Aries & Capricorn- Love, Dating, Sex and More!


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Aries & Capricorn Personalities

black & white Aries RamThese two signs are what is known in astrology as ‘cardinal’ signs, meaning that both people are initiators and leaders. They are strong personalities and neither is inclined to listen to anyone’s authority but their own. This can make them very drawn to each other as they recognize the leader in one another. It can also create very strong ego clashes, however.

Something further to consider is that Aries is the very first sign of the Zodiac, and Capricorn one of the very last signs. This certainly reflects in their nature! Aries people are enthusiastic youthful, excitable and somewhat self-absorbed, whereas Capricorns are more serious, grounded, practical and methodical. Capricorn people might feel as if they are “babysitting” the excitable Aries, and Aries people may feel controlled or limited by the structured and responsible Capricorn person.

What Will These Personality Traits Mean for the Couple?

black & white CapricornThis is not to say it won’t work. these two will just have to get out of their own and each other’s ways to allow each other to take the reins. They must not always try and jostle for first place. If they do, they will find that they butt heads and that could be unpleasant for both. Doing an Online Love Reading may help to show the true nature of their compatibility.

Capricorn people are earth signs, so they tend to be quite cool-headed and calm, whereas the dynamic fire of Aries is the opposite. They love to be spontaneous and take chances. If the Capricorn allows a bit of that adventurous energy into their lives, they will find themselves enlivened and inspired. The Aries themselves could well benefit too, from being a little more cautious and thoughtful about what they are doing before they do it. Earth and fire are not, at first, likely mates. That said, they do bring something important into each other’s lives, and they do need each other in certain ways.

Aries & Capricorn Dating

In the beginning, what will attract these two to each other is their easy way with leadership and natural authority. Aries loves someone with a bit of status and power, as it does stroke their ego a little to have a powerful partner. Capricorn is usually someone who wears the pants, male or female. They are often very ambitious which makes them rather successful in life. The Capricorn is also very attracted to power, and the Aries is a go-getter, dynamic, pioneering and equally ambitious. In their careers, these two excel and that is what makes them so sexy to one another. Dating each other can feel like a power trip, and they will be proud to show each other off to their friends.

date tableHowever, the Capricorn may want to move slower than the headstrong and impulsive Aries. Aries people are never far from saying “I love you”, and they do tend to fall in and out of “love” in the blink of an eye. Capricorns are much more cautious. They don’t open up until they are fully confident, and even then, they can be guarded and cautious. Capricorns are not going to enjoy PDA (Public Displays of Affection), whereas Aries will smooch away in public, not caring a fig about who is watching.

The Outcomes of These Differences?

The Aries may, therefore, feel the Capricorn a bit of a cool customer, and they are not wrong. Capricorn people are distant compared to the Aries, and they may feel the Aries comes on far too strong. These two will have to find a pace that works for them both; somewhere between really fast and really slow. Capricorn will want the best of the best, so their dating style is classy and tasteful, whereas Aries will prefer the rough and tumble. They’ll think that going outdoor, biking, bungee jumping and paragliding are all acceptable dates, whereas Capricorn may prefer a swanky party or fancy dinner out. Once again, if they can find a balance, they should be just fine. Oracle Card Readings may come in handy when these two feel lost or uncertain about their relationship.

Aries & Capricorn Sexuality

Aries people like to go straight in for the kill. They are not ones to wait around twiddling their thumbs for the “right moment” to get physical. If they like you, they want to be with you sexually, and that’s that.

Aries & Capricorn black handcuffsThe Capricorn, on the other hand, is cautious and slow, just like in every other area of life. They want to be certain of a commitment before they leap in, and they may feel as if they are just barely holding the Aries back. Aries will find this sexual game a great deal of fun, and it will only serve to ramp their desires up. As long as the Capricorn does give in at some point, things can be very sexy here. If the Capricorn keeps holding off, the Aries may begin to feel rejected and down, which is very bad for them.

Generally, the earth signs are more sensual, and fire signs tend to be more passionate. This can be a lovely combination, as the passion and the sensuality can work well together. Both may want o take the lead and initiate. So, they need to make way for each other to take that role completely from time to time. Aries may also need to take it a bit slower, and not skip foreplay. By the same token, the Capricorn might need to allow the enthusiasm and passion for the Aries to sweep them away. Giving equally will be very important for their sexual relationship.

Aries & Capricorn Emotional

The fire and earth signs work differently when it comes to their emotions, but they can find a good balance if they learn to recognize it. Aries people’s emotions are warm, passionate and fiery, and they are very quick to admit a feeling as soon as they feel it. It also tends to disappear as quickly as it arises. So, although they lose their temper fast, or are reactive, they forget and forgive just as quickly.

Capricorn people are much more cautious emotionally. They hold themselves back and wait before expressing a feeling if they are even in touch with it! Capricorn people are often so focussed on work and business that they don’t always pay attention to their emotions. This may make them seem cold or distant, especially to someone as reactive and passionate as the Aries.

Hence, the fiery Aries may warm up the cool Capricorn, and get them in touch with their feelings a bit more. Although sometimes it could feel like an uphill battle. The Capricorn teaches Aries how to cool down and think before reacting so fast.

Aries & Capricorn Intellectual

coupleAries is a “young” sign, and so they are more instinctive and reactive to their feelings than the “older” sign of Capricorn – Capricorns tend to put away instinct and act from a place of thought and consideration. Intellectually, the Capricorn tends to be wiser and more prepared, methodical and practical, whereas the Aries will simply leap without looking, hoping for the best. The Aries may fire off a stream of words angrily or in the heat of the moment, inadvertently forgetting to put a filter on. The Capricorn on the other hand, will hold back and wait.

Capricorns tend to communicate with great authority and expect people to listen to them – and they are, in many ways, often right. However, the Aries may not always appreciate being told what to do. In fact, they are never pleased at being instructed. So, they may come back with a fiery retort and a conflict may arise. The Capricorn will have to learn not to” talk down” to the Aries however impulsively they are behaving. Conversely, the Aries will have to slow down and begin to appreciate the Capricorn’s wise words of advice, which will only help them in the end.


Aries & Capricorn white roseThis relationship can feel sometimes like an uphill struggle as two leaders vie for first place. The ego battles can be intense if these two don’t learn to recognize when they are trying to be number one. If they can control their ego’s desires, they can make a good team and balance each other out very well. The Capricorn person can be a wise, grounding and maturing influence on the Aries, while the Aries can bring light, joy, and excitement to the Capricorn’s otherwise sometimes humdrum day to day. Earth and fire always have this gift to give each other, as long as they just wake up and see what they have to offer.

There will always be a strong pull towards each other, and the tension that does sometimes exist here can propel them both towards greater personal growth than in any other relationship. They may have to avoid a parent-child dynamic that can arise, and if they can treat each other as equals, they will find themselves as a power couple.

Where Can I Get Advice Around My Relationships Online?

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