you’ve done your research, gathered your supplies and learned the basics of spell casting! The first step is to decide who will be using the potion. Are you trying to make yourself more attractive? Well, you can do that with an infusion, brew, oil or elixir.

If you want someone else to consume your love potion, it’s going to be a little trickier. Can you offer your intended a cup of tea? Or are you only able to give them a quick handshake? Or maybe a mist into the air will be the simplest way of dispersing your potion!

Once you’ve decided what kind of love potion you want to make, you will have to either follow or write your own recipe. Then you will need to gather your supplies. Always try to find organic ingredients, because nobody wants pesticides in their magical love oil!

Once you have gathered all of your supplies and materials, you will need to follow the recipe and cast your enchantment. If this seems a little too complicated for you, consider buying your magic potion pre-made, or look up a professional spell caster to make your love potion for you!

Do love potions actually work?

Love potions have been sought out by people for centuries, and the practice of creating and using elixirs, oils, and other potions to attract others isn’t going anywhere. That’s because it works. Love potions can be very effective, so long as they are consumed or applied properly.

If you come into regular close contact with the person you want to attract, then a love potion will be very effective. If you cannot ensure that your intended will come into contact with the potion either on your body or theirs, then you should try a different kind of love spell that uses candle magic, poppets or the power of the moon.

How do I choose a spellcaster to make my love potions?

  • Always use a reputable website
  • Read the customer reviews
  • Read the spellcaster’s bio to make sure they have the skills that you need
  • Check the ratings
  • Look for a money-back guarantee

Where can I get absolutely free love potions?

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How to make your own love potions (not recommended)

In order to make a successful love potion you need to have your spell casting basics down pat, Otherwise, you will just be brewing a tea or making a nicely scented oil that won’t have much effect beyond the norm. The key to brewing powerful love potions is the ritual behind making them.

Whether you create your own method or follow a traditional one, the power of your intention is what will supercharge the potion. Be sure to review spellcasting basics before trying any of these on your own. And never ingest love potions without being absolutely certain that the ingredients are safe to consume.

  • Decide what kind of love potion you want to make
  • Gather the magical ingredients
  • Wait for the next waxing or full moon for maximum effect
  • Cleanse your space and altar by smudging with sage or burning copal
  • Follow the recipe closely and focus your intention during the potion-making

Can love potions backfire?

Yes, all magic spells can backfire and love potions are no different! When novice witches play around with magic one of two bad things can happen. Either the spell doesn’t work and nothing is accomplished, or the spell works but leads to unintended consequences that are usually unpleasant. That’s why it’s best to start with really simple spells such as candle magic or work with a professional spellcaster that can make sure you will get your desired outcome!

Pros of love potions

  • Many love potions to choose from
  • Can be tailor-made for your situation
  • Can be made with tasty, healthy ingredients

Cons of love potions

  • Be sure to check ingredients for consumable love potions
  • Some oils may irritate the skin
  • Difficult to administer to another person without direct contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster enchant love potions over the phone, chat or email?

Yes! A professional spellcaster can work their magic from anywhere. After gathering supplies and enchanting your potion, your spellcaster can send the potion to you by mail. Be sure to follow the directions exactly, and also mention any allergies before placing your order!

How long does it take for the love potion to work?

The effects of a love potion should be instant. However, if you are seeking to administer the love potion to someone else, keep in mind it might be a while before you have the opportunity to do so!

How long will the effects of the love potion last?

Infusions should be consumed regularly and magical love oils should be reapplied as they wear off due to clothing, sweat, and exposure to water. For example, swimming and showering.

Can a love potion be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

This depends on the enchantment placed upon the love potion. A spell that attracts love into your life will have a subtler effect and will wear off naturally. However, a powerful black magic love potion consumed by an intended target will remain in effect for as long as the enchantment itself demands.

I’m not sure which kind of love potion to get. How do I choose?

Speak to your spellcasting professional about your unique situation. Consider whether you are comfortable crossing the line into dark magic or if you want to keep your spells within the realm of white magic. It is important to fully understand the possible consequences of your spell work. A spellcasting professional can provide a detailed insight into the risks and benefits.

Ready to transform your life with a love potion?

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