Leo Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Leo at a Glance
Element: Fire // Mode: Fixed & Consistent // Colour: Orange // Planet: Sun // Keywords: “I Will”

Getting to know the Leo Man

The Leo man is a King amongst Men – they are proud, regal and commanding, and like the Lion they represent, they are loyal, fierce and powerful. A Leo man is not someone to be taken lightly – they are a presence to be reckoned with, a warm ray of sunshine, always confident and sure that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to. They may veer on the side of arrogant at times, and their egos do get the better of them, but their charm and grace usually get them through sticky moments of pride, and their warmth can melt even the coldest glacier.

Leo men seem to never doubt themselves, but they need affirmation just as much as the next person, perhaps even more so. They are at their best when the people around them believe in them and encourage them to be the best they possibly can. Leo men can be very self-expressive, dramatic and highly creative at times – they like to be the star of the show and usually are. Leo men will command attention wherever they go, and they shine when the spotlight ins on them. They can be bossy and sometimes dominating, and struggle to follow another’s lead.

Leo men can be stubborn and quite strong willed – they know what they want, and they have the strength to face challenges that would have others on their knees – these men are incredibly resilient, and they can be loyal to the death. Leo men will always have the backs of the people they care about, and it takes a great deal for these folks to turn their back on someone they love. Family tends to come first for these men, and they will invest a great deal of time and energy on their nearest and dearest.

How the Leo Man Loves

Leo men, once they love, love for life. They are highly committed individuals, and very consistent partners. They will likely always try and woo, wine and dine the ones they love and care about, and they can be terribly romantic. The Leo man is the type of man who may play the field for a while, loving the attention, but after a while, he will want to settle down and raise a family. He is a wonderful father, and a faithful husband. He may enjoy getting noticed by other women, but that will only be to stroke his ego – he will never dream of actually cheating on you, although there have been the rare exceptions, for the ones that can’t get enough validation and attention.

The Leo man may at times make it about himself, and he can be a dominating or even controlling partner, and he does feel a desire to “possess” the one he loves – he will enjoy a strong woman, but if she is as strong willed as him, there can be power battles. He will not take kindly to his woman flirting with anyone else, and will likely get rather jealous. That said, his possessiveness is a warm, comforting blanket in many ways, and most women will enjoy the feeling of being protected and cared for. Leo men have massive hearts, and they wrap the ones they love in it, giving generously without question.

Being in love with a Leo man means being spoilt, being committed to, being protected, being loved warmly and being provided for. These men will go out of their way to make sure that you are comfortable and have everything you need. As long as they are given plenty of attention, affection and allowed to express themselves, then they are yours for life.

The Leo Man’s Sexuality

The Leo man is incredibly passionate and highly sexually driven. They have a powerful appetite for lovemaking, and are the type of men who will need it often. One thing that Leo man needs in bed is a woman who will lavish him with attention, who will admire him and make him feel really good about his performance. He will, in return, give generously of himself, making you feel spoilt, lavished upon and satisfied.

However, at times he may be a little lazy, and may need a gentle nudge to make sure that he isn’t focussing too much on himself. The Leo man can go forever, and his heat is a burn that burns ever so slowly. They can be demanding lovers, and like to be in charge when they are in bed – they will generally take the lead and enjoy dominating. The Leo man is not necessarily kinky, they may prefer the tried and tested, but usually the tried and tested is really good with them. They are also generally rather loud, and so trying to make love quietly with these lions will be a challenge!

Dating a Leo Man

Unfortunately, these men do like expensive things and expensive places. They will make an extra special effort to spoil you, taking you to the nicest places and ordering the most expensive dish. Fortunately, they will usually spoil you more than you spoil them, as they have a fairly traditional streak in them that wants to provide for the woman they care about. They like to flaunt their money and to show that they have taste, and so it’s nothing to then to take you to a show or dinner every other night.

The ideal date for a Leo man is dinner at a lavish restaurant, followed by a Theatre trip or a Musical performance – and you will have to be dressed to the nines. A Leo man likes his woman to be a bit of a trophy that he has won, and he takes pride in how beautiful you are – and appreciates it.

Taking him on a hairdressing date will also do the trick; these men tend to take a great deal of pride in their hair and usually have a glossy, healthy mane. If you have a family, the Leo man will adore a Family outing where he can watch his “pride” play and enjoy themselves. These men enjoy sunshine, and a beach day out is also a good option for these types, who love the warmth of the sun.

Spoiling a Leo Man

You’ll have to be ready to fork out a bit of cash for your Leo man. Luckily, he doesn’t expect it all the time, but he does like expensive gifts that he can show off. A Leo man will enjoy an expensive watch, a tailored suit, a beautiful and masculine piece of jewellery or a tri tp the spa. Leo men aren’t really ones for homemade gifts – they want something that shows their status and wealth, and so will need a bit of glitz and glam.

The Leo Man’s Career and Finances

The Leo man tends to have an incredibly powerful career – they are often the leaders, the CEOs and the project managers. They don’t take kindly to being led. The Leo is king of the jungle, after all – and they may face more than a few power struggles if they have any superiors. They can be warm, charismatic bosses and so can command loyalty from the people around them, specifically their employees. They can enter a room and command it simply by their presence, which does make them formidable in the professional world.

Some Leo men are actors or creatives, even fashion designers – Leo energy loves the glitz and the glam, and so they can be the types that just love the stage – they have a flair for drama and this can make them excellent performers. As long as they can express themselves, they are happy. They tend to make very beautiful things, things that stand out and show who they are as people. Leo men can also be involved in the world of music, as they do love the excitement and the opportunity to mingle with talented people.

The Leo man will also tend to be someone that earns quite well, and they like to lavish their earnings on very expensive objects. The bigger, the better, is their financial motto, and so if you are someone who likes to penny pinch, you will have to stand aside and let them do as they please with their money. They will buy you plenty of gifts, too, and they aren’t stingy with their money – they know that they can make plenty of it, and few Leo men are poor or struggling, and if they are, they tend to get on their feet quite fast.

The Leo man won’t care for budgets, and so trying to control their finances or ask them to set up a limit for their expenditures won’t be met with much flexibility. They have to be left to do their own thing financially, or else they can become resistant and stubborn.

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