Virgo Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Virgo at a Glance
Element: Earth // Mode: Mutable & Changeable // Colour: Green // Planet: Mercury // Keywords: “I Analyse”

Getting to know the Virgo Man

Virgo men are clever, and highly analytical. They are grounded, practical and reliable without being too stubborn or stuck. Being earth signs, they are very much “in the world”, yet they are the only earth sign that isn’t inflexible. Presented with new information, these men are able to change their mind and shift their direction, after plenty of planning and taking care of the necessary precautions.

Even though these men can seem extremely critical, they do have very kind hearts and they have a deep desire to be of “use” to the people around them. They want to help, in a way that is practical – for example, they might take your car for a wash if you are overwhelmed at work, or wash the dishes when you are tired, or give someone a chance to learn a skill. They make lovely doctors and excel when they are in service, which makes them a lovely partner to have, caring and kind, once you move past their critical nature.

These men are admittedly meticulous – they like things to be” just so” and may be somewhat difficult when they are trying to be too perfect. They just want to get it right, and they will spend hours overthinking something fairly straightforward and simple. The irony is that they want a life that is fuss free, clean and minimalistic, but they do sometimes overcomplicate it with their minds and so need a great deal of emotional empathy and to learn to be much easier on themselves, which makes them less critical of others.

Virgo men are fastidiously clean, usually, and they hate mess – disorganisation and a lack of planning are a surefire way to stress these men out, and they tend to have fairly sensitive digestive systems which get triggered when life is too chaotic. Hence their methodical nature and desire to eat well – these are often the healthiest signs of the zodiac.

How the Virgo Man Loves

The Virgo man, because he is an earth sign, tends to be very committed and seek security in a relationship. They want a partner who is willing to build a life with him, who is not necessarily always keen on having a wild and spontaneous adventure – these men will have adventure, but only once they are sure they have a home to return to and a well thought out plan. Throwing something unexpected their way will stress them out terribly, and so they tend to proceed in a cautious, practical manner even when it comes to love.

A Virgo man may expect his pattern to be somewhat “perfect” and can be criticizing at times. They have high expectations of their loved ones, which can be tough to live up to, and so having a partner who can see through this and see that the Virgo man tends to put the same press ire on himself, will know that this is just a front – these men simply need a great deal of emotional understanding and a chance to let go of their very high expectations of themselves and of life.

The Virgo man will be deeply kind to the woman they love – they won’t mind stepping into the role of provider, and will work very hard for the family, when they get there. They will take care of you in practical ways, and so even if they aren’t necessarily romantic, they will do things for you as an act of service to show you that they care.

These men are committed and reliable in love and can be trusted to stick around. They like their relationships to be fuss free and simple, and they have to take care not to analyse it too much, or else they can become excessively worried about a small issue.

The Virgo Man’s Sexuality

Virgo men are reserved, both in nature and sexually – at first. In the beginning, they will strive to hold back, only very cautiously expressing their more sensual side, which opens up more and more the longer you get to know them.

Virgo men have a powerfully primal side, yet they need to trust quite a bit and let go of their minds to fully engage. They might be the type of lovers who want to be “perfect” and will go out of their way to please you sexually, as if they have read every book on female sexuality (which they probably have). They can be technically brilliant in bed, but they still have to urged to just release the desire for perfection and enjoy their bodies.

Being earth signs, these men can be highly sensual and they like to enjoy their senses to the full – hence, textures, touch, smell, are all aphrodisiacs to these men. They are very clean lovers, and don’t like dirt as such, but they will love the natural scent of your body and theirs, and they don’t mind a bit of sweat – in fact, they will find themselves loving it.

Engaging a Virgo man sexually is a bit like opening a very tight lock – they need a bit of time, and enough sensual distractions to help them move away from mind and engage physically. They need to be reassured that they have done it “right” and then encouraged to go with the flow. Outdoor lovemaking, lovemaking with the lights off where they can let loose, or lovemaking that is tender and careful all appeal to these men.

Dating a Virgo Man

Virgo man are economical – this applies to all areas of life, including dating. They don’t need to be wined and dined. Being earth signs, they will just love being outdoors in nature, and so doing a hike or a picnic with really healthy ingredients are a perfect date for these men.

Virgo men will be very shy at first and might need a little encouragement to come out and play – they tend to be quite cautious in the dating phase, and although they’ll be very witty and sharp, engaging your mind, they may hold back in the beginning.

A Virgo man will take you on a date that has every single detail thought out – they have a flair for the small things, and so they will have given every little thing consideration – from the weather, to the type of flowers they give you, your favourite colour, food or place, and much more. They have class, and they won’t take you anywhere that is grungy or dirty. They’re not necessarily ones for rock concerts, and prefer a night out where they don’t have to be overwhelmed by people or crowds. Spending time alone together is ideal for these men, and if you cook him a healthy meal at home, he will be very satisfied indeed.

Spoiling a Virgo Man

Fortunately, the Virgo Man doesn’t want expensive things – they would much rather have something that is useful and practical than a glamourous and expensive, useless gift. They’re not very sentimental either, and so they will enjoy a gift that they can use day in and day out.

For example, something like a fishing rod appeals to them, or a blender to make their healthy smoothies, or a year’s subscription to a health magazine would be useful to these men – they love being healthy and anything that can help them to stay in shape and keep their bodies strong is very much appreciated.

The Virgo Man’s Career and Finances

Virgo men tend to be workaholics – they admittedly spend a huge amount of time in the workplace, and they often put in far more hours than they should. Because they are not ego driven, these men tend to miss the opportunity to get to the top – and they don’t really want to. For them, their greatest satisfaction is to serve, to help and to be useful to society or to their workforce in some way. They make excellent doctors, healthcare workers, advisors or nutritionists.

If you are looking for a man that is going to be ambitious and wants status, them this is not the man to tick those boxes. He’s not particularly ambitious for power, and he doesn’t care about status at all. In fact, he may try and completely avoid a promotion and any accolades at times, as much as he often deserves it.

Financially, these men are very budget conscious. They will not approve of high spending, and will always look for ways to save money. If you are a spendthrift, this will bother him enormously as he really tries to penny pinch whenever he can. These men don’t want expensive things unless they last long and are a good long-term investment. He will count each penny out, thinking it over a thousand times before he invests a single dollar. You never need to worry about you Virgo man letting you become bankrupt, as he does like putting money away for the day he may need it.

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