Aries & Sagittarius Compatibility – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


Aries & Sagittarius Personalities

Both of these signs are the fire element, so they are excellently matched in personality. They share dynamism, warmth, and optimism, and no matter what happens in life, nothing gets them down for too long. Both the Aries and the Sagittarius value honesty and integrity above everything, and so, right from the get-go, there is a wonderful foundation for truth in their relationship.

Aries loves a good adventure, is spontaneous, fun loving and adventurous. They are usually very physically active and strong, which is something they will share with the Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the most athletic sign in the zodiac, and so they will love having someone around whom they can work with. These signs are direct and fiery – they say what they mean and mean what they say, there are no games here and everything is out in the open. They like to have fun, and they are forever youthful. They may even have a bit of fun consulting things like Palm Readings to see how compatible they are as a couple, and they are open to tarot readings and suchlike, as fire signs are quite spiritual.

Aries tends to be the more dominating of the two, as Sagittarius is flexible and adaptable and usually very easy-going. This suits the Aries very well indeed, as they like to be with someone who is willing to be led and allows them to initiate activities. They might, at times, clash due to their fiery nature, but most of the time is will be good-natured, as they forget quickly and forgive even faster. There are no grudges in this connection, no lies, no games and no huge drama. This makes for a firm friendship and lays the foundation for a wonderful romantic bond too. These two are wonderfully compatible.

Aries & Sagittarius Dating

This is an excellent dating match. Fire meets fire and the result is hot and exciting. Even when these two have been together for years, it will always feel as if they have only just met, and they will infuse their relationship with fun and adventure at every turn. Neither enjoys boredom and so they will always ensure that things between them are fresh and interesting.

The Aries will be the one to initiate the relationship, as they act fast when they feel infatuated. The Sagittarius will lead them on a merry chase, as Sagittarians tend to be light and non-committal and they enjoy a romance where no one has a hold on the other one. Sometimes, this may make Aries feel slightly insecure, and the Sagittarius may have to be aware of this and make sure they aren’t playing too hard to get. The one thing that the Aries is, is loyal and solid when they are in a relationship. They expect the same back, and they won’t take well to any signs of fickleness. They expect a certain amount of independence, but they also need a great deal of attention, which is what the Sagittarius may have to learn to get right.

Now We’re Official…

Once in a relationship, the same applies. Sagittarians may be so free-spirited and carefree that the Aries may feel very neglected and/or ignored, which creates a bit of fuss. Sagittarians are challenged to realise that they have responsibilities in a relationship – and Aries also has to learn to be less demanding at times. Doing an Online Love Reading may help this couple during their stickier patches.

Being fire signs, these two will share passion and enthusiasm for each other and for life. They love how positive and optimistic each other is, and how nothing gets them down. When the Aries feels defeated by life – which happens often – the Sagittarius picks them up, and helps them to keep fighting. Sagittarius beings a sense of joy and hope into the life of the Aries and the Aries will especially enjoy how honest they are. There is little chance if unfaithfulness here, as neither likes to live a lie and prizes honesty and openness.

Aries & Sagittarius Sexuality

Sexually, these two are extremely compatible and work smoothly together. There is a palpable attraction between them from across a room. They find each other’s extroversion and fun-loving nature extremely sexy, and their individual independence is also a huge attraction point.

Being fire, one will expect their sex life to be very passionate and fiery. They have an enormous amount of energy to give to their physical relationship so neither is likely to tire out quickly. No matter how long they are together they never get bored with each other sexually. Sex is always an adventure to them. They will love taking sexual risks and will be open to trying new places and things. Nothing gets them more in touch with their physical side than being active and outdoors. Seeing each other hike, working out at the gym or doing other physical activity is a major turn on for both.

They’ll both generally enjoy a good party as well, and when juiced up, they will have even more fun. Young or old, these two have amazing chemistry which is a fire that never really dies.

Aries & Sagittarius Emotional

These two are emotionally very compatible, fortunately for them. This is due to their fire/fire element which makes them both warm, passionate and straightforward emotionally. They are both very quick to declare whatever feeling they are experiencing. They are, however, just as fast to let it go. It helps that neither of them are overly sensitive. This means they can step on other more sensitive types’ toes.

Aries may sometimes take offense at the Sagittarian’s direct manner, as Aries does have a strong ego. So, the Sagittarian may need to be just a touch gentler. The Aries will usually react angrily, but they will be quick to forgive and forget. Anger is the only real challenge at times emotionally in this relationship. However, this couple generally understands where it is coming from, and even if they fight often, they don’ let things get to them. They resolve it quickly.

Both may sometimes be emotionally volatile, but once again, they understand each other. Therefore, they can tolerate it much better than in other relationships and connections.

Aries & Sagittarius Intellectual

Communication is excellent in this relationship, and there is a strong mental understanding of what makes each other tick. The best thing about the communication and the intellectual connection in this relationship is honesty and straightforwardness. Neither is very good at lying, and neither do they want to. The closest that the Sagittarian comes to an untruth is their tendency to exaggerate. Sagittarians do embellish, but they won’t be false. This lays a very strong foundation for trust in this relationship.

This is also the sort of couple that tends to deal with things as they arise. Seldom do they allow things to go by unsaid, which could end up in conflict at times, but at the end of the day, it makes their connection that much stronger. Sometimes, these two have to shout it fiercely, and once they have calmed down, they are able to discuss things with a positive and optimistic slant.

Aries & Sagittarius Summary

All in all, this is a very positive and powerful dynamic and should be a relationship that last a long time, provided the rest of their charts work together. Even if it doesn’t last, they will thoroughly enjoy what they share and the many, many adventures that they have with each other. The boxes are ticked here for both of them – they have sexual chemistry, freedom, independence, adventure, intellectual connection and positivity in common and they want to both grow. Neither of them smothers each other and they don’t need the soppiness of emotion to bring them down. Sure, they will have heated arguments and the occasional hurt feeling, but they move on very fast and resolve it.

The Sagittarian is also very happy to follow the lead of the Aries, which creates a nice, balanced dynamic between them. They flow together very easily and their relationship should feel effortless and light. They love to be active have fun, and are outgoing, spontaneous and extroverted together.

Both also tend to be fighters for the underdog and may share a strong worldview in common. They are extremely honest people and their straightforward directness lays a very strong base for them to relate clearly and truthfully. There are no games in this relationship, which is a big relief to both people. They share the same impatience which helps things o move along quickly at a pace that they both really enjoy. Passion, excitement, and adventure are the hallmarks of this warm and loving, affectionate bond, and their enthusiasm is contagious to everyone around them. They are generous and giving towards each other and the only real issue they may encounter is the Sagittarian’s fickleness, which will need to be managed at times.

Where can I get advice around my Relationships online?

Even the most “perfect” relationship has its challenges at times, and consulting a good Psychic Advisor can go a long way to smoothing out and getting clarity on your relationship problems. If that is no for you, you can always try and do an online Love Reading to help you and your beloved get back on track.