Top 3 Career Psychics

While almost everybody at some point in their life will have to face challenges within their career, not everybody who faces such challenges realise that they can gain a lot of wisdom and insight which can help them make better career decisions or find some reassurance about their career from a trusted psychic.  

So whether you’ve experienced a career psychic before, or if you have never considered one, here’s everything you need to know about how psychics can aid your career.

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November 2018

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What Are Career Psychics?

Career psychics are exactly as you’d imagine – psychic readings that focus on your career.  They help you navigate the occasional rocky terrain that occurs during your career, help you to make decisions on the job or about your career and in some situations aid you in understanding the often emotional, complicated or hidden dynamics that are so often involved inside the workplace.  

How Can a Career Psychic Help You?

  • If you are concerned as to whether your company is going to remain afloat.
  • If you are wondering if you should seek a promotion.  
  • If you want to know how people think of you within your career so that you can figure out how to relate with your colleagues, clients and bosses.
  • Learn how to upgrade or maintain your reputation.  
    Find out what move you should make next within your career.
  • Seek help in finding out the best solution to a career decision or problem. 

These are all examples of some of the ways that you might benefit from a career psychic reading.  

Typical Questions You Might Ask A Career Psychic

This list of questions or scenarios are just ideas or examples of common questions asked about careers, but it should not serve as an exclusive guide.  Most psychics have heard it all and won’t judge, even if they wanted to – the information needs to come and go quickly so that they don’t fill their aura’s up with other people’s problems!  

Whether your career situation or question is mentioned here or not, don’t let that stop you from going ahead and asking your unique questions when you call for a reading.  Remember you don’t have to keep up appearances when you are speaking to a psychic you can be honest about your concerns and expect honest advice that is delivered to you for your highest good – there’s no competition involved!  

Here are some questions that you might ask within some of the most common career scenario’s.

Preparing For Important Meetings

Career psychics are great for preparing for important meetings and for giving yourself a slight advantage with insight into the energy, pre-meeting decisions or hidden intentions of people involved, they can also help you to understand how you can make the most out of a situation.

Seriously, we don’t know why everybody doesn’t call for a career psychic reading before they attend an important meeting!  

Here are some typical questions you might ask.

  • How can I best prepare for my upcoming meeting or interview?
  • What do I need to consider or be mindful of for my impending interview or meeting?
  • What can I do to impress during my upcoming meeting?
  • What cards are hidden that I should be aware of during my upcoming meeting?

Dealing With Difficult Or Emotional Situations At Work

There are times when the future of your company or your career can be rocky, or the problems of colleagues or bosses can influence your sense of stability within your career.  Sometimes you are put in a difficult position where you might feel uncomfortable or stuck between a rock and a hard place.

People can be put in the position of scapegoat, or even have to deal with personnel gaslighting, or difficult situations regarding whistleblowing and even the consequences of  your own actions or circumstances might have gotten you into trouble that you are now unsure how to put right. You might even have a situation that you need to figure out how to manage. These are all situations that a career psychic can help with.

Here are some examples of typical questions you might ask in this scenario.

  • I’m currently dealing with a difficult situation at work, and I don’t know what the best thing to do so that I can continue to enjoy my career?
  • I am in a difficult situation at work where I need to protect my career but I know I’m going to be forced to be truthful about somebody else’s deceit/behaviour and I don’t want to bring anybody down, or even be involved how can I handle this diplomatically?
  • X has happened, it’s my fault what do I do next to resolve the situation and make sure that I can still earn a living/maintain my career.
  • Why do I keep experiencing (insert scenario)?  What can I do to move past these types of situations?
  • What is the best way to handle (insert scenario) at work so that I can maintain my reputation and career?

Making Important Decisions About Your Career or Within Your Role

Some people have to make important decisions in their role daily. And everybody who has a career will have to make important decisions about their career. Which is why a career psychic is a great way to help you make better decisions regardless of the reasons why.  

Career psychics can help you understand the bigger picture and the minute details that you may not be privy to, you’ll understand the intentions of others, and the potential impact of any decisions you might make.  Career psychics can also help you figure out the best way to deliver your decisions and how to deal with the outcome and any predicted fallouts that might be unavoidable.

You can also contact a career psychic when you are considering making an important decision or move within your career.  Perhaps you are considering promotion but are doubting your ability to adjust; maybe you also feel the pressure to perform because you’ve already got a great reputation and solid record.  Sometimes promotions are sideways moves, can pay less, or lead to your downfall. Understanding the implication of your decisions around your career will help you to make the right decisions for you, decisions that will serve you and your career well in the future.  

Typical questions you might ask:

  • How can I more than meet my brief and make the best decision that provides (insert desired results)?
  • What are the next steps I should consider taking in my career?
  • What are the consequences on my career for this decision (insert decisions)?
  • What are my bosses, clients, customers or peers expecting from me in this scenario (insert scenario)? 

Where To Find The Best Career Psychics

The best place to find the best career psychic readings is through reputable psychic sites, such as the sites we’ve detailed further on in this article, these sites verify, check and monitor their psychics, and they offer great deals too.  

Here are some of our favourite career psychics:

Psychic source offers many career psychics, just click here to browse them all.  Our favourite career psychic from Psychic Source is:

Psychic Vincent

One of the most important qualities that a career psychic should demonstrate is the ability, to be frank, and clear-cut about a situation.  After all, that’s how you’ll need to be when it comes to making decisions within or about your career. Psychic Vincent is such a psychic! He is highly psychic and specialises in career psychic.  

Psychic Vincent will make you feel right at home when he starts reading for you, which is a comfortable place to be when you are discussing important topics such as your career. Plus Vincent works seven days per week, just take a look at his profile to see his work schedule.

Book a reading with Psychic Vincent here.


Carmen Miro

Carmen specialises in career, tarot readings and man management plush she’s really interested in communication which makes her a great career psychic, especially when it comes to making important decisions within your career.  

Carmen is well travelled and experienced in life and career as well as readings, and she’s highly rated.  Plus she reads for a psychic site who offers ten-minute readings for $1.99 per minute. If you’ve got questions about your career, Carmen is definitely worth calling.

Book a reading with Carmen here.


Ask Kitty

Ask Kitty claims that she is at her best when she is working on career forecasts.  She will help you to understand how to become more secure and successful in your career.  Which is a good goal to have don’t you think?

Kitty uses her psychic abilities, spirit guides, tarot cards and the crystal ball (which is an incredible combination) to help you understand your thought process, actions and steps you plan to take – or should take to solve your career problems or achieve your career goals.  But don’t just take our word for it, check out her five-star feedback to see how fabulous her clients think she is!

To book a reading with Ask Kitty, click here.

Who Is A Career Psychic For?

A career psychic reading will benefit anybody who is in a career or who is working – who has decisions to make, or concerns about their career.  Whether that be about pay rises and promotions, personnel issues, concerns over how you relate with your colleagues and bosses, or even over the stability of the company you work for or how you can improve in your role and everything else in between.

Where To Find the Best Psychic Readers Online

To find out more about the context of your situation you need to make sure that you find accurate and honest psychics.  So below we’ve included some of our favourite sites that all verify their psychics and provide excellent customer service.  You’re welcome!

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba- Get three minutes free!  

Oranum - No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source- Low priced readings right now!

Keen- 10 minutes for $1.99

Life Reader - 4 minutes free plus 50% off your first reading 


Here are the Pros and Cons Of Getting A Career Psychic Today


  • Find clarity over any career related issues and save stress and worry over them.
  • Find the opportunities that are available to you in your career.
  • Learn how to handle difficult dynamics amongst your peers.
  • Discover how to improve your game.
  • Assess what you need to do to snag that promotion.
  • Find out how to wow your clients and customers.  
  • Get help to prepare for an important interview or meeting
  • Find out if you are on the right career path or even in the right job.  
  • Figure out why you might be blocked or are unable to achieve your career goals.
  • Understand complicated circumstances that surround your career.
  • Figure out how stable your current company is.
  • Discover what opportunities or challenges a new position can bring you.  


  • You might not always hear what you want to hear but you will learn how to handle a situation to your advantage – for your highest good.
  • You might need to follow up with additional readings as your situation progresses.
  • You need to find a trusted and verified psychic to avoid poor or inaccurate readings.
  • Career advice can be challenging because it’s often an emotive topic – afterall we rely on our career’s to provide for our lifestyle and families. 

Are you ready to take control of your career with a career psychic reading?

If you do, don't forget to give us feedback after!

Top 3 Career Psychics
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