The Best Strength Potions

strength potion lion roarAre you looking for a Potion for Physical Strength or Strength of Spirit? Maybe you need strength in the face of adversity? There are Strength Potions for physical, spiritual, psychic, and mental strength. You could even get a Strength Potion for all four. So, what goes into making a Strength Potion and where can you get one?

A Strength Potion will bring you vitality, power, and fortitude and are primarily the work of kitchen witchery. Food has magical properties and some witches literally make their kitchens their altars! They enchant their kitchens and tools, and food preparation becomes the spellcasting itself.


What is a Strength Potion?

Bubbling cauldrons and strange brews – that’s what many of us think of when someone talks about magical potions. But potions are really just brews or liquids that have been imbued with magical properties. They can be something as simple as a cup of tea or something more complicated like an herbal concoction. Potions can be made for anything. There are potions for strength, love, health and even protection.

A potion is a liquid that has been infused with magical powers. Certain herbs and plants have naturally occurring energies, but witches will fill these liquids with their intentions as they prepare them. Some are meant to be taken internally and others are not. Either way, depending on the ingredients and how they are prepared, they can have a wide range of effects.

Think of the different elements in traditional spellcasting – we have water, air, earth, and fire. Plants are grown from the earth, and in cooking, we have all of the elements present. When we heat our foods, such as in the brewing of potions, we are using the element of fire for transformation. This is also the basic work of fire spells. A Strength Potion then is simply a liquid that has been prepared to bring strength to its recipient, and there are many ways in which a Strength Potion can be made.

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What different types of Strength Potions are there?

There are many different kinds of Strength Potions, so it is helpful to break them down into categories. Some potions are made to be consumed internally, while others can be worn like a perfume. Still, others should not be used on the skin but can be used in spellwork such as for anointing candles.

Consumable Strength Potions

strength potion brewConsumable potions for strength don’t need to be complicated, but there is definitely some preparation that goes into potion-making! When working in a kitchen to make consumable potions, your space must first be cleaned both physically and spiritually. Then the ingredients must be procured and prepared. Only then are you ready to begin making your Strength Potion.

Consumable Strength Potions can come in the form of brews, such as teas, soups, or stews. However, they do not need to be cooked. A Strength Potion can also be made in the form of a smoothie! The naturally occurring properties of foods carry their own magical powers. However, it is the intention you put into the potion that really gives it the magical prowess.

Topical Strength Potions

strength potion bottleTopical potions for strength often come in the form or magical oils or sprays. Essential oils are very powerful. They are widely used for medicinal purposes and for aromatherapy work. However, these oils also have magical properties.

Magical oils for strength will incorporate specific essential oils into a carrier oil, that can be worn directly on the skin. Be sure to test a small area first though, because some people have allergic reactions to certain oils and herbs, even though they are safe and natural.

Strength Potions for Spell Work

strength potionFor those magical oils that are either too strong or gross to be worn on the body (yes, they can be gross!), you can make Strength Potions for spellcasting work. But why would you cast a spell only to cast another spell?

The preparation of a powerful Strength Potion can be quite involved, especially if you are including some more exotic ingredients. Potions can incorporate things like feathers, crystals, and bones, which are not safe to consume or wear but will imbue the potion with the essences they carry. These kinds of potions can be stored for future use, and therefore are great to keep around. Once you have prepared a powerful Strength Potion, just anoint a candle with it the next time you burn a candle and set your intention. You’ll be able to get a lot of spell work out of that one batch!

Do Strength Potions actually work?

Strength Potions follow the laws of magic and spellcasting just like any other spellwork. A potion will be as effective and powerful as the witch casting the spell makes it! If a practiced spellcaster makes the potion, it will work. If someone just throws ingredients into a blender, the results are likely to be less than impressive.

Every person has free will and we need to attract the energies into our lives that we want to manifest. That means that a Strength Potion for physical strength, for example, needs to be supported by a healthy lifestyle. We have to support the manifestation with our own choices. So, eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise, and the Strength Potion will bring you heightened results.

The same goes for psychic Strength Potions and Strength Potions for mental and spiritual strength. You need to channel your own inner power into attracting that kind of abundance into your life. Your Strength Potion will support and boost your efforts. So, practice meditation, practice positive thinking and practice channeling your energies and messages. Your Strength Potion will reward your efforts.

Who can make me a Strength Potion?

Anyone can try making a Strength Potion, but be careful where you get your recipe! If you are just brewing a cup of tea and chanting over it, you should be fine, but when it comes to more complicated recipes, be careful that it is safe to consume! Even for topical magical oils for strength, you need to do your research to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

  • Only work with a professional, especially for consumable potions.
  • Beware of internet scams.
  • Always check ingredients for safety.
  • Work with a reputable spellcaster from a professional site.

Where can I get an absolutely free Strength Potion?

It’s always a good idea to work with a professional spellcaster, especially if you are looking for a consumable Strength Potion. You need to double and triple check the ingredients for effectiveness and safety. Talk to a professional at a reputable site like Keen or Psychic Source. They will be able to guide you.

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How to make your own Strength Potion (not recommended)

Reconsider your kitchen tools. Your saucepan becomes your cauldron (unless you have a real cauldron), your spoon becomes your wand, and the fire of the stove becomes the element of transformation. Then you can study the properties of different herbs and roots.

There are many online herbal encyclopedias that will outline the best ones for different effects. Tangerines, fennel, and parsley are all foods that you can incorporate into a consumable Strength Potion. For magical strength oils, you can use musk, patchouli, and vanilla. There are many different recipes available to you.

Additionally, for maximum effect, prepare your Strength Potions on the full moon. This will give them the maximum potency! Also, consider adding crystals and other materials to your spell casting Strength Potion. Gems like ruby and smoky quartz can lend a lot of powers to your potion. But be sure not to consume any potions with crystals in them without checking for safety first – some stones dissolve in liquids!

Can Strength Potions backfire?

Yes, Strength Potions can backfire in several ways. Physically, if you aren’t careful in terms of the ingredients you consume you can get sick! But you also have to be careful in terms of your spell casting. If you are making the potions for yourself, you probably won’t have any backlash from something like a strength potion, but always ask for permission before making it for someone else.

Pros of Strength Potions

  • Give you added vitality and energy.
  • Increase physical strength.
  • Give your psychic and mental strength.
  • Can increase mental strength and power.

Cons of Strength Potions

  • Not all Strength Potions safe to consume internally.
  • Require study and research to prepare.
  • Some topical potions can cause an allergic reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster make Strength Potions over the phone, chat or email?

Certainly! A professional spellcaster and potion maker only needs to communicate with you in order to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve so that they can craft the intention of the spell for you. Therefore, any kind of communication will suffice. The spellcasting and potion making doesn’t need to involve you at all until you are ready to receive your Strength Potion!

How long does it take for a Strength Potion to work?

A strength potion should begin working as soon as you consume it or apply it topically. If you are working with a strength potion that you are adding to other spellwork, it will support that spell that is being cast for you. So, if you are anointing candles with your strength potion, you will begin to feel the effects as soon as you the candle begins burning.

How long will the effects of Strength Potion last?

This depends on the kind of potion you are using. For consumable strength potions, you should take them regularly. The effects will move through your body and gradually taper off, so it’s a good idea to refresh the effects regularly. And definitely supplement your strength potion with a healthy diet and exercise.

Can a Strength Potion be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

It is very likely that you will be able to break a strength potion if you don’t want it affecting you or someone else anymore. Consumables tend to wear off on their own, however, this does depend on the kind of spell that was cast on the potion! If very powerful magic was cast, you may need to cast a reversal spell or a counterspell if your spellcaster is unable to break it.

I’m not sure which kind of Strength Potion to get. How do I choose?

There are many kinds of strength potions, and especially if you are considering a consumable potion, you really need to do your homework. Never buy and drink something from some random website! You always need to know exactly what went into anything you will drink internally and it must come from a safe source. So, unless you are working with a trusted professional or you are making the potion yourself with trusted ingredients, you are probably better off using a topical or spellcasting strength potion. Even with topical potions, you should always test it on a very small patch of skin, like your wrist. Some people have allergic reactions to “safe” herbs and tinctures, so it’s always best to be extra careful.

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