Top 3 Email Psychic Reading Sites

Top 3 Email Psychic Reading Sites
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If you’d love to have a psychic reading, but don’t have the time to speak to a psychic privately, then email psychic readings were invented just for you. Paid or free psychic readings by email are completely private. No one else will know that you’ve had a reading if you don’t want to tell them.

Psychic readings are all about psychic energy, so an email psychic doesn’t have to meet you in person or hear your voice to be able to access your energy and answer your questions. All you need to do is list your questions, hit ‘send’ and wait for the reply!

Want Your Own Personal Email Psychic Reading?

Get your Own Professional Email Psychic Reading from one of our recommended sites below:

September 2018

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Keen Psychics
3.8 (76.84%) 19 votes
Expert Review
3 Mins FREE
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1700+ Psychic Advisors
  • 10 Mins for Only $1.99
Keen Psychics
3.8 (76.84%) 19 votes
Expert Review
4 (80%) 16 votes
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4 FREE Mins + 50% Off
  • Love & Healing Advisors
  • 1st Call only $0.19/min
  • Breakup and Dating Advice
4 (80%) 16 votes
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3.8 (75%) 20 votes
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3 FREE Mins + 50% Off
  • 2,000+ Psychic Advisors
  • 50% Off Your First Reading
  • Healing, Spells & Occult
3.8 (75%) 20 votes
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Psychic Source
3.5 (70.59%) 17 votes
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3 Minutes FREE
  • Phone, Chat & Video Psychics
  • Chat from $1 per Min
  • 90% Off 1st Reading
Psychic Source
3.5 (70.59%) 17 votes
Expert Review
Desperately need a psychic reading? These 4 steps will get you there:

  1. Visit our verified psychic reading site, Keen
  2. Sign up and submit your card details
  3. The psychic will contact you for the reading
  4. Get 3 FREE minutes with a fortune teller

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What are email psychic readings?

Email psychic readings are no different to any other psychic reading in content and accuracy; the only thing is that you communicate with the psychic reader by email. Obviously, this type of communication takes a bit longer, but the great thing is that you get a full written transcript of the reading.

If you have a written transcript, you can print it and save it somewhere where you will find it, even years from now. If one of the predictions come true, you can pull out your copy and say “wow! Who would have thought?”

Written records are great for reflection. Take a look at Robert Boyle who recorded his ‘wishes’ for the future in handwritten notes in the mid-1660’s. What did he forecast? Organ transplants, modern medicine that prolongs life, air flight and pinpointing geographic positions (GPS to us today).

Now just imagine if Robert Boyle didn’t leave a written record! We’d never know that people had predicted how we live today centuries ago. Robert Boyle was a real visionary, and you can regard psychics as visionaries as well.

So back to your email psychic reading. Paid or free psychic readings by email are excellent for anyone who:

  • Wants to keep the fact that they have had a psychic reading secret
  • Is looking for detailed answers, like dream interpretation
  • Doesn’t have the time to sit and chat with a psychic reader
  • Would like a written transcript of their reading
  • Would like to find out about their zodiac sign, star sign, astrology, etc.

Email psychic readings are also a great way to have a reading because they save you travelling time and you don’t have to dress up to go out; you can even have the reading while wearing your pjays if you want to.

It works like this:

Whether you opt for a paid or free psychic reading by email, remember that email psychics are no different to face to face psychic readings, just you and the reader don’t get to see each other. The process is also very simple; you fund your online account and send your questions by email to the psychic that you selected.

How cool is that?

Once your email is sent, you carry on with life as usual until you get the reply. All psychic readers will allow you to have at least one opportunity to reply to the reading with questions, and then yay – you’ve got your full reading in writing to keep close by. Just think of it: no wondering “did the psychic say that … or was it something else?”

Apart from psychic energy and Spirit energy, many email psychics also use divination tools in their readings to improve their perception. If you’re looking to know more about your zodiac sign, the psychic will also be bringing aspects of astrology into the reading, or the reader may use playing cards. Whatever divination tools a psychic prefers, you will know about them before the reading because the psychic will tell you.

Because you’re going to have an email psychic reading, it’s very important that you prepare well beforehand. You must know what you want to know from the reading, and you must prepare yourself before you type your email to the psychic reader.

What will an email psychic tell me?

What area of your life is troubling you, or are you looking for some guidance? Are you looking for the right partner in love? Would you like to reconnect with a loved one who has crossed over, or would you like to connect with your Spirit Guides? It’s very important that you know what you want because then you can choose a psychic that specialises in that area. Online psychic reading sites are great for information on their readers. If you choose an email psychic reader who works outside of what you need to know, you could end up feeling disappointed with the reading.

Prepare yourself:

Before you start typing your questions to the psychic reader, set aside a few minutes to relax and clear your mind. Take some deep breaths and place your focus on your heart. Clear all your thoughts, especially any prejudices you might have about psychics, and any expectations you might have about the reading. Type your questions with a clear and open mind. Before you send your email, take a break, walk away and sit quietly for at least ten minutes. Get back to your email and say a prayer to The Divine asking that the psychic be guided during the reading. Then read through your email thoroughly one more time to make sure that you’ve left nothing out, and if you’re happy with the contents, send it.

Once your email has been sent, let it go! Carry on with your usual routines and put your faith in Spirit. If you feel slightly unsettled just after you sent your email, you need to ground yourself. The reason you could feel a bit shaky, dizzy or unsettled is because your prayer to The Divine invoked special Spirit energy that swirled around you and through your aura. This is NOTHING scary; it’s great and very special.

Grounding yourself is really easy. Take a few deep breaths and drink a glass of water. See how you feel. If you still feel a bit unsettled, the best and quickest thing to do is to step outside and stand barefoot on grass or sand. Anything that connects you to Mother Earth: feel Her energy coming up through the soles of your feet and up through your body and aura, all the way past the crown of your head. Stay there for a few minutes, and you’ll feel fine again.

Now all you need to do is wait for the psychic to reply. If the reply doesn’t come as soon as you expected it to, give it a bit more time. Psychics aren’t magicians, and Spirit is definitely not magic. It may take a while for the email psychic to connect with Spirit to get the best answers for you. Did you know that patience is a spiritual virtue?

How can I guarantee an accurate email psychic reading?

Online psychic reading sites are the best way to go if you want an accurate email psychic reading. You get word of mouth reviews given by clients of email psychic readers. And all psychic readers who read for online psychic reading sites are screened before they are approved to join a site, so you know for sure that what you see is what you’ll get.

Each online psychic reader has a comprehensive profile that details their area of specialisation, and all ratings and reviews. This allows you to choose a psychic who will definitely be able to answer your questions and guide you, and you get to see what other people think of them as well.

You honestly can’t go wrong!

Check out our partner site Keen.

We’ve featured Eye of Meggie who is a top-rated psychic reader on Keen. Eye of Meggie been doing psychic reading for over 45 years and has been reading on Keen since 2002. Eye of Meggie is telling you “Let’s tap into your positive energy to help you find True Love! You can have anything you want! Why limit yourself? Call Me, and let’s begin working through the blocks and build the positive energy that will bring it all!”

Eye of Meggie specialises in: Breakups/Divorce, Money/Prosperity, Love/Relationships, LGBTQ Issues, and Infidelity. This top-rated psychic is a Tarot reader, Empath, Clairvoyant and uses Numerology to enhance readings.

Read what three of Eye of Meggie’s clients had to say about this top-rated psychic:

What a lovely, concise and thoughtful reading. Thankyou for your clarity and insight! – Susie

This was a great reading and I highly recommend Eye of Meggie! Thank you! – User259416

I was drawn to this lady for some reason, being a Keen member for over 10 years, you get to know the psychics, the fakes, the good, and the powerful, she is ranking up there with the powerful … – Cindy2837

Reading types: phone, chat, email, sms & text:

Online psychic sites offer phone, online chat, email and sms readings depending on the site you choose. Psychic chat readings are very similar to a Skype reading; just you connect with the psychic directly through the psychic reading site. Phone and chat psychic readings are immediate – you get what you want to know right now. Psychic readings by email or sms are more personal and private, and you have the written record to fall back on if you need to. Email psychic readings work very well when you want detailed information or your situation is complicated.

There’s a way that will work for you!

If you book a reading with an email psychic and are happy with the reading but feel that you would like a phone or chat reading as well, you can always hook up with the same psychic again if you get your reading via online psychic reading sites. That’s what makes these sites so cool!

Are email psychic readings and chat psychic readings the same?

Yes, just you will connect with the psychic differently. The importance and the impact of the reading will be unaffected. When it comes to psychic readings, how the information is passed from the reader to the client makes no difference.

All psychics read Spirit energy through extrasensory perception or ESP. Because time and space don’t exist in the world of Spirit, a psychic can perceive Spirit energy from the past, present and future from any place. A psychic doesn’t have to be in a certain spot to pick up a signal from Spirit, and you don’t have to be present with the psychic for Spirit to know you. Once the psychic has the information, it doesn’t matter if they verbally tell you what they see, or text you or type their reply via email.

How much does an email psychic reading cost?

There’s no set rate for psychic readings online, and prices vary from one site to another. You can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

If you sign up with Keen, you get the first 3 minutes of your reading FREE! This gives you time to see if you are connecting with the psychic before you start paying. Plus, you get the next 10 minutes of your reading for only $1.99!

That’s a steal!

Most sites want you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading. Once you connect with a psychic reader, you are charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

Payment by credit card is the most popular way to top up your account, and all reputable psychic reading sites have a secure payment gateway, so you are assured that your credit card details are secure.

How to identify an accurate, legit email psychic reader:

Word of mouth is the best way to make sure that email psychics are legit and accurate. Online psychic reading sites make this a breeze! All their psychic readers’ past clients can leave reviews and comments. It’s like someone telling you “hey, I know of this great email psychic …” You’d best listen up because word of mouth is the most trustworthy form of advertising.

Most people don’t just go off and have an email psychic reading willy-nilly. People think it through first so you can know the online comments and reviews are real. People won’t just recommend anyone, especially about something that’s deep and personal.

And always remember to choose an email psychic who offers readings in the area where you need answers. If you choose wrong, you could end up feeling disappointed.

Pros and cons of email phone psychics:

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of email psychics:

  • Email psychics are very private and confidential
  • Email psychics can help you fathom your problems
  • Email psychics don’t need to see you to give you a reading
  • Email psychics can help you unravel complicated issues
  • Email psychics can offer insight into deep-rooted issues
  • Email psychics can read into your past, present and future

Remember: Patience is the key to solving your problems!

  • Email psychics can misinterpret information from Spirit
  • Email psychics can misinterpret your email if you don’t word it well
  • Email psychics can give you news you might not be ready to hear
  • Email psychics are honest about what they perceive
  • Email psychics might not be able to answer all your questions
  • Email psychics cannot force Spirit to reveal information

Ready for your first reading? Get it below and give us feedback:

Call in to speak to a psychic, or book a psychic reading with real psychics at Keen. Whether you’re seeking advice on love, romance, money, your career or other aspects of your life, Keen has expert psychic readers to give you guidance, love and clarity 24/7.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed; 24/7 Customer service available; Screened skilled readers, First 3 minutes FREE. Plus, the next 10 minutes for only $1.99!

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