The Best Wizard Spells

Wizards, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, enchantresses. What’s the difference between all of these terms, and does it matter? Well, there is some disagreement among practitioners and scholars, but one thing is for certain, wizard spells are powerful uses of magic to effect change in the world.

And contrary to what some people argue, witches and wizards can both be male or female. There are definitely male witches and female wizards, but wizardry is a bit more involved than witchcraft. So, what is a wizard spell and how can it help you?

What is a Wizard Spell?

Wizard spells are a lot like witchcraft spells in that they manipulate the unseen energies of the universe and direct intentions to make real-life changes in the world. But whereas witchcraft tends to incorporate folk magic practices (this is not a rule!), wizardry tends to be more ritualistic and ceremonial in nature. It incorporates heavy research and relies a bit less on intuition. There are many different branches if wizardry, just like there are many different schools of witchcraft!

Wizardry can be defined as “the art of spiritual wisdom,” and wizard spells are just one part of that. The word comes from a Middle English word “wys,” which means “wise” and the ending “ard” means “one who does.” Through a ritual, a wizard will perform a series of magical formulas and actions that will have the desired effect.

Wizards invoke angels and other divine beings and are aided by the forces of the universe. Often, wizards will work together, much like witches in a coven. They also use similar magical weapons such as the cup, the pentacle, the sword, and the wand and incorporate the use of the altar.

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What different types of Wizard Spells are there?

There are many, many different kinds of wizard spells, just like there are many different kinds of witchcraft spells! From potions to charms and candle magic, wizard spells incorporate the elements of fire, air, water, earth, and spirit. They also often use the powers of crystals, gemstones, candle magic, and the skill of visualization and intention. However, a greater emphasis is often placed on incantations and the use of the voice as well as concepts of astrology, numerology and sacred geometry.

Wizard Spells with magical oils 

Magical wizard oils are used for a multitude of things including protection and healing. This “Wizard’s Oil” recipe will protect you from attacks from the Dark Arts and other black magic spells. The oil is worn on the forehead, back of the hands or below the lower lip to offer protection. Be sure to test the oil if you have sensitive skin.

Place 5 drops of the following.

  • ½ Ounce of Myrrh oil
  • 8 drops of Frankincense oil
  • 4 drops of Sunflower oil
  • 4 drops of Gardenia oil
  • 3 drops of White Rose oil

Wizard Spells and forms of divination

Wizards also make use of divination tools such a Nordic runes, crystal ball scrying, Tarot, or Ogham. Divination is a very useful magical tool, especially when used in conjunction with spellcasting.

Every wizard needs to be aware of the impact and possible outcomes that any spell he or she will cast can have. Reading the runes or tarot cards can help a wizard refine his or her intention so that it has the most effective and positive impact possible. Divination will also create an opportunity for setting up protective measures, just in case.

Wizard Spells using incantations

Advanced Wizardry Book Loricus Abechai wizard spellsWizards use incantations in order to channel their magical powers. According to Loricus Abechai in the book Advanced Wizardry, spells are the “triggering devices which make the magical and spiritual realms act upon the physical world.” A wizard must study and memorize incantations in a peaceful environment, and these incantations must be committed to memory to maximize focus.

There are many different schools of incantations including Benediction, Divinations, Enchantments, and Healings, among others. This is why it takes such a long time to become a wizard – there is so much to learn! In fact, there really are schools devoted to the study of wizardry, and not just in Harry Potter!

Who can cast a Wizard Spell?

Wizardry must be studied and practiced like any other magical art form. However, since it is considered to be one of the Higher Magics, it incorporates even more knowledge and research than some other subsections, such as reading the tarot or practicing candle magic. Wizardry is indeed a combination of all of these art forms together with a deep understanding of philosophy, the sciences, and the element of self-control and discipline. What makes a wizard is that they study all of these things, and though they may specialize in one or the other, they must have a deep understanding of all aspects of magic.

Do Wizard Spells actually work?

Wizard spells are some of the most powerful spells out there because they incorporate so many different magical elements. Any wizard who has graduated to the higher levels of wizardry has certainly earned his or her abilities. In many cases, it is a life-long field of study, one that is constantly improved upon and informed by experience and wisdom. So, if you are lucky enough to have a wizard cast your spell for you, be prepared for a positive outcome!

How do I choose the best spell caster for my Wizard Spell?

  • Look for reputable websites that have been around for a long time
  • Read customer satisfaction reviews
  • Check the ratings of the spellcasters
  • Read through the bios of your spellcasters to make sure they have the experience you need
  • Do a test run to see if its what you’re looking for before committing

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How to cast your own Wizard Spell (not recommended)

If you want to try casting your own wizard spell, be sure to read up on techniques and best practices before you begin. And like with witchcraft spells, be sure to take the time to gather all of your materials and supplies before you begin. Make sure that you cast your spell in a very quiet place where you will have privacy. Even pets may be better off in another room. Turn your phone off and remove any possible distractions.

Take a moment to meditate and focus your intention. Choose the proper incantation for your spell and be sure to have any magic crystals, incense, or candles readily available to assist you in your wizard spell-casting.

Tips on casting Wizard Spells

  • Make sure you have privacy
  • Choose a space with no distractions
  • Memorize your incantation before you begin
  • Have all of your materials and supply easily within reach

Can Wizard Spells backfire?

Yes, all spells can backfire when not cast properly, and that includes wizard spells. Typically one of two things can happen. Either your spell won’t achieve anything at all because you are not experienced in spellcasting. It doesn’t matter how many candles we light or how many incantations we recite, without setting our intentions and learning how to focus our power into the universe all of these things will have little effect.

On the other hand, if we have some innate magical ability but are not trained, a spell can backfire. This is particularly true if we embark upon spell-casting when we are emotional. Professional wizards and witches must have full control of their emotions in order to connect to the divine powers of the universe.

Attempting to cast spells when you are angry, for example, can cause us to send anger into the universe. This energy will then be returned to us in some other form. Therefore, practice makes perfect. Be sure to study up and do your homework, or work with a professional spell caster to get your wizard spell cast for you. When dealing with complicated spells like wizard spells, it is definitely best to work with a pro.

Pros of Wizard Spells

  • Even more powerful than most witchcraft spells
  • Incorporate alchemy, sacred geometry, philosophy
  • High magic spells

Cons of Wizard Spells

  • Very difficult to learn and cast
  • Require a lot of practice
  • Heavy in ceremony and ritual

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a wizard spell over the phone, chat or email?
Yes, a wizard can cast a spell for you from anywhere. Wizards are able to tap into the energies of the universe and direct them to whichever place, person or environment you wish to affect. They will need to speak with you by phone, chat or email in order to fully understand what your intentions are. But once this basic communication has been accomplished, they can do their work without your involvement.
How long does it take for the wizard spell to work?
A wizard spell will begin to work instantly the moment it is cast. However, depending on what you wish to achieve, it may take some time for the spell to fully manifest. That is because some spells needs are complicated and must operate on multiple different levels in multiple, different environments. Be patient with complex spells but rest assured that they will begin to work right away.
How long will the effects of the wizard spell last?
A wizard spell will last until the desired effect has been achieved. If the spell is meant to alter something permanently it will do so until lifted, broken, or reversed.
Can a wizard spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?
Yes, wizard spells can be broken if you don’t want them in your life anymore. However, it can be challenging to do so if it is a very complicated spell. If the same wizard who cast your spell is breaking the spell, then you’re in luck. That’s because it’s best to know what went into a spell in order to break it. Otherwise, the wizard will have to use their powers of deduction and make their best guess.
I’m not sure which kind of wizard spell to cast. How do I choose?
The best thing to do is to talk to a professional wizard to find out which kinds of wizard spells might work for you. Wizardry is a very complicated and extensive field of study and there are many, many spells to choose from. Reach out to a professional spell caster to find out which wizard spells will work best for you.

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