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   Zodiac Love Compatibility - Taurus
Zodiac Compatibility Taurus


Taureans believe that slow and easy wins the race, even in matters of the heart. Even though cconsidered as hopeless romantics, they would rather secure their future first before jumping into a relationship. Once they make a commitment, however, they spoil their partner. They value friendship, and often find Mr. or Ms. Right in a friend.

taurus to aries
Taurus to Aries
They are equal in status and complimentary. You’ll understand each other exceedingly well. The spiritual bond is very strong.
taurus to taurus
Taurus to Taurus
Mutual admiration - you love adore each other. You’re very encouraging and supportive of one another. You share a great love of enjoyment of nature, gardening, food, and the other simple pleasures in life.
taurus to gemini
Taurus to Gemini
Gemini, talks and Taurus listens. This relationship can be very conflicted; very good in business, but very difficult emotionally, particularly if one tries to dominate the other. There’s a dynamic aggressive exchange of ideas, planning, decision-making and a fascinating and curious attraction.
taurus to cancer
Taurus to Cancer
They have lots in common – a winning formula. You’re drawn to one another because you instinctively understand each other’s feelings. There’s a strong mutual independence that’s likely to develop very quickly in this relationship.
taurus to leo
Taurus to Leo
You’ll have fun and spoil each other. Longevity, stability and loyalty are characteristics of this relationship. This pairing makes for a difficult relationship, but one that could work if you really felt for one another.
taurus to virgo
Taurus to Virgo
You can almost read each other’s minds. You’re very much in harmony and very helpful to one another. This relationship can work if you’re honest with one another.

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taurus to libra
Taurus to Libra
Art and culture bring them together. You may find that your views about many things are quite different, leading to arguments over trivial matters. There is an almost aggressive quality to the sexual side of the relationship.
taurus to scorpio
Taurus to Scorpio
Admiration for each others strengths and qualities. You challenge each other to excel and you become an unbeatable team. There could be problems communicating and understanding one another’s point of view.
taurus to sagittarius
Taurus to Sagittarius
Sag Optimism and Taurus sensuality lock together. Compromise, moderation and patience are very important. There will be unusual events, unexpected intrusions and surprises.
taurus to capricorn
Taurus to Capricorn
Common values and goals – this is a strong bond. This relationship has a powerful impact and it has stamina with definite long-term potential. The two of you have a good sense of inner harmony.
taurus to aquarius
Taurus to Aquarius
They have a lot to learn form each other. These two are as different as chalk and cheese. Your spontaneous impulses and emotional requirements are frequently at odds with one another.
taurus to pisces
Taurus to Pisces
These two can romantically hum together. There is a lot of passion and fireworks in this relationship. Fighting will often create more desire and causing amorous feelings to flow.
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