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Aries & Virgo Personalities

Aries & Virgo Compatibility - RamThese two signs are not seen as compatible, especially personality-wise. They will have to make a few compromises here and there and learn to take each other with a pinch of salt. Aries people are fire signs, so they are hot-blooded, impulsive, passionate and dynamic. They live life without a plan, and that’s the way they prefer it. Give an Aries spontaneity any day – they thrive on not knowing!

Virgo people are very different. They must have a plan at all times, and they simply hate “not knowing”. Nothing makes a Virgo happier than their to-do lists. So, it’s rather likely that the Aries will give them a grey hair or two! Both will have to make adjustments for one another, and find a comfortable middle ground between adventure and security. Aries will enjoy things moving very fast in life, whilst Virgo goes slowly and steadily. Virgo thinks about everything, whereas Aries just “does”. That doesn’t mean that Aries don’t think and that Virgo people are all nerdy; it just means that they have different ways of approaching life. In fact, when they apply their brains and brawn to a situation, that’s when they do best as a couple.

What Issues Could Arise?

Aries & Virgo Compatibility - Butterfly womanWhen they argue with each other or get critical of one another this is when they fall down. This especially applies to Virgo, as Virgo does tend to be highly critical and a bit of a perfectionist, which will dent the Aries’ fragile ego somewhat. Aries people are confident, but they are also very in need of affirmation and admiration to carry on shining. When the Virgo compliments and lifts the Aries up instead of telling them what they have done wrong, then they are doing something constructive. On the other hand, Aries will benefit when they slow down and listen to the advice of the Virgo. This is usually 100% on the money, no matter how defensive the Aries gets.

Aries & Virgo Dating

Dating should be interesting with these two signs. The shyness and reserved energy of the Virgo will probably make the Aries think that they have a delicious challenge, and there’s nothing more the Aries likes than a challenge. However, Aries may come on too strong for the Virgo, and the Virgo may get ever shyer and timider. As always, Aries needs to slow down and try not to leap in so fast. Aries people are quick to say the “L” word, whereas Virgo enjoys a slower buildup; always cautious, always careful.

Romantically, Aries wants to take the Virgo off on an adventure as they love being active. Skydiving, hiking and partying are all acceptable dates to these fire signs. Virgo prefers a quiet night in but also loves being in nature as an earth sign. These two can perhaps find a shared love for the outdoors together. It will take time for Virgo to open up and let Aries in. So Aries will have to be patient and not get irritated with their pace. Virgo will have to allow themselves to be a little swept away by Aries, and not always try and halt proceedings. Part of the wonder of being loved by an Aries is their enthusiasm for love, their idealism, and their touching innocence. These can melt away the reserves of the Virgo and make them feel perhaps more adored than they ever have before.

Aries & Virgo Sexuality

These two approach sexuality a little differently, being fire and earth signs. Aries is all in, fast, hot-blooded and passionate. They are all about instant gratification and quantity usually over quality. They are often magnetically sexy and their libido runs hot and strong. Virgo needs time, but when they do open up and unlock their sensual side, they are probably ever wilder than the Aries. They may be prudish on the outside, but there is a highly sensual and sexual being available with the right person. They can probably teach the Aries a thing or two about taking it slow and enjoying the ride.

Virgo really cares about the details; the setting, music, atmosphere, and mood. Aries probably won’t notice those things as they feel it and want to do it; they hate “wasting time” on foreplay. Combining the hot blood of the Aries and the slow sensuality of the Virgo can be a real winner. Once they learn to find a pace that suits them both, that is, they meet somewhere in the middle. Virgo may not jump into bed as fast as Aries, and Aries may well enjoy having to wait, to chase and to anticipate. There is nothing more delicious to Aries than a bit of a challenge. They will love the fact that Virgo seems to be cool and reserved, which only make the challenge even greater.

Aries & Virgo Emotional

These two have a bit of a different emotional style. Aries is reactive, hot-tempered and passionate. Whatever they feel is very immediate, and they express their feelings with complete honesty and abandon. One always knows where one stands with Aries as they are always open about how they feel. Virgo, as in most areas, is more reserved and cautious and they will tend to approach feelings with an analytical and rational mind. They think about how they feel rather than experience it viscerally, and so they may be rather critical of the Aries’ more reactive approach.

Aries also tends to be more subjective and immediate. They may not always consider or think about how their feelings are affecting others and because they feel that their needs are so immediate, they can be seen as self-absorbed. Virgo may come down hard on them, but at the same time, if they are wise, grounded and can hold space for the Aries’ fire, then these two can actually be quite complementary when it comes to emotions. Aries needs someone like the Virgo to calm them down and be rational, and Virgo also needs a touch of spontaneity in their lives.

Aries & Virgo Intellectual

Virgo is one of the most intellectual signs out there; they thrive on communication and analysis. They are usually extremely smart people. Aries are “doers”. They don’t like to much chit chat, as they feel that wastes time. Aries people act before thinking, and Virgo people do it the other way around, so at times, these two could get rather frustrated with one another. But, they could also balance each other out really nicely too, if they both learn to accept each other’s approach.

When it comes to actually talking, Aries will want to get to the point, fast! They can be argumentative and even rather defensive, especially if they feel criticized. Virgo people do tend to come off as somewhat critical and judgmental, so may need to realise when they are not helping the situation, but harming it. At heart, Virgo people are kind and helpful. They only want to do good, yet they aren’t always seen that way when they are snappy and sharp-tongued. Aries will, of course, need to learn not to go on the defense. Perhaps see that Virgo is just trying to offer them good advice, that they probably need.

When Aries learns to be reflective instead of reactive to a conversation, to talk instead of arguing, then things flow smoothly. The same goes for the Virgo; conversations don’t always need to be correcting someone and don’t always need to be giving advice. Sometimes they will benefit from just listening.


These signs are not always the most likely couple. So, it can be surprising to find them together as their worlds are often very different. They can bring some balance into each other’s lives; the Virgo offering a sense of grounding and calmness to the tornado that is Aries, and Aries lending excitement and spontaneity to the Virgo.

Aries & Virgo Compatibility - Love hearts & XsIn love, these two have to work on it, as they may just enjoy different ways of doing things. Aries wants to rush in, burns hot and cold, and Virgo just desires security and stability. They want to declare love right away, and Virgo takes it slow. Aries could feel criticized by Virgo or as if they aren’t good enough, and Virgo could feel frustrated at the Aries’ inability to take criticism.

However, at heart, these two are signs with absolute hearts of gold, and they are incredibly kind-hearted and helpful. They don’t have a malicious bone in their bodies, as argumentative as they both can be. They are always actually trying to look out for the best for each other. When they tap into this inner desire to care for and help, then they can find a bit of a softer energy with each other. This relationship will take a bit of work, but if they are committed, they are able to do it and weather the challenges that come their way. Virgo can be very grounding for Aries, just as Aries lifts the Virgo up out of their day to day routine.

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